THE SILENT ALPHA Chapter 21: Wicked schemes

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THE SILENT ALPHA Chapter 21: Wicked schemes

THE SILENT ALPHA Chapter 21: Wicked schemes


The light of the full moon illuminates the dark skies as I make my drive through the woods.It was not difficult slipping out of the pack house without anyone noticing.

Christian is always trembling in his office or out in the training grounds pummeling his warriors to a pulp while Derek and Jordan are still trying to find my sister and her little brat.

I was practically running this s**t show off a pack on my own and as my mother-in-law, Kay, always liked to point out, I was not doing very well.But it does not matter.

Things were about to change.

I continue my drive down the winding road deeper into the woods until I reach the small cottage I was told to look for.

The cottage stands slightly at an angle and looks like no one has lived in it for over a decade, overgrown weeds climbing up its wooden walls.

The windows all have metal bars and from where I sit, I can see padlocks on the front door.

A cold shiver runs down my spine but there is no turning back now.I want to turn.

With shaking legs, I climb out of the car and walk down the little path to the front door, cursing myself for being so afraid.

My hand answers it.

“You Vanessa?” she asks in a gruff voice.

“Yes,” I whisper, trying my best to look nonchalant.



“Are you the one they call The Rogue?”

She ignores my question, looking me up and down with judging eyes and gesturing me inside.I follow her into the dark house, the kitchen dimly lit by a small lamp on the counter.

The woman leads me down the dark hall until we reach a room where she knocks just once before opening the door.

Aman sits behind a desk while staring at a laptop, his dark brows furrowed in concentration.

“Do you have your payment?” the man behind the desk asks without lifting his head from the screen.

“Y-yes,” I stammer, pulling out the small manila envelope from my purse and handing it to the blonde woman.

The blonde woman extracts the money and counts it in silence before nodding her head and placing the money on the desk.

“Leave us,” the man waves his hand and the blonde woman retreats into the hall, locking the door behind her.

I feel my nerves return and my legs once again start to shake f**k, am t really doing this?

“So, you’re the human who wants to turn?” The man asks, closing My teeth clench before I finally answer.

“I’m infertile,” I mutter bitterly.

“But werewolves…I heard turning could possibly reverse human ailments…I need to get pregnant.My Alpha needs an heir.” The man weighs my words carefully.

“I see,” he says, leaning back in his chair.



His dark eyes roam my body and I start to feel uncomfortable.I stare back at him with intense eyes, hoping to faze him but he just smirks back at me.

The mysterious man is quite handsome, with dark hair and dark eyes.

His beard is short and well groomed and his ears are pierced.

Waves of rippling muscles are barely contained within his black button up shirt.

“So, let’s talk business then,” the man continues, pressing in a code into what appears to be a safe beneath his desk.

The safe opens with a click and cold smoke emits from the inside.He pulls out three vials of dark liquid and places them on a rack on the desk.

“This is werewolf venom,” he says, pointing to the three vials.

“It’s highly potent.Each vial comes from a different wolf rank.The higher the rank, the greater the risk of death for you.As I said to you before, the safest way to turn is to have your mate turn you.”

“I don’t have a mate,” I retort and The Rogue sighs.

“The first vial here is Omega, then Beta, and finally Alpha,” he adds, lifting the Alpha vial up and inspecting it carefully before wolf.

I stare at the Alpha vial.If I want this to work and for Christian to take me seriously, I’ll need to be an Alpha wolf.

“How much for the Alpha?” I ask, knowing very well I had no money left to spare.

The rogue seems to know this too and his eyes once again look me over.


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“I think we can make an arrangement,” he smirks, his wolf eyes darkening.

I slowly walk over to his desk and sit on his lap, draping my arms around his neck.

“What kind of arrangement?” I purr, playfully tugging at the top button of his shirt.

The Rogue carefully picks up the rack of vials and places them back in the cold safe.He then stands up and bends me over the desk, pulling down my jeans to my ankles.

I hear him fumble with his belt buckle before he pulls out his manhood.I do my best to stand on the balls of my feet and raise my ass a little for better access.

