The Divorced Billionaire Heiress by I Wanna Eat Meat, Chapter 249

Chapter 249 She Has No Integrity

Noah Stanton could not stop the words that came out of Jade’s mouth in time. The temperature in the air instantly dropped to a freezing point. A chill permeated every inch of the air.

Everyone knew that Nicole’s mother had passed away many years ago. It was a tragic topic that the Stantons could not bear to mention.

If Floyd Stanton heard such words, he might even get someone to kill Jade immediately, much less Nicole! Where did Jade get the guts to bring up Nicole’s late mother in front of her and even scold her at the same time? Jade saw Nicole’s suddenly grim expression and realized that she had misspoken.

She subconsciously turned to Noah. The angry expression he had earlier instantly disappeared.

Just when everyone thought that the tense atmosphere would never end. Nicole’s cold eyes were affixed to Jade for a long time. Her gaze was deep and dangerous.

She curled up her lips indifferently and spoke in a cold voice. “Jade Smith, I’ve been too soft on you, haven’t I?” From the moment Jade spoke, Nicole did not intend to let her off easily.

Jade froze and was just about to explode when Noah grabbed her arm. “Shut up! You don’t have the right to speak up here.” Noah’s attitude confused Jade.

“Noah, I’m only doing this for you…” Noah gnashed his teeth and continued frowning with displeasure in his eyes.

“Nicole, she didn’t mean what she said, so don’t take it to heart. However, business is business, so why shouldn’t we go ahead with a project that will make money for the company? Besides, we invited professional research teams to develop the product.

We even hired famous specialists, both local and abroad. Even if someone comes to investigate, we have nothing to fear!” Nicole laughed coldly and said in a mocking voice, “This project has been in development for at least several decades and is a unique breakthrough for the world.

What expert did you hire?” A specialist? Even if all the experts and specialists from all over the world came together, they would not be able to compare to Maverick Stanton! How shameless could they be? Did they want to ruin this project and the reputation of Stanton Corporation? Never! “It’s Professor Meyer, a famous physicist in the country.

He’s an expert in the field who has published articles in foreign publications. Who would dare to say that we’re plagiarizing?” Lydia said smugly.

Professor Meyer was a big name as an expert in physics, not that Nicole would know who he was anyway. Noah stepped forward and softened his tone, intending to give Nicole a way out.

“Nicole, your father and I are brothers. Would I do anything to harm the company?” Nicole lifted her eyes that were calm without ripples.

“Uncle Noah, the people my brother sent to audit the accounts won’t fail. It was too easy to find sloppy accounts here. I already discussed this with my dad before coming.

This company in Jericho City will undergo restructuring following its bankruptcy. All the internal staff will be reevaluated and transferred accordingly. Jade and her daughter, as well as all their distant relatives, can get lost.

As for the issue of compensation for the contract, you’ll serve as the legal person of the newly established company if you decide to take responsibility for it.

If you’re not willing to, then you’ll just have to retire Nicole was not discussing the matter. She was announcing the final decision, Everyone breathed a sigh of relief when they heard this.

It was as if they saw the light at the end of the tunnel! Jade and Lydia’s expressions stiffened and became nasty.

Their years of painstaking effort were destroyed just like that? Noah glared at Nicole. He turned livid.

His frown that had just relaxed furrowed deeper. ‘This damned girl is really determined to go against me!’ “You…” Noah did not believe that his brother would do this to him.

He immediately took out his phone and tried to call Floyd. However, his calls went unanswered. . Noah became angry and anxious.

Nicole smiled and said, “My dad took a private jet to Philmont for a vacation first thing in the morning. Right now, I’m in charge of Stanton Corporation.”

There was no need to fight it anymore! The Stantons had already shown their great benevolence. Nicole slowly stood up.

Her gaze harshly swept over the crowd and paused on Jade and Lydia. Her eyes locked onto Lydia’s face. “Your mother isn’t dead, but it’s a pity that she couldn’t teach you manners because she has no integrity.”

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