THE SILENT ALPHA Chapter 37: Touch

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THE SILENT ALPHA Chapter 37: Touch

THE SILENT ALPHA Chapter 37: Touch


“I thought I was going crazy,”

Talia whimpers as her memories fade away, both of us opening our eyes.

“I even went to the pack psychiatrist to get help,” she begins to sob.

“I was suffocating inside but I couldn’t let myself crumble under the pressure. I tried so hard to be the perfect Luna because everyone was counting on me,” She sighs, shaking her head in disbelief.

“But it was all for nothing.In the end, I didn’t matter to anyone, not to my pack, not to my mate, not to my gamma, and most definitely not to my own sister!”

She pauses for a moment to collect her thoughts, holding her head in her hands.

When I attempt to comfort her by wrapping my arms around her, she flinches, raising her head back up to wipe her tears.

“I didn’t matter to the people I most cared about,” she mumbles.

“And I was an i***t to believe I ever would.”

You matter to me_, I want to say, resting my chin on her shoulder and holding her tightly.

“It’s okay,” she sighs.

“I’m definitely done trying to live up to other people’s expectations,” she adds.

“So before we go any further, we need to discuss some things first.” She says, turning her head to face me.



“I know heirs are important to wolves, especially to Alphas and I’ve proven to not be the most fertile away now.I struggled so much for Kota and I definitely don’t need to be treated like a disappointment for being unable to get pregnant right away.I’m not a breeding w***e, understand?”

I don’t even flinch, nodding my head adamantly at her.

Pups have never even crossed my mind, my only concern thus far being that I be good enough for her.

“Good,” She sighs in relief.

“I am also not interested in being y= anyone’s Luna or having any more gammas for that matter, so if I you have a pack you plan to take over, find another Luna to take my place.I’m not slaving away for people who will only turn their backs on me when I need them most.”

I chuckle softly to myself and squeeze her tightly, wondering what pack on earth would possibly want me as it’s Alpha? Nodding that I understand her concern, she proceeds with her next condition.

“One more thing, Zane, and this is non-negotiable,” She adds quietly, biting her lower lip nervously.

My heart beats loudly in my chest as I lean forward to listen to N closely.She takes a deep breath and looks at her hands resting on her lap.

“No marking.” My heart sinks to the pit of my stomach, Grayson going into a fit of rage.

No marking? He scoffs.

How the hell is the world supposed to know that we belong to each other if she does not bear our mark? Perhaps she is ashamed of having me for a mate? I wonder, dread washing over me.

Seeing the look of worry on my face, she hurries to explain.

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“I’m not ashamed to bear your mark.I-I just don’t see the point.I wore a mark proudly for years like an i***t, meanwhile my mate dishonored our bond with my sister to the knowledge of everyone in my pack,” she adds quickly.

“It means nothing to be marked if your mate can still degrade the bond with ease.Humans don’t mark each other and it’s never hindered our relationships.We are free to love and date whoever we please without having to tie our souls together and I’d prefer to keep it that way.”

I’m sorry, what part of my tail and snout remotely resemble a human to you, lady? Grayson sneers.I do not date, I mate…


“Besides,” she smiles timidly.

“What’s to stop you from finding someone else who makes you happier than I ever could? Or better yet, someone who can give you a pu-”

I don’t give her a chance to speak anymore nonsense, cupping her cheeks and pressing my lips against hers.

At first, she doesn’t move, her eyes wide open as she stares back at mein shock.

Gathering up the last of my courage, I move my lips a little until she slowly melts against me and deepens the kiss, parting her lips so that our tongues meet for a tender dance.

The moment they touch, the world fades away completely until we are all that I lower her body against the bed and lay between her legs, our lips never parting as we mold ourselves to each other.

My lungs begin to burn, however, and I reluctantly pull away, my eyes studying the beautiful woman staring up at me with tears in her eyes.



For the first time in my life, I feel the need to speak, the words tearing at my throat to break free from their prison.

Taking a deep breath, I slowly open my mouth, a small groan escaping my lips.

“y-y…Y-y-” I gasp, Talia looking up at me with patient eyes.

“Take your time,” she murmurs, one of her hands gently grazing my cheek.

“There’s no rush.” I blink a few times, forcing my mouth open again and concentrating on every syllable.

“Y-you…ar-are so…st-str-strong,” I pant, my cheeks beginning to flush.

A small smile curls on her lips, a single tear rolling down her cheek as she pulls me close enough so that our breaths become one.

“So are you.”

Her lips once again meet mine, parting and closing against my mouth as passion burns within us.

She slowly slides her hand from my nape to the crown of my head, her fingers gently gripping my hair and tugging it slightly.

Her deep kisses light a fire in me, every part of me burning for her.

