The Divorced Billionaire Heiress by I Wanna Eat Meat, Chapter 245

Chapter 245 Accused of Plagiarism

As the cold wind blew, Nicole had no interest in staying here and simply left. It was already very late when she got home.

Early the next morning when she opened her eyes, the first thing that caught her eye outside the window were layers upon layers of leafy green.

Precious and rare species of trees were all around, and the sunlight peeking from the cracks lazily lit up her face. What a beautiful day…

The unhappiness from last night was instantly forgotten. Nicole got up and freshened up, then turned on her tablet to see the latest stock market movements. A message sent to her from Grant at 4:00 am last night popped up on the screen.[ Chloe Snyder has been dealt with. You can sleep with ease.

They resolved it so quickly? Grant had always been protective of her, so she guessed that his way of resolving this would not be courteous.

However, Nicole had wondered for a moment about what role Eric played in this incident. He had looked at her last night with such complex emotions brewing at the bottom of his deep and dark eyes.

Nicole did not have the time or energy to care about the look in his eyes, neither did she care about what he was thinking. After all, Eric showing up then did not matter to her at all.

She got away fine anyway. Nicole went into her large dressing room and picked out a seasonal limited-edition casual dress from a high-end brand among the dazzling lineup.

Just as she was about to leave, her phone rang. It was Yvette. She smiled.

“Ms. Quimbey, you’re more punctual than my alarm clock when you call me in the morning…” ) Yvette muttered unhappily, “Why didn’t you tell me that such a big incident happened last night?” ‘She already found out about it?’ Nicole thought.

She sounded relaxed.

“Well, you know now, don’t you?” “If I hadn’t heard gossip through the grapevine that Chloe Snyder was caught for causing trouble for you, shamelessly confessing her feelings for Ian Carter despite that, and even offended Eric and Grant, I wouldn’t have believed that it happened! Where did Chloe Snyder get her guts? She actually dared to provoke someone way more powerful than her.

I heard that the two bodyguards that were with her were two-time national MMA champions. Although you’re trained, I don’t think you would’ve been able to win against them. Are you alright?” Yvette knew Nicole well.

Compared to professional martial artists, Nicole could only overpower regular people. She was still slightly inferior compared to national MMA champions.

Nicole paused slightly at Yvette’s chatter.’ National MMA champions?’ If she struck one of the men by luck in the dark, that meant she might have been unable to win against the second man! Her hands clenched.

In other words, she was saved by Eric’s arrival? Nicole gnashed her teeth and only spoke after a long time.

“I’m fine. Fortunately… They arrived in time.” “That’s good. I heard that Chloe was sent back to Cali overnight. She cried until no one could recognize her.

Grant also put the word out that anyone who dares to cooperate with Snyder Corporation will be considered working against Stanton Corporation.

I think her career has really come to an end….” ») Nicole listened calmly. Her expression did not change in the

slightest. Grant’s decision was not a surprise. After all, she would have done the same if she handled it herself. They chatted while Nicole was in the car, In the blink of an eye, Nicole arrived at the office.

Nicole ended the conversation, ignored Yvette’s still gossipy mood, and hung up the phone directly.

She wore her brand-new limited-edition Jimmy Choo heels and walked into the lobby with a kind of lofty and stunningly elegant aura. The receptionist greeted her sweetly, and Nicole gave her a gentle and kind wave.

Logan put the meeting agenda in front of her. “President, the meeting starts in ten minutes, but…” Nicole looked up at him. “What’s wrong?” “President Gerard Lichman from J&L Corporation has been waiting outside for a long time.” Nicole frowned slightly.

“Postpone the meeting and invite Mr. Lichman in.” “Understood.” Gerard’s expression was a little gloomy, and his eyes under the cold-rimmed glasses flickered vaguely with somberness and displeasure.

The artificial intelligence project was going very well, and there should not be any mistakes.

Nicole did not know what else could make Gerard look so sullen. As soon as Logan closed the door, Gerard sat in front of her.

“President Nicole, our AI chip design has been plagiarized!” His thin lips quietly spat out the results of the investigation before Nicole could react.

“The person who plagiarized our chip is someone under Stanton Corporation.”

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