THE SILENT ALPHA Chapter 29: The Boy

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THE SILENT ALPHA Chapter 29: The Boy

THE SILENT ALPHA Chapter 29: The Boy


***Sebastian (Zane’s Dad)***

Sara rests on her knees, her ass in the air and her face buried in a pile of pillows.

Her calves are tied to her thighs in a frog tie, her legs spread apart to give me access to her dripping pussy.

She wears a chest harness to keep her arms restrained against her sides, the straps spread across her chest but not over her n*****s, so I can still lick and bite them as I please.

Her hands are tied behind her back and there’s a ball gag in her mouth to keep her quiet.

She looks like the perfect little slut, eager to fulfill my every desire.

I push my c**k into her pretty pink p***y, Sara letting out a moan against her gag.

“Did I say you could moan?” I snap.

She shakes her head knowingly and I smirk at her.

“Then you know you must be punished, right?” I say, climbing off the bed to grab my riding crop.

She nods her head, the hint of a smile on her lips.

She tries to sit up but a snarl from me reminds her that I am in charge and she settles back into her position, a glare in her eyes.

Oh, she’s really asking for a punishment, — my wolf, Arden, laughs.

I walk over to her, taking a moment to admire the perfect differences, Sara is exquisite, my wolf and I defiling her body every so often to curb our cravings.



She is the perfect sub, enjoying pain with her pleasure and eagerly adhering to my demands.

We do not like one another but we understand each other in the bedroom, both of us coming to an agreement that we would be sub and dom when together and nothing more when apart.

We are free to take other lovers at our leisure so long as our bedroom remains only ours.

I glide the leather tip of the riding crop over each of her naked shoulders, pushing away her hair before moving the crop along her spine.

Sara arches her back against the sensation, her breath quickening as I grow closer to her ass.I undo her ball gag, Sara licking her lips as she waits for instructions.

“S licks for disobeying me.”

“Only 5?” she purrs, knowing she is pushing me.

I quickly grab her by the neck and lift her so that her back is pressed against my bare chest, Sara doing her best to contain her excitement, but I can smell her arousal growing with the anticipation of her punishment.

“Since you seem so keen on talking back, let’s see what else that little mouth can do,” I challenge her, a smirk curling on her lips.

I bend her over so that she’s at eye level with my c**k.

“Eat,” I demand, Sara licking her lips eagerly.

“Yes Alpha,” She says, wiggling her ass for my benefit.

I grip her by her hair so it doesn’t get in her way and guide her the back of her throat.I pull her back a little, her cheeks hollowing as she sucks me.



“You like that?”

I growl, slapping the crop against Sara’s bare ass.

“You like being my little w***e?”

She responds by flicking her tongue over my tip, a shiver of pleasure running up my spine.She takes me in all the way again and I begin to f**k her little mouth, watching in ecstasy as she chokes on my girth over and over again.

When I’m close to my climax, I pull myself out, her mouth making a loud pop.

She whimpers as I force her on her knees again.


I command, grabbing my c**k in my hands to finish myself off.

Sara opens her mouth, sticking out her tongue to drink in my c*m, her tongue swiping over her lips to get every last drop.

I grab a cloth to wipe her chin and she smiles greedily at me.

“Thank you Alpha,” she purrs.

“Thank you for cuming in my mouth.”

“I’m not finished with you yet,” I snap, pushing her face back into the pillows and forcing her ass in the air.

“You still need your other punishment.”

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“Yes, Alpha,” she giggles, wiggling her ass.

“Please punish me.”

“15 licks for having a smart mouth, but you can ask to stop if I need words.”

“Yes, Alpha,” she replies.

“I will use my safeword,”

Satisfied that we are both in agreement with this punishment, I bring down the crop on her bare ass, Sara yelping as her skin turns bright pink where the leather tip meets her body.

The smell of her arousal thickens, the scent making me rock hard again.

“Thank you, Alpha,”

She pants, a little c*m dripping down the side of her thighs.

I give her 14 more licks with the crop, each time Sara thanking me for the punishment.

Knowing she won’t last much longer, I spread her legs as far as she can and push my tip in between the entrance of her p***y folds.

“You ready to be my good little w***e?” I ask, peppering kisses on her shoulder.

“You gonna behave for your Alpha?”

“Yes, sir,” she whines as I move my tip along the seam of her slit to drive her crazy.

“I-I’ll be good now.I….I-I promise.”

I tease her a little longer, her toes curling and uncurling as she tries to fight off her moans.



“You may moan now,” I relent, Sara letting out a long sinful moan of relief.

“Thank you, Alpha,” she sobs, her body writhing as I pump into her.

The sound of slapping skin and her moans create an erotic symphony, bringing me closer and closer to the edge.

Sara’s legs her high.

“Please, Alpha.Please let me c*m,”

She cries, tears lining her eyes.

“c*m for your Alpha,”

I roar, Sara’s body going stiff as she explodes all over me, a loud sob escaping her lips.

Her muscles tighten as shock after shock of ecstasy courses through her body, my own orgasm ripping through me.

It takes me a few minutes to compose myself as I come down from my high, my labored breaths kissing her shoulders.

I undo Sara’s harness, inspecting her skin for welts and bruising.

Aside from her very red ass and some indents from the straps, she appears to be unharmed.

I start a hot bath for her, pouring in her favorite rose-scented bath bomb and rose petals before carrying her into the tub.

She hands me the sponge and I take my time washing her body, paying special attention to her sore ass cheeks.



“It was really good today,” Sara reassures me as I massage her scalp.

“Thank you for taking such good care of me, Alpha.It is during these intimate moments that I find Sara tolerable, almost likable even, both of us a little vulnerable from the scene.

“My pleasure,” I murmur, rinsing out the shampoo from her hair.

“Did you enjoy the punishment?”

“I did,” She smirks.

“I love when you punish me…almost as Her dark blue eyes twinkle with mischief, but I know better than to fall for her s**t.Our scene is over and we have a meeting in 2 hours.

When she’s finished with her bath, I carry her back to the bedroom and dry her off, handing her a bottle of water while I lay her across my lap to massage her cheeks with some lotion.

I rub and squeeze each perfect cheek until I loosen up her muscles before grabbing a comb to brush her hair.

Prior to marrying Sara, my mate, Elenore, enjoyed when I brushed her hair after a scene.

It is the one act I still continue to keep her memory alive.

I do not normally let myself think about her too much, but with Zane gone, I find it hard to not feel so lonely.

Elenore and I were once a happily mated couple, two high school sweethearts who turned out to be fated to each other.

Shortly after I was given the Beta title, we found out we were pregnant and everything seemed to be falling into place…



But that all changed the day Cyrus died.

At 19, I became Alpha and from one day to the next, I had the weight of the world on my shoulders.

My life completely shattered the day little Johnny was killed and I became colder, crueler, and angrier.

A part of Ellie’s soul never healed at the loss of our child and the bright light in her eyes dimmed to a faint spark.

I wanted revenge for what was taken from me and my mate too loving with him.

She never got the chance to show Jonathan all the love she could give, so she gave it all to Zane, turning him into a stuttering fool.

Ellie could not see how she was spoiling the boy, so I tried to correct her mistakes and teach Zane to be a real man.

But it was all in vain.

Our fights only got worse and worse until, finally, she broke.

“I’m leaving you,” she told me on the day of the King’s party.

“And I’m taking my baby with me.”

At first, I did not believe her, but when I looked into her eyes, I realized she wasn’t kidding.

“I’ll take the things that I need and nothing more,” she said quietly as she prepared a plate of snacks for Zane.

“And don’t worry, I don’t expect any of your money to help me raise him.You never treated him like a son anyways, so why start now?”



Arden was furious, wanting to remind her exactly who she belonged to, but I stormed away from her, not wanting to cause a scene.

And then the attack began…

Ellie called my name through our mind-link…but in my anger, I chose to ignore her cries for help thinking Wyatt would find her instead.

He never reached her in time and the last piece of my heart shattered.

I had no more love left to give, not even to Zane.

“What’s it like to have a mate?” Sara asks, interrupting me. I stare at her blankly for a moment, reminding myself that Sara has never known what it is like to be loved by a mate.

At 46 years old, she has yet to cross paths with her true mate.

“It’s a burden,” I sigh, shaking my thoughts from Elenore and Zane.

“Like a heavy weight on your chest making it hard for you to breathe.”

