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Ruined Innocence By Measha Stone

Ruined Innocence by Measha Stone EPUB free full-text complete ebook. Ruined Innocence by Measha Stone is an amazing Book that will meet your expectations. “Ruined Innocence by Measha Stone” is a perfect novel for those who love to read the mind-blowing, engaging, thrilling, and superb fiction novel of all times.

Ruined Innocence by Measha Stone Description

First he made me his. Then he made me his bride.Arman Romanov has looked out for me since I was a little girl, yet now when I need him more than ever I can’t stand the idea of accepting help from the son of a man my father betrayed.But it isn’t up to me.A powerful mafia family is demanding that I pay my father’s debts and Arman is the only one who can protect me, but that isn’t the reason I’m sore, spent, and sleeping by his side tonight.I’m sore because his belt across my bare bottom taught me that he expects to be obeyed, and I’m spent because when he was finished he ravaged me even more shamefully than he punished me.

But I’m not lying naked in his bed just so he can use me as he pleases.I’m here because I’m his bride.Publisher’s Note: Ruined Innocence is a stand-alone novel which is the second book of the Innocent Brides series. It includes spankings and rough, intense sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.
Anya lost everything when her father never returned from his vacation in Russia. She is certain he is dead, killed by the head of the Romanov family. Now she needs to figure out how to pay a debt to the DeLuca family that her father left behind also. The only thing she has is a trust fund her father couldn’t touch and she won’t have access to it until she turns twenty-five or she gets married. Enter Arman Romanov, he has wanted Anya for a long time and now he plans on marrying her and keeping her forever. But what will happen when his father finds out he married the daughter of the man who betrayed him, the man he killed. Will Anya betray Arman or will she do what she must to protect him and let him keep his family?

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