He yanks at my thong, nearly ripping it off and pulls the string off to the side, brushing his tip against my little slit, warm shivers running down my legs to my toes.

It has been a long time since I had a good f**k and I eagerly let The Rogue have his way with me, pounding into my folds until I scream.I grip onto the edge of the desk as I c*m all over him, feeling He pulls his rock hard c**k out of me and rips off my thong and jeans completely.I’m shoved onto the desk and turned to my side so that my hip bears most of my weight.

He then throws my leg over his shoulder and once again thrusts his hard c**k inside me.

I moan as he fills me up to the hilt and he rocks in and out like a man abandoned in the desert, eager for his first drink.I lose count of how many times I make a payment, but in the end, I get exactly what I came for.

The Rogue takes me to a room much like one in a hospital, with a sterile bed and medical equipment.He instructs me to undress completely and has me lie on the bed.

The blonde woman returns to the room and ties up my hands and feet to the bed.



“Why am I being tied up?” I ask as she closes the cuffs over my wrists.

“The turn is a painful process.This is to hold you in place,” she says with no emotion in her voice.

She then hooks me up to a heart monitor, the machine coming to life with every beat of my heart.

The Rogue extracts the venom from the Alpha vial while the woman ties a rubber band around my arm to make my veins bulge.

“The process is simple,” The Rogue explains.

“You will be injected with the Alpha venom and over the course of the next 12 hours, the venom will infect every cell in your body.It’s going to feel like your that’s normal.When the time’s up, you will be able to hear your wolf but you will not be able to shift into her until the next full moon.Are you sure you still want this?” He asks, holding the syringe over my arm.

“You’re not guaranteed to survive this and once it goes in, there’s no turning back.I won’t be able to stop the turning if you change your mind.”

I nod my head slowly and brace myself for the injection.The thick needle pierces my skin, releasing freezing cold liquid into my veins.

My teeth clench almost immediately as every nerve in my arm begins to burn, as if set on fire.I open my mouth to swallow air but choke on my own scream as the liquid surges through every vein and blood vessel in my body.

My arms and legs go through a cycle of thrashing and stiffening, every muscle becoming exhausted.

Beads of sweat roll down my forehead as I scream for mercy, wanting the pain to stop.

“I told you it would hurt like hell,” The Rogue mutters.



“Suck it up!”

Tears blur my vision as I cuss him out, telling him to go f**k himself as black stars cloud my eyes.

My body finally gives out and I tumble into the black abyss.

The cycle repeats itself for several hours, with me waking up in excruciating pain only to black out in agony.I can feel my body on the verge of giving up and I curse myself for doing this.burning sensation envelops every nerve.I fall into the darkness one last time, my heart sinking to the pit of my stomach as I crash through the emptiness.

Suddenly, the falling stops and I find myself surrounded by water.I thrash my arms around until I reach the surface, realizing I had fallen into what appears to be a lake in the middle of nothing but white light.I’m on the verge of tears finding myself in the middle of a place with no beginning and no end.

What do you do now? I ask myself as I look around white nothingness.

I stop moving my body and immediately start sinking into the water.

In a panic, I once again swim to the surface and realize if I stop moving, I will sink.

Out of options, I force my arms and legs to move forward, not knowing where forward led to.

I swim for what seems like an eternity, my limbs almost numb from the excessive exercise.

To my luck, the depth of the never ending lake grows shallower and shallower until it reaches only to my ankles.

Grateful for the moment of rest, I allow myself to sit on my knees to catch my breath.

I bend my neck low, allowing my hair to cover my face as I listen to the beating of my own heart, the only sound in this soundless place.



“What the f**k am I supposed to now!” I scream into water, streams of tears flowing down my cheeks.

“f**k! f**k!” something breathing down my exposed neck.

My entire body stiffens like a statue, my breath hitching in the back of my throat.

A low snarl comes from behind me, my hands shaking in my lap.

It takes me a few seconds to muster up the courage, but I finally manage to get on the balls of my feet and very slowly, rotate my body to face the mysterious being behind me.I don’t dare look up but a pair of paws come into view through my long hair.

The being snarls again, flaring its nostrils at me as a blast of hot breath blows through my hair.