She wraps her legs around my waist, clinging to me like I bury my face in her neck, my tongue caressing the place where my mark should go.

A soft moan bubbles in her chest, my c**k twitching at the sound.



Heat ripples across my body when her hips grind against mine, a hard lump growing in my boxers.I can feel her n*****s hardening beneath her shirt, her peaks poking against the fabric.

Embarrassed, I begin to climb off only to be flipped on my back by my mate, her hands pushing against my chest as she pins me to the bed beneath her.

She rocks her body back and forth against my hard on, a smirk curling on her lips as she teases me for blushing.

A curious look flickers across her face as she gazes down at me.

“Is this okay?” she asks, my breath ragged and labored the more she grinds on me.

Unable to put into words how good she feels, I barely manage to nod, Talia biting her lips in satisfaction.

She follows my gaze to her chest and giggles.

“Have you ever done this before?” she asks, her hands gripping the edge of her shirt and playfully tugging it up a bit to expose her bare stomach.

I see her lips moving but I am too busy concentrating on not nutting too early to hear what she’s actually saying.

“Wha-what?” I ask, beads of sweat gathering at my forehead as I feel a need build up where she is swaying her hips.

We’re going to die virgins, aren’t we? Grayson groans, practically face palming himself.l ignore him, Talia giggling as she slowly pulls her shirt over her head, her naked breasts staring back at me.

A lump forms in my throat, my eyes unable to tear away from the pert brown peaks staring back at me.



There’s a sexy wolf tattoo between her breasts, flowers and tear drops extending past her underboobs.

My tongue aches to taste her tattoo but I don’t have a clue how to express that, a pathetic groan escaping my lips.

“Am I overwhelming you? Do you want me to stop?” Talia asks, her arms timidly wrapping around her chest.

I shake my head at her, Talia’s eyes looking intently at me.

“I need words, Zane.It’s important to me that you tell me if I’m pushing you too hard,”

She explains, leaning forward so that her lips brush up against mine as she speaks.

“You can speak slowly if it’s easier for you.I’m not in any rush,” she murmurs, sliding her hands down my abdomen so that her fingers grip the hem of my shirt.

Our lips meet for a gentle kiss, her hips gyrating in a slow motion, my c**k on the verge of erupting.

“W-wait,” I blurt out as I grab her wrist from moving up any further.

She freezes, her cheeks turning a light pink shade.I do my best to concentrate on my words, but my speech still comes out slurred.


I groan in frustration, angry with myself that my words She once again leans forward, her face close enough that her minty breath tickles my chin.

“Just breathe,” she murmurs.

“Count to three and try again.”



I open my mouth again but my nerves have my tongue in a twist.I want to scream at Moon Goddess for making me this way but I fall silent when Talia speaks.

“I heard you talking to Dakota,” she whispers, a little wave of shock rippling through me.

I thought I hid that well.

“And I know there’s nothing I can say to make you believe me, ” she chuckles.

“But I loved hearing your voice,” she confesses, my heart nearly skipping a beat.

She loved it?

“It was beautiful to see you so comfortable with him,”she smiles at the memory.

“But it also hurt that you didn’t want to share your voice with me,” she adds.

“Because I would never think less of you for the way you speak…Trust me, I’d love for you to stutter my name while I ride you.”

Grayson howls with laughter and I don’t even want to think about how red my face is, both of my hands attempting to cover the burning heat of my cheeks.

She chuckles at my timidness, pulling my hands away from my face.

“I’m not ashamed of you, Zane.I just want you to know that to me.” I digest every word, my eyes looking down at my shirt still shielding my scars.

“Are you afraid to show them to me?” she asks, her face softening as she looks at me.

She pecks my lips when I nod, one of her hands guiding mine to her lower stomach.I feel dips and grooves at my fingertips and she smiles at me.



“You didn’t notice my stretch marks when you first looked at me, did you?”

She teases, moving my hand across all the little stretch marks on her tummy.

“Do they bother you?”

When I shake my head, her smile widens.

“So then why would your scars bother me?” She shrugs.

“I am not ashamed of my stretch marks because they are proof that I’m a mother and that I had the strength and courage to carry my pup on my own.Your scars are no different.They tell me your story, what you’ve had to survive and overcome.”

She grips a handful of my shirt, her eyes settling on mine.

“Will you show me your story? I study her eyes for a moment, finding kindness and patience swirling in the mix of brown hues.A smile stretches across her lips when I push myself into a sitting position and pull my shirt over my head.Her eyes travel along my now bare torso as she drags her timid fingers against my skin.She traces the S-shaped scar on my hip, her touch making my torso, curiosity flickering in her eyes.

“Can I see the ones on your back?” she murmurs, climbing off of me so that I can turn around and sit on my knees.