“Was Elenore a burden?” She asks, a hint of jealousy in her voice.

“Elenore was a weakness,”

I growl, Arden snarling at my disrespect towards his former mate.

“That’s all a mate will ever be.A weakness.”

“If Caine ever finds his mate-”

“He will reject her,”



I snap, tossing the comb off to the side and climbing off the bed to get dressed.

“He will reject her or he will not take my title.”

“But you had a mate-”

“And look what that got me: A dead mate and two dead kids!”

I roar, panting furiously as I feel my anger course through my veins.

“Caine should learn from my mistakes.No mates.Just a handful of heirs to continue the bloodline.”

Sara stares at me in silence as I slide on my boxers.

“Get dressed.We have a meeting with the King.Try not to look like a whore.”

“f**k you,”

Sara snarls as I storm out of the bedroom.

I find my blue business suit already steamed and pressed in my office and begin to layer on my clothes.As I finish tying up my

“What is it?”

I sigh, knowing he was about to ruin my already dampened mood.

When he says nothing, I lose my patience.

“If I have to repeat myself, I’ll repaint my walls with your blood.”

“Sir, we can’t find the boy.”



I immediately stop to look at him.


“The scouts lost track of his trail,”

Wyatt mumbles, my anger only growing at his meekness.

“Speak up!”

“He was last seen with a human and a child.They were headed to the Seattle airport.”

What the hell could that boy be doing with a human and a child? I wonder, trying to piece together all the information.

“How long since you lost him?” I ask.

“Aweek, sir,”

Wyatt gulps, shifting nervously on his feet.

“We tracked his flight to San Francisco but then lost him in the airport.He could be anywhere in California, sir.”

I grab Wyatt by the collar of his shirt, pinning him against the wall.

“Do you have any idea what could happen should Ravenstone discover that-”

“Should Ravenstone discover what?”

Sara asks as she walks in dressed in an elegant red bodycon dress, a coy smile on her lips.

I ignore her question, grabbing her by the hand and leading her to the door.



“Let’s go.”

“I said ‘Let’s go!” I snap, pushing her out the door.

“Find the boy,”

I mind-link Wyatt as I follow my wife out of the office.

We drive in silence to the King’s mansion, though I can tell Sara is fuming that I refuse to tell her about what’s going on.

“Let it go,” I sigh, pulling up to the mansion.

“I am your Luna,”

She snaps, crossing her arms over her chest.

‘You should not be hiding anything from me, especially if it has something to do with Ravenstone!”

My jaw clenches, my patience reaching its limit.I put the car in park and wrap my hand around Sara’s neck, slamming her against her head rest .

I said, ‘’Let it go”

I snarl through gritted teeth, Sara nodding slowly at me before I let her go.I give her a minute to compose herself before we step out of the car and join hands..

A group of guards meet us at the door of the mansion and lead us to the meeting room.

The doors are pulled open, a guard announcing our titles to the King.



It appears we are the last pack to arrive, several other Alphas and Lunas already gathered around the table, standing on their feet as they wait for us to take our places.

Once settled, King Arthur begins the meeting.

“Alpha Richard has a message for you, Alpha Sebastian,”

King Arthur gesturing to Sara’s older brother, Richard, who sits directly “Yes, indeed.But first, my father sends his regards,”

Alpha Richard says coolly as he orders his beta to fetch something.

Sara snickers beside me and I pinch her thigh to shut her up.

“Glad to hear he’s still alive and kicking,” I smile, though it doesn’t reach my eyes.

“Do send him my regards as well, Dick.”

“Of course,” the Alpha replies with a tight smile, an awkward silence filling the room.

The Beta returns with a box, a disgusting stench emanating from the cardboard.

The box is set on the table, Alpha Richard rising to his feet and reaching into it.

He carefully lifts out a severed head, the women in the room gasping in shock as blood drips from its torn neck.

There’s a note stapled to the man’s eyeball, my face paling when I recognize him as one of the scouts Wyatt sent to track Zane.

“This was found on my territory this morning by my guards,” Alpha Richard explains.



“He’s one of yours, is he not?” Richard asks, though he doesn’t wait for me to reply before continuing.

“I believe the note is for you.”

