The Divorced Billionaire Heiress by I Wanna Eat Meat, Chapter 45

Chapter 45 Really Calculatlve 1

Ian Caner glanced sideways at Eric
Ferguson. He smiled smugly and
recklessly as if he was mocking Eric’s
current situation.
‘Look at him! Even Eric Ferguson has his
Keith Ludwig finally caught up to Eric. He
followed Eric’s gaze and saw Nicole’s
departing back. “Tsk tsk… Ferg, since
you’re already divorced. don’t regret it.

This IS all that woman’s cheap tricks
Eric cast a sidelong glance at him and
said, ‘Do I need you to teach me how to d
0 things?”
Keith suddenly felt a chill on his back and

did not dare to speak Ior a while

‘That woman humiliated Erlc In front of
everyone. Even I feel like dying from
anger. so let alone Eric! Although what
Ingrid said was indeed a little overboard,
that woman asked for it since she
begged to marry Errc in the first place!
Was it not her own fault then?‘

When Nicole first entered the hall, many
came over to mingle with her perhaps
because of her position in the Stanton
Corporation or because of the drama
Since Nicole came here to expand her
network and find out insider information,
she was happy to chat with people. She
would clink her wine glass with every one
of them and take a small sip. No one
forced her to drink.
After the mingling session, Nicole still felt

a little tipsy even though Ian had taken a
few drinks on Nicole’s behalf. She then
found an opportunity and slipped to the
Nicole washed her face with cold water
and felt the stuffiness in her chest
dissipate. Just when she was about to
wipe her face with a paper towel, Nicole
heard Ingnd’s voice gradually
approaching from outside.

“l won’t let that b*tch Nicole getaway so
easily! She humiliated my family and is so
shameless to surround herself with a
a continuous stream of men‘ Does she
think she’ll be a strong independent
woman by sleeping her way to the top?
She should just take a look in the mirror to see what a wretch she is!”
Ingrid Ferguson and her groupie walked in and saw Nicole leaning on the sink,

staring at them with her arms crossed
and a cold smile on her face.
For a moment, Ingrid was stunned and
instantly regained her nasty look as she
coldly snorted. “Ugh, I have such bad luck
seeing this b*tch everywhere I go.”
“l feel the same way.” Nicole could not
help but laugh.
Ingrid raised her eyebrows. “Who are you to say that?

Others might not know your
true nature, but do you really think that
you can erase the past and start over?
You’re just an uncouth lowlife who just
smells of poverty wherever you go.”
Nicole hooked her lips and did not turn
around, but she still accurately turned on
the tap behind her. Her action was
smooth and quick. Water flowed out, but no one knew the meaning of her action.

Perhaps she was just trying to keep her
words from being overheard.
‘Ms. Ferguson, you should be thanking
God that I didn’t take the initiative to
make a fuss about the previous things
you did to me, so don’t come and find
trouble for yourself .’ Her voice was
extremely cold, but the curvature of her
lips made her look much gentler.

‘What did you say? How dare you warn m
e? I’m the Young Lady of the Ferguson
family, but what are you? After getting
kicked out of my family, you’re nothing!“
Ingrid glared at Nicole with a glum face.
Without Eric’s presence, Ingrid was not
afraid of anything anymore.
This Young Lady Ferguson had always
looked down on her “sister-in-law‘ since
the very beginning, so that sense of

superiority had been engraved in her
‘How could this nobody Nicole even
qualify to be on an equal footing with me
at home and be respected? Can she help i
n Brother’s career or can her family be of
any assistance?‘
In the past three years, Ingrid had
deliberately asked Nicole to hand wash
her clothes. when it was damaged, she
would scold Nicole. Ingrid did not even
bother to stretch her hands to pour
herself a glass of water and preferred to
order Nicole around instead.

ll she was
not satisfied, she would get Nicole to
redo it.
The countless times of humiliation and
Nicole’s forbearance and silence made
Ingrid addicted to this feeling. Thus,
Ingrid took it for granted and felt that
Nicole deserved to be servile and

Even after the divorce, Ingrid felt that
Nicole could not refute her because
Nicole would always be mferior to her

‘Only you think that the Fergusons are
unbeatable. I really wonder where you got
your superiority complex…’
Nicole scoffed and showed a playful
“Hah! Why didn’t you say that when you
were so desperate to marry my brother?
Nicole, have you forgotten how
shameless you were? You’d rather be a
mobile blood bank for Wendy just to
marry my brother. This is your glorious
past…‘ Ingrid could not help but provoke
Nicole with the past.
Nicole collected her smile. Her face was
calm and somewhat cold.

Ms. Ferguson, I wasn’t being shameless.
I was just blind! If you want to mention
the past again, then I’ll get realty
calculative with you.”
‘Calculative? What’s this broke woman
trying to be calculative about?’ Ingrid
‘Do you think I’m afraid of you’? Nicole, if
you have the guts, come at me then! Ah-”
Ingrid suddenly shrieked.

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