Talia’s fingers trace the lines of raised flesh on my back created from every silver tipped flogging I took.

Suddenly, I feel her warm tongue taste my skin starting from the small of my back, her lips kissing away the pain of every wound I ever had.

She makes her way up until she reaches my shoulder, her fingers gently pressing on my skin.



“Turn around,” Talia murmurs, and when we come face to face again once more, I notice tears in her eyes.

She straddles my lap, draping one of arms around my shoulders while the other pushes back my hair from my forehead.

“You…are so beautiful,” she whispers, pressing her lips against my temple.

My stomach does flips as I look back at her, a warmth spreading across my cheeks.

“So perfect,” she murmurs as her lips graze my cheeks.

“And all mine.”

Our lips meet for a tender kiss, Talia taking the lead as she pushes me onto my back and pins me once more beneath her body.

“Mine,” she whispers against my lips, my arms tightening around her waist.

“All mine, Zane.You’re mine.” scent of her arousal as she gyrates her pelvis against my groin.

Her tongue slides into my mouth, seeking dominance over me.

Lick her tits…

Grayson purrs, his tail wagging from side to side.

W-what..? I ask, Talia’s lips bewitching me into a trance.

Did I stutter? He jeers.

LICK HER t**s! Startled, I pull away, Talia raising an eyebrow at me.



“Too much?” she asks, looking at me with concern.

Not enough, if you ask me , Grayson grumbles.

I don’t answer, mustering up what little confidence I have to lean forward and wrap my lips around one of her n*****s.

Her peak hardens like a small pebble in my mouth when I flick my tongue over it a few times, Talia moaning in response.

The sound alone is enough to make a little precum ooze from my d**k, her swaying hips only increasing the heat washing over me.

Talia places her hand on the back of my head, pushing me into her chest while she grinds on my erection.I move my tongue between her breasts and across her tattoo, taking special care to kiss the pretty wolf before latching on to the other n****e.

Her mouth hangs wide open, another moan escaping her lips.

After a few licks, Talia pushes my head back onto the pillows, her dark eyes swirling with lust as she slides off my groin to sit back on her heels, her thighs still straddling mine.I down to my hips, her eyes still locked with mine.

She does not look away as she leans down to flick her tongue over my burn scar.

My heart beats erratically in my chest when she places her hand on the hard lump in my shorts, her palm rubbing my shaft up and down.

“Breathe,” she chuckles, Grayson howling with laughter as I realize I have been holding my breath.

“Does this feel good?” She asks, mischief flickering in her eyes.



I open my mouth to speak but all that comes out is a moan, Talia’s lips curling with satisfaction.

“My tongue would feel better, don’t you think?” she asks with a smirk, Grayson growling with lust.

“..Wonder what you taste like…”

Like cherries, baby.

Like cherries, Grayson purrs, pacing back and forth in a frenzy.

You can tie our sister in a knot if you like.

Talia pulls back my shorts and boxers, my c**k springing to attention with a few beads of precum oozing from my slit.

She licks her lips as she wraps her fingers round my girth, her eyes looking at me with intense desire.

“Do you want me to taste you?” She asks, her hand moving up and down my shaft.

I barely manage to nod as she rubs my tip, the swollen head now dark red.It feels as though I’m about to explode when she suddenly stops pumping base of my c**k.

You can do this, Grayson encourages me.It’s only three syllables.

My mouth hangs open, Talia waiting patiently for me.


“Slow down,”

Talia whispers, scooching closer to me while still holding my c**k in her hand.She leans forward so that her lips brush up against mine when she speaks.



“Say it with me.TAH”



She giggles as she stares at my lips.



She smiles, pecking my lips.


I pant, exhausted from the effort.

She only smiles before settling back on her knees in front of my c**k and sweeping her hair off to one side.I flinch when I feel her warm tongue sweep across the slit of my head, Talia giggling at my reaction.

My hands grip the sheets of the bed, my mouth hanging open as she wraps her lips around my tip.I watch her take me in all the way, my body filling with ecstasy with every flick of her tongue.

“Fff-fu…” I stutter, the waves of pleasure tying my tongue in a twist when my tip hits the back of her throat.

Talia sucks in her cheeks, only intensifying the pleasure and after a couple of pumps, I feel myself explode.



Talia drinks the flow every last drop but the white liquid still spills down her chin, overflowing onto my c**k.

She handles the spillage well, spreading the c*m over my shaft and licking the tip.

“f**k, I want you inside me,” She moans, scrambling to remove her panties.

Instinct takes over and I kick off my shorts and boxers, my d**k hardening again at the sight of her naked body.

She hurriedly straddles me, lining herself up with my c**k when the door bursts open, little Kota wiping his sleepy eyes and yawning.

“Mommy, what are you doing?”

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