THE SILENT ALPHA Chapter 50: A Deal

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THE SILENT ALPHA Chapter 50: A Deal

THE SILENT ALPHA Chapter 50: A Deal


“Wh-what if…I mark y-you?” Zane asks timidly, his voice low and soft.

My heart feels as though it might pound out of my chest as a silence falls between us.

He wants me to bear his mark? Now? I stare at him, wondering why he would bring up marking now of all times? Zane seems to understand my confusion and smiles sheepishly at me.

“T-this is w-war, Ta-Talia,” he says quietly, a warm tingle traveling down my spine when he says my name.

“A-and if some-something happens t-to me-me…then I-I want to go out kn-knowing my ma-mate wore my mark p-proudly…”

“Zane…” I sigh tiredly, pinching the bridge of my nose and closing my eyes as I think of an answer.

“You know how I feel about marking.”

“I-l do,” he replies……..

“B-but so do y-you.” I groan in frustration, thinking back to the day he explained his mark to me.

It was a beautiful speech and I loved hearing him tell me I meant more to him than I had initially thought…

but I had already made this mistake before.

I had fallen for pretty words and jumped into a marriage with a wolf after a couple of nursing my broken heart.



With every passing day, the wall around my heart crumbles, Zane making me believe that perhaps a wolf can love a simple human, but I am afraid and I do not know how to stop being afraid.

“I-I am not h-him,” he murmurs, cupping my cheeks and pulling me in for a tender kiss.

Tiny sparks ripple across my face like little waves of pleasure, my body molding against his.

“I-I love you,” he whispers, his lips grazing mine as he speaks.

It is the second time he has said it, but my breath still hitches in my throat at his confession.

I, however, cannot bring myself to repeat those words to him because it would make them real and I would be unable to deny him any longer.

“I-l am not h-him,” he repeats, his thumbs wiping the tears gathering in my eyes.

“I know that,” I whimper, Zane shaking his head at me.

“Do y-you?” he asks, the pain evident in his warm eyes.

“B-because it doe- it doesn’t fe-feel that way.” I don’t know how to respond and my silence seems to make him anxious.

“D-do y-ou still love h-him?” He asks, his eyes unable to meet mine.

“A-am I…am I-I not…Do y-you still think about h-him..?”

“I don’t love him,” I shake my head adamantly, appalled he would think that.

“I stopped loving Christian the day Kota was I was his wife of two years after all and I thought we would always be together.Those types of feelings don’t go away overnight.Those dreams die hard.But that all changed the moment I held Kota in my arms.Christian destroyed my trust and whatever possibility



there was of us ever being a family died the day he slept with my sister.And I will never forgive him for that.I will never love him again.Never.”

Zane weighs my words carefully, as if deciding if I meant them.

“I do think about Christian every day though,” I add, Zane looking down at me in shock and I quickly try to explain myself.

“I think about all the lies he fed me to keep me by his side…all the pain I felt while being his Luna.He is a constant reminder that I should be careful with my heart and who I give it to.”

“I-It’s safe with m-me,” Zane blurts out and I smile at him.

“I…am trying to believe you,” I reply quietly through a small smile.

“I am trying to believe you are different.That your words are real and not some fantasy you are trying to feed me, so I’ll fall for you.But then I remember all the beautiful poems Christian used to tell me, all the picnics under the moonlight, all of our beautiful mornings after a night of passion, all of the little things he did in the beginning that made me believe we would last forever.I remember these things every time I feel myself getting comfortable with you…and then the pain comes crashing down on me all over again.There is a constant war waging in my head thoughts away.I try to remember how happy you make Kota whenever a bad thought enters my head.It’s just hard sometimes, ” I admit.

“But I will keep trying…Because I want to be happy with you.I want to love you so much.I do….I-”

My words get caught in my throat as Zane’s lips crash against mine, one of his hands gripping the back of my neck and pushing me into him while the other slides down to my waist, teasing the waistband of my shorts.His lips ignite a fire within me, my skin burning with pleasure as he lifts me up by my thighs.

My arms snake around his neck and he carries me to the bed.



He gently sets me down on the soft mattress, spreading my legs apart and climbing on top of me while not crushing me under his massive body.

It’s times like these that I remember how tiny I am compared to him, how broad his shoulders are to protect me from any harm, how muscular his arms are from all the hard labor he must have done during his childhood.

My back arches as his tongue twirls in my mouth, his hands exploring every curve of my figure.

A small gasp escapes my lips when he cups one of my breasts, molding it to the shape of his hand over and over again like a stress ball, my n****e hardening against his palm.

