THE SILENT ALPHA Chapter 56: The Black Book Part 1

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THE SILENT ALPHA Chapter 56: The Black Book Part 1

THE SILENT ALPHA Chapter 56: The Black Book Part 1



“Zane… I think I have a wolf,” I whisper, Zane sitting up immediately.

“W-what?” he asks, looking at me with both excitement and curiosity.


“I met with Moon Goddess and she gifted me one,” I murmur, pup-like excitement washing over Zane’s face.

“Y-you met Mo-Moon Goddess?” he asks.

“B-but how?”

“I don’t know,” I shrug, the wolf howling in my head with equal excitement to know her mate liked the idea of her presence.

“She kind of just showed up and handed the wolf to me.”

“W-what’s her n-name?” Zane questions, his eyes beaming with unadulterated joy.

“C-can I meet her?”

“Her name is Devina, I think?” I reply, trying to remember the wolf’s name.

“I don’t really know how to get her out.This is all new to me.I don’t even know if she’s really there or if I am just going crazy.” He doesn’t get a chance to ask more questions, his brown eyes turning to gold as Grayson steps forward.

“Not crazy,” Grayson snaps, crashing his lips against mine.




Grayson grins, the sound of purring filling my head. suddenly very aware that Kota is sleeping just beside me.

“Kota is here!” I hiss, Grayson smirking at me.

“And?” He shrugs, mischief glittering in his eyes.

“And we can talk about this in the morning,” I mutter, turning my back to the wolf and cuddling with Kota.

“Goodnight.” Grayson growls in annoyance but settles behind me, wrapping his arm around my waist to hold me close while we sleep It feels good to wake up in Zane’s arms but my head is pounding.

All night long, my ears picked up every tiny little sound and the lights from the machines all bothered my now very sensitive eyes.

To add to my grievances, I already regret accepting Devina.

The stupid wolf in my head purred all night long as Zane held me and if I protested, she would purr even louder just to annoy me.

There is no turning back though.

Zane will soon be leaving for war and I need to be able to defend myself and our pup against another attack, especially now that Christian knows where I live.I can’t rely on Zane all the time to come and save me.I have to be strong not only for Kota, but for myself too.

A sudden knock at the door pulls me from my thoughts and I look up to see the Queen and her King poking their heads in to see if we are awake.



I tap Zane on the shoulder and he mutters in his sleep, the horny wolf in my brain purring and whining to be King Oliver looks very stern and cold as he walks into the room, the little Queen rushing in to catch up to her brooding mate.

She holds a black book in her hands made with black leather and has a gold lock with a tree of life carved on its surface.Thick vines wrap around the pages, sealing the book shut.

“What are you?” Oliver snaps, pointing an accusing finger at me.

Zane is on his feet instantly, standing in front of the bed ina defensive stance.

A low growl rumbles in his chest as a warning, the sound waking up little Kota.

Upon seeing me, Kota jumps into my lap, wrapping his tiny arms around my neck and pulling me close for a hug.I can feel his tears soak through my shirt, Kota’s shoulders trembling as he sobs.

“Oh baby,” I murmur, hugging him back and resting my chin on his head to soothe my crying pup.

“Shh shh shh,” I hum.

“It’s okay. We’re okay now, I promise.”

“I was really scared, mommy,” he cries.

“No more red water, mommy, okay? No more.”

My heart shatters into a million pieces knowing Kota could not possibly understand what happened to us in the car and it angers me to think he likely called out to his mommy for hours, hoping to wake me up.

“It’s okay, my frijolito.It’s okay.I’m all better now.No more red water,” I sigh into his hair.



“She just woke up. Give her time to adjust.”

“Aurora is too kind to tell you to leave, but I’m not,” he says, ignoring his mate.

“If you continue to put my packs in danger, I will throw you out myself.”

“You will do no such thing,”

Aurora retorts, Oliver growling at his mate.

“Watch me,” he threatens, not an ounce of hesitation in his voice.

“Then I’ll leave with them,”

Aurora whispers, Oliver’s face softening at her gentle threat.


“River Moon did not close its doors on me even after all the trouble I caused,” she says quietly, looking at the book in her hands.

“I will not be the one to close its doors now on a group of wolves who need our help, no matter how many challenges we face because of them.”

He takes his mate by the shoulders, his face growing serious as he speaks to her.

“River Moon just recovered from a war and you are still picking up the pieces of Amethyst Lake.Lune de Minuit officially declared war last night and once that body is taken back to Scarlett Haven, it won’t be long before Crescent Mane does too.How much more are you willing to give, Aurora? How much more?” he asks, his voice as small as a whisper.

Aurora’s eyes flicker to the crying pup in my arms and she smiles tiredly.



“Everything.” exhaustion flickering in his deep blue eyes.

He knows he’s lost the battle and it terrifies him but he will not let his Queen fight alone.

The young King cups his Queen’s face, likely cursing her for being his weakness before kissing her forehead with a tenderness only mates could share.

When Oliver faces Zane and I again, the storm in his eyes settles and steps aside to let his mate take the lead.

Aurora timidly walks in the middle of the room with the book still in her hand, her cheeks slightly flