The Divorced Billionaire Heiress by I Wanna Eat Meat, Chapter 171

Chapter 171 As Long as You Both Remarry

“Satisfied now?” Nicole glanced at Eric and inadvertently saw the caller ID on his phone.

She suddenly felt breathless as if she had been hit hard by something.

A dense pain flooded her chest. Nicole immediately turned away, stepped on the gas pedal, and drove away without waiting for Eric to respond.

She felt a little soreness in her eyes and a forced out a cold laugh.

‘So, this is how he named me? Missus? I was his missus, but not anymore. I no longer fit this title.’ Eric watched as Nicole’s car faded away and looked down at the caller ID.

‘Missus?’ Those memories from before their divorce felt like a dream, and they came flooding out at once.

Eric felt a dull pain in his chest as if a hand was ruthlessly squeezing his heart, so much so that his breathing became a little heavier. He was to blame for losing Nicole, who used to love him so much.

Now, he had to try and win her back slowly. It was simply retribution! His phone suddenly rang again. It was a call from Ingrid.

“Brother, Grandpa asked you to hurry back…” ) “Got it.” Before Ingrid could finish her sentence, Eric hung up on her. He took a deep breath and tried hard to divert his attention, but that did not make him feel any better.

Ingrid reluctantly hung up the phone. She had intended to gloat at Eric, but he did not give her the opportunity. Eric had sold off his shares in Gemini.

Entertainment to Nicole, which helped her to become the actual controlling shareholder.

Old Master Ferguson was furious when he found out and was so angry that he almost fell ill. Ingrid had been reprimanded by her grandfather since she failed to apologize to Nicole last time.

Now that her grandfather’s target changed to Eric, Ingrid was finally able to breathe a sigh of relief. Once Eric’s car appeared at the Ferguson Villa, the low and heavy air pressure inside the house lifted slightly.

As soon as Eric opened the door, the butler immediately welcomed him. Young Master, the old Master is waiting for you in the study.’ Eric nodded and went upstairs without an expression. Just as he reached the door, a teacup was thrown at him. Eric dodged sideways with a cold gaze.

“You still have the cheek to come home?!” Old Master Ferguson sat inside the study. The atmosphere inside was extremely oppressive.

“What’s the matter?” Eric asked with a frown. Old Master Ferguson gritted his teeth in anger.

“Hmph! Nicole wants to deal with Ines Xavier, so you gave up your shares in Gemini Entertainment to her? Why are you so obedient? Stanton Corporation is now targeting us at every turn.

Don’t you know how to use this opportunity to negotiate with them?” He had always been most proud of this grandson that was a business wiz.

Recently, Ferguson Corporation’s image had been on a decline especially on the internet. Since Nicole needed their help, they should seize this opportunity to make good use of it.

However, Eric actually gave up on such a good opportunity this time. How could old Master Ferguson not be angry? Eric’s face was indifferent and did not care about the old man’s wrath.

“There’s no need to negotiate. We owe Nicole, so it’s right to just give it to her.” His voice was deep and cold. “Moreover, Gemini Entertainment has already started to lose money internally, so holding too many shares is useless.

I don’t intend to clean up their mess. .” ) No matter how good or bad Gemini Entertainment’s prospects were, Eric did not want to be a part of it.

He did not care for this company. Since Nicole wanted it, she could have it. Old Master Ferguson was originally furious, but when he heard the last part of Eric’s explanation, he was stunned and came back to his senses.

If that was the reason, he could accept it. His expression eased slightly before he added, “To be honest, Floyd Stanton won’t forgive us so easily, but a tit-for-tat won’t benefit anyone, so he’s not making any obvious and big moves for now.

However, this won’t do in the long run. I have a solution to this…” ) Eric frowned.

The old man grunted and continued, “Based on family background, talent, and capability, both you and Nicole are very compatible with each other.

If she hadn’t concealed her identity to marry you before, Floyd Stanton’s daughter would’ve been your wife.”

Seemingly anticipating what his grandfather wanted to say, Eric jerked his head up. Old Master Ferguson swept a glance at him and said in an imposing voice, “Since she liked you before, she’ll definitely be able to like you again, so you should put in some effort too.

As long as you both remarry, everything will be solved!” A marriage alliance between Stanton Corporation and Ferguson Corporation was a strong union and a perfect match.

It would undoubtedly be a boost for both companies. a This was the best result. Eric’s face was gloomy. He raised his eyes to look at his grandfather. “She won’t agree to a marriage of convenience.” ) ‘Especially if I’m the groom.’

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