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The Girl Upstairs by Georgina Lees

The Girl Upstairs by Georgina Lees is a novel that will make your day. In this novel, the author entertains the readers with a classy and fabulous story. All the characters are well-connected that provide a fantastic imaginary story. The plot expands, growing seamlessly from book one without leaving unfinished business. If you need this book in any specific format, you can request us.

Description of The Girl Upstairs

The Girl Upstairs  is a good book that you can read online or download to read it later. Before starting the reading or downloading, here is the summary of the book that you can read. You may also like Deep-fake-by-ward-larsen-pdf-download

The Wife Upstairs is the story of unforgettable love between Eddie and his wife. Rachel Hawkins the author of this book she is a very popular author among nonfiction readers. Because of her previous work, she was awarded many civil awards in the United States. Before this masterpiece, she already writes many successful nonfiction and romance novels. Jane and Eddie Rochester is the main character of this romance novel. Jane, she recently comes to Birmingham city she starts living in one of the high-class society of the United States. In this area everywhere you see flooding money and swag no but the dark side of this society and kind of this society is.

No one cares about his neighbor everyone is busy in his own life. Between all these things Jane meets Eddie he is the most popular personality in that area along with this he is a very successful businessman. But the most important thing is Eddie recently lose his wife in a boat riding incident. You can download The Wife Upstairs PDF at the end.

About the Author

Georgina studied creative writing and film at university and has since pursued a career in videogames journalism, covering some of the most popular games in the world. Her psychological thrillers are inspired by her surroundings, from the congested London streets to the raw English countryside.

Detail About Georgina Lees eBook

  •  Name of Title: The Girl Upstairs
  •  Author Name: Georgina Lees
  •  Language for Reading: English
  •  Supportive Formats: PDF/ePub
  •  Cost For Getting: Free to Download
  •  Genre:   Psychological Thrillers
  •  Series: None
  • File Size:2 MB
  • Pages: 188
  •  Price: Free

Would you trust them with your life?

I heard Emily before I saw her. The harsh smack of heels against cheap wooden floorboards. The loud phone calls. The incessant music.

I knew Emily before I met her. Discarded receipts in our communal hallway. Sticky leftovers in the shared food waste bin. Wine shop vouchers in the letterbox.

Now she’s gone missing, and I’m the only one who can find her. The only one who can save her.

Because I know her best, and I heard everything.

The Girl Upstairs is a spine-tingling psychological thriller of grief and obsession that explores how lonely London can be and how sometimes it’s our neighbours who see us most, who know us best…

A must-read for fans of Lisa Jewell and Sarah Pinborough.

What readers are saying:

‘I am still at a loss for words. I have been chasing that Gone Girl high for so long when I read thrillers, and this one finally hit the mark’ Amber, NetGalley

‘WOW!!! I. COULD. NOT. PUT. THIS. DOWN. I read it all in ONE sitting! It was amazing! The storyline was captivating and engrossing while the main characters, Suzie and Emily, were so well written and interesting that I couldn’t get enough of them… Bravo!!’ Yamil, NetGalley

‘This book has the best details of any I have read this year!’ Connie, NetGalley

‘This was creepy AF and kept me guessing the entire time. Definitely not a predictable thriller and so many twists and turns’ Lisa, NetGalley

‘What a thrilling book! I was fascinated by the characters and twisting storyline. Lost a lot of sleep over it’ Anu, NetGalley

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What is The Girl Upstairs  about?

This book is a Psychological Thrillers

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Where can The Girl Upstairs by Georgina Lees?

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