“What are you?” I ask, my voice small, almost like a child’s.

It only snarls in response and I finally force myself to look up, stumbling back when I find a large grey blue wolf standing just a few feet in front of me.

My eyes lock with its sapphire irises, as if in a trance I do not have the strength to break.

For a long time, we just stare at each other, neither of us moving an inch.I lick my dry lips and in a trembling voice ask, “Who are you?

“Devina,” she replies in a voice of silk.

“Your wolf”

If my legs weren’t so weak, I would leap onto my feet and jump with victory.

I have a wolf! Eager to be with her, I reach out to touch her snout when suddenly, she slips right between my fingers, her image crumbling into dust.




I scream as the beautiful grey wolf disappears of darkness.

***Christian’s POV***

“We found her,”

Derek sighs into the phone.

“Those rogues dumped her body in a ditch.She’s still alive but just barely.” I grumble in annoyance.

I had Derek and Jordan follow Vanessa because I knew the stupid b***h was up to no good.

Unfortunately, she ended up ina forest riddled with rogues so Derek and Jordan had to keep a low profile and could not stop her from doing anything stupid.

“Take her to the pack hospital,” I snap, “Make sure that b***he is kept alive.”

As much as I would love for her to die, Vanessa is Natalia’s sister and she would never forgive me if I let her sister die.


I murmur, missing the way her name rolled off my tongue.I think back to the day we first met.

Vanessa and I had known each other through the University, both of us having been enrolled in a few classes together.

One group project later and she and I were f*****g almost every week but I did notice myself to her.I was still looking for my mate linvited Vanessa.



She showed up with her very shy sister who looked like she would rather be anywhere but there.She didn’t talk to anyone and she trailed after her sister like a lost puppy, trying to convince Vanessa to stop drinking.

I found it wildly adorable how she’d protect her sister’s drink with her life while Vanessa danced with guy after guy.

I watched her with curiosity while she sat at the bar with a drink in her hand but it wasn’t until our eyes met that the world stood still for me.

Mate! Jack cried, head over heels for the short girl sitting alone at the bar.

I made my way through the crowd until I was standing face to face with her.

From up close, I could see every beautiful feature on her face, her luscious lips and her dark eyes.

The incredible scent of her skin made Jack almost go feral and I knew then she was my Luna.I could hear her heart almost skip a bit when I sat next to her despite her cool and uninterested demeanor.

“You know, most people go to parties to have a good time, not sit at a bar all night,” I teased her.

“Yeah, well most people aren’t dragged to parties by their alcoholic sister to babysit them, now are they?” She retorts, giving me a bored look.

“Who’s your sister?” I ask, already knowing the answer.

“The one currently humping two guys,” she mutters, nodding as I almost laughed but kept my cool.

“And you are?”

“Natalia, but everyone just calls me Talia,” she said nonchalantly, gripping the drink in her hand like her life depended on it.



“Well, I don’t want to be everyone,” I smiled at her, looking at her petite figure.

She was around 5’2 and tiny.Very tiny.

“Tiny,” I smirked at her.

“I’ll call you Tiny.”

Suddenly a thought enters my mind and I grab my phone, dialing my PI (private investigator).

Talia! She went by Talia back then!

“Yes, Mr.Hart, what can I do for you?” the Pl replies.

“We’ve been going about this all wrong,” I chastise myself.

“Look for records of a woman going by the name of Talia.The last known record we have of her is in Wyoming a little over four years ago.She was pregnant at the time.She should have a three-year-old kid by now.Occupation is most likely in a hospital,” I add, remembering how Natalia had completed training as both an EMT and medical assistant before she became my Luna.

I can hear the PI jotting down all of this information on the other side of the line.

“I will look into it for you and have a full report within 72 hours,” The PI responds.

“Have a good day Mr.Hart.” I hang up the phone, pleased that things were finally starting to look up for me.

There’s a framed photograph on my desk of Natalia and I taken shortly after our wedding and I hold it between my hands, staring at my beautiful mate smiling at me as I kiss her cheek.

“l bring you home soon, Tiny,” I murmur.

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