My Wife is a Hacker Chapter 688

My Wife is a Hacker Chapter 688

My Wife is a Hacker Chapter 688. Everyone was stunned at hearing that.

The dealer almost trembled to see the two cards. He took a deep breath and looked at Nicole’s cards again.

“There’s nothing wrong with that, one bad card, one swap card, and there is only one such card. I can’t be wrong. But I didn’t give Nicole that card; it’s still in my sleeve and will only be given to Nathan if necessary.’

But when he checked his sleeve, there was nothing there.

‘Could it be that she swapped the card out when I dealt the cards? But could this even be possible? I’m professionally trained and could leave no trace at all. But the girl could do it so stealthily without me knowing; her skill is apparently above me.’

The dealer was completely dumbfounded. He looked at Nicole in fright.

The thought of the girl grasping him at the beginning sent a chill up his spine. The dealer calmed down after a moment and said softly, “There is no need to continue with this round of Monopoly; this lady won.”

Nathan looked at the dealer , dumbfounded . “What are you talking about?”

‘Isn’t he the dealer? Why is he speaking for Nicole?’

Chapter 688


Nicole smiled and put down the cards in her hand one by one.

When Nathan saw the asset reduction card, he was overjoyed. “Look! Like I’ve said, a yokel like her couldn’t possibly beat me.”

Sammey hissed. “Don’t get too happy too soon, Nathan. Look at our boss’s next card.”

Nathan hated it, believing that Sammey was bluffing. “Do you think I will believe that she has got an exchange card? No way.”

‘As long as the dealer is still on my side, he couldn’t have possibly dealt her such a card.!

While Nathan was laughing triumphantly, Nicole revealed her last card. Now he could laugh no more, not expecting Nicole to have the exchange card in her hand.

There was silence. Everyone knew Nathan; he played Monopoly and had almost never lost. But today, he screwed up and was beaten at his own game by a rookie female player for the first time. “No, I will not lose.” Nathan still did not believe it.

Sammey said triumphantly, “You will undoubtedly lose. Your cards will all belong to our boss; after your asset values are reduced by half, they will further be reduced by twenty percent. What is left?”

Nathan’s starting token was half of that of Nicole’s, and now he had only 10 million left, which was not even enough to buy the next property, which meant he could no longer continue with the game.

“No, it’s impossible.” Nathan’s face changed dramatically, and he looked at the dealer in surprise.” You sold me out. I gave you so much money, yet you dealt her an exchange card?”

Everyone was stunned upon hearing that. No one expected the reason Nathan could keep on winning was that he had bribed the dealer.

The dealer knew he was done for when seeing what unfolded.

He removed the gloves and placed them neatly on the tray, then begged the supervisor. “I cheated guests for him at Table 63. Take me away; I’m taking responsibility for it.” 1

As long as he was taken away, Nathan could not look for trouble with him

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