He pulls away to tug his shirt over his head, my eyes mesmerized by his beauty.

The room is dark but the moonlight spilling into the room illuminates his face and I see the hint of blush on his cheeks.

His timid nature never fails to make brave enough to show me his scars.

I watch him as he struggles to figure out his next move and I pull my shirt over my head to give him a hint.

His eyes linger on my tattoo for a moment, his fingers emitting sparks against my skin as he traces the intricate design of the flowers and the wolf.

There’s a slight tremor in his hands as he reaches the clasp of my bra, but he swallows hard and undoes it, my breasts spilling out of their cage.

Heat builds up in my core as he admires my bare chest and I reach for his jeans, unbuttoning them and pulling down the zipper.



The spell of my breasts breaks and Zane hurriedly removes our clothes until there’s a small pile of garments on the floor.

He once again settles in between my legs, his hands resting on either side of my head as he holds his weight above me.

Our lips collide against each other, our tongues meeting for an erotic dance that leaves my spine tingling.

My hands travel along his shoulders and up his neck as he pours his heart into every kiss.

“M-mine,” he murmurs when we pull apart to catch our breaths.

“Yours,” I whisper as his lips travel down my neck to my collar Bone.

“I’m yours.”

“M-mine,” he says again, his voice lowering almost an octave.

“Y-you’re m-mine.”

“Y-yes,” I moan, his mouth wrapping around one of my curling as the heat builds up in my core.

My legs hook around his naked thighs, my body craving his the more he bites and licks my breasts.I rock my hips against his growing member, Zane groaning into my chest as he fights to keep his composure.

“Make me yours,” I whisper against his ear when I can take the heat no longer.

“I want to be yours.”


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He growls softly as he suckles on my n****e and slides his hand along my thigh, his fingers squeezing my bare ass and pressing me harder against him so that my hips meet his waist.

His beard hairs prickle my breasts but add to the pleasure as they brush over my sensitive flesh every time he sucks and licks my tits.

“Zane…” I pant, needing him now more than ever.

Reaching his own limit, Zane lines himself up against my entrance and, in a swift thrust, fills me up with his length, my walls welcoming his girth in a warm embrace.

“Ah f**k,” I whimper as he starts to move, pulling his c**k out slowly and pushing it all the way in in deliberate pumps.

My body sways with his rhythm, his tip hitting a spot that makes me see stars behind my eyelids.

“Ah!” I gasp, Zane groaning as he hits the same spot again.

“Ah….Ah…0h god!”

Zane only growls in response, something animalistic taking over as he picks up the speed of his thrusts.

He slides his hand tightening from the intensity of the pleasure.My eyes roll back as I moan incoherently at him to keep going.My back arches as I feel myself come closer to the edge, my hands reaching for the headboard when he suddenly slows down his pumps.

My eyes flutter open, a tiny whine begging him for just a little more…

Just a little more so I can fall apart beneath him.



When our eyes meet, I realize Zane is no longer in control, but neither is Grayson, something else taking over.

Lust? Desire? Love? I can’t quite tell but it sends a warm tingle down my spine to my core.

Zane’s lips once again collide with mine, the sweet taste of his love and the savory dominance of his lust a delicious combination on my tongue.

His kisses ignite the fire within me again, but he keeps his thrusts painfully slow.

“Please…” I moan between kisses, but he only moves slower than ever.

At last, he pulls away a little, taking both of my hands and interlocking my fingers with each other so that one hand grips my knuckles while the fingers on my other hand stick straight up.

“C-careful…what y-you …wish for,” he murmurs, pushing my clasped hands above my head and pinning them against the mattress while his free arm wraps around my thigh to pull my legs further apart against my neck with every thrust.

“F-fu-fuck,” he grunts when I tighten my walls around his girth, eager to feel every perfect inch of him.

He pounds into me with hunger and need, my legs quickly turning to jelly the harder and deeper he pumps.

“Ah!” I squeal, my toes curling and uncurling as I gasp for breath.

My nectar slowly spills out each time he pulls out of me, my body craving his, needing his.

He lets go of my leg, this time grabbing onto the sides of my throat and squeezing in a gentle choke.

The high is almost instant, a burst of colors and light flooding my brain as I shatter completely.He pumps relentlessly as I ride my orgasm, every inch of me buzzing with ecstasy.



His warm seed spurting inside me brings sweet relief as I breathe heavily, attempting to gather myself once more.

Zane’s head falls on my shoulder with the last drop of his c*m, his breath slow and sharp as he peppers open mouth kisses on my skin.