He carefully plucks the note from the scout’s eye and slides it across the table, a trail of blood staining the surface.

“Read it out loud,”

King Arthur demands.

“Do your Allies know he’s still alive, Seba? – TR” Seba as a kid whenever he came to visit Cyrus.

“Who is the ‘He’ Toran is referring to?” King Arthur demands.

“No one we should be concerned about,” I reply, wishing with all my might Zane would just quietly disappear.

“Oh really?”

Alpha Richard replies.

“Because it seems to me like you’re hiding something from your fellow Allies.”

“Spit it out, Alpha and I’ll decide if it’s something we should be concerned about,”

King Arthur commands, my wolf unable to fight his King’s order.

Arden steps forward to reply.

“Elenore’s son is still alive.”

“Which one?”



The King, Richard, and Sara all ask in unison.

“The second one.”

“Where is he?” Sara snaps.

“And why the f**k didn’t you tell me?!”

“Like I said, he’s none of your concern.The boy is somewhere no one will find him,” Arden snarls.

“So we can move on-”

“Move on?” Sara scoffed.

“You expect us to move on when you’ve been hiding a son from me, your wife!”

“It’s no secret that I had two sons before I married you!” I explode.

“And what I do with him is none of your business.Caine is still my only heir, so you and Richard have nothing to worry about.Scarlett Haven’s next Alpha will be a descendant from your pack.” voice shaking the walls.

The room fills with silence for the King to speak.

“The boy is a silver wolf and those are far and few in between.Gaining another strong wolf in this war would put us at an advantage over Ravenstone and their allies.Bring him to me and I will see to it that he becomes a strong soldier in my army.”

I take control again, shoving Arden to the back of my mind for opening his mouth.

“But sir-”



“That’s an order,”

King Arthur roars.

“Yes, sir,” I reply through gritted teeth.

“Oh and Sebastian,”

King Arthur calls out as he dismisses the meeting, his voice lowering an octave.

“If you ever keep another secret from me again, I will kill you myself.”


Sebastian refuses to give me any answers regarding his secret son, ignoring me the entire ride to the pack.

I scream and kick but my little tantrum proves futile, Sebastian pulling up to the pack-house without so much as a second glance in my direction.

Determined to get some answers, I follow him into the office, refusing to leave as he calls in Beta Xavier and Gamma Wyatt.

“Not until you tell me who the boy is!” I snap.

Sebastian eyes me carefully before once again sighing.

“He’s not here.Wyatt will go get him.”

“Then Caine should go with him,” I demand, refusing to give in.

“He has a right to know who his brother is before you send him off to war with the King’s soldiers.



“If I do this, will you shut the f**k up?”

Sebastian replies, my earlier tantrum seeming to have broken him.I nod like a good girl and he gestures to the door.

“Then bring Caine in and get out.The King wants the boy for war, but if he proves to be stronger than Caine, Sebastian will have no choice but to take away our baby’s title.We have to ensure our baby takes his rightful place as Alpha, Rhea, my wolf, hisses as we leave to search for Caine.I sigh knowing she is right and find my son terrorizing an omega in the laundry room.

“Caine!” I command, Caine rolling his eyes at me as he removes his hands from inside the crying omega’s skirt.

“Your father is calling you.”

“I’m busy,” he snaps, stealing a kiss from the omega’s lips, the poor girl shaking in fear.

“Leave,” I nod to her, the girl scrambling out of the room and thanking me on the way out.

“What the f**k!”

Caine snarls but I silence him with a “Your father is sending you on a mission,”

I smile calmly, Caine’s mood lightening up.

“Really?” He asks, standing up straighter.

“When? What am I doing? Killing, torturing? I’ll do anything-”

“You’re going with Wyatt to find your older brother,” I sigh.

“My what?” He asks, his smile faltering.



“Older brother? B-but I’m the Alpha.”

“Well, as it turns out, you’re not the only one in line for the title,” I reply as I inspect my nails.

“But you’re going to make sure you’re the only remaining heir left.”

“What do you mean?” Caine asks, my patience wearing thin.

“Everyone knows the oldest son takes the title.”

“Exactly,” I smirk, stepping closer to him so that only he hears me.

“Which is why you’re going to find your brother and kill him before he can take what’s yours.”

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