His tongue slides along my neck, savoring me, worshiping me as the need once again builds up in my core.


I moan, rocking my hips against him.

He chuckles against my ears and when our eyes meet, his brown irises turn golden, Grayson smirking back at me.

“Oh f**k,” I whimper, a smug look washing over his face.

He wastes no time rolling me over on my stomach, pushing squeezing and slapping my cheeks as I yelp.

The anticipation builds up when Grayson slides his hands up my inner thigh, teasing my still weeping folds with his rough fingers.

He wiggles a finger between my lips, lubricating himself with my c*m and drawing figure eights around my clit.

“Mmmm….Grayson…” I whisper, closing my eyes to savor his touch.

My toes curl when I feel his lips kiss each cheek, his tongue sliding up to the small of my back.I moan when he moves the tip of his c**k along my slit, teasing me with slow and quick strokes but not pushing



in just yet.

His tip brushes against my clit, sending a warm shiver down my spine.He seems to enjoy bringing me close to the edge, but pulling back just before I fall apart.

I feel like a w***e begging for more, but I love it.

Finally, he has mercy on me and he plunges his thick girth inside me, my fingers gripping onto the sheets as he begins to thrust in and out.

His movements are rough and animalistic, but oh so painfully delicious.

The erotic sound of our slapping skin and our moans fill the night air, Grayson driving into me like a man starved of pleasure.

My walls tighten around him once more the closer I come to the edge, Grayson leaning over my body and nipping at my shoulder possessively.

When the pleasure becomes too much to bear, my face falls through me, the explosion between my legs shocking me for I have never squirted before.It seems to please Grayson as he only thrusts faster, eager to make it happen again.

He shows no mercy as he makes me c*m over and over again, my legs soon unable to hold up my weight and collapsing under me as I moan incoherently.

Even as I lay flat on my stomach, he does not stop, though he begins to move slower and with more conviction.

He tilts my head back to kiss me as we f**k and when I finally manage to see through my tears of pleasure, I realize Zane has returned to finish me off.



He thrusts slowly but equally as deliciously, each stroke hitting all the right places.

“M-mine…” he moans, filling me up with his seed for the umpteenth time.

He interlocks our hands and pins them to the mattress as we ride out our ecstasy, his lips still worshiping me.

Exhausted and covered in a thin layer of sweat, Zane finally lets me rest, pulling out and kissing my forehead as he rolls me over onto my side.He climbs off the bed, heading to the bathroom and returning with a warm wet towel to wipe me off.

He’s very gentle as he wipes the c*m dripping along my inner thighs, and even carries me to the bathroom to pee when I realize my legs are too tired to move on their own.

While I finish, Zane changes the sheets and opens the window to let the breeze cool us off so that I can lay my head on his chest.

Zane gently caresses my cheeks as we both seek sleep, but my mind wanders to the dreamcatcher still hidden in my bag.

He still has nightmares…

Who will watch over him when he sleeps while he’s away? I wonder, nuzzling up to the crook of his neck.I close my eyes, listening to his heart beating in his chest to calm my racing thoughts, but my mind wanders aimlessly, settling on the memory of my marking with Christian.

After finding out what he was, I avoided being near him, ignoring his calls, and focusing on my work instead.

The silent treatment, however, did not last very long, our bond making him impossible to resist.



It only took one kiss and I was his again.

We made love that very night and as I climaxed, I felt him bite down on my neck, searing pain followed by unimaginable bliss rippling through me.

“You’re mine now,” was all he said before f*****g me once more, not giving me time to process what he did.

I did not understand what it was that happened and it was not until I became his Luna that I found out what his mark meant.

As I lay on Zane’s chest, completely content and cared for, I realize he and Christian will never be the same.

Christian took from me as he pleased under the guise that it was part of his culture and it should not be questioned…

But Zane not force himself on me.He waits.He asks first.He respects me even if he does not understand me.He loves me.

“Zane?” I hiss, wondering if he’s still awake.

He hums in response and I draw little circles around his n*****s as I figure out what I’m going to say.

A comfortable silence settles between us before I finally give him my decision on his request.

“Come back to me in one piece from this war,” I murmur.

“And I will let you mark me.”

Just as the words leave my mouth, the phone rings, interrupting our beautiful moment.I want to ignore it but as I reach for my phone to turn it off, I recognize the caller ID.



“It’s Nikki,” I say out loud, Zane and I both sitting up as I answer.


“Natalia…” a man sighs.

“It’s me.” My heart sinks to the pit of my stomach as I recognize the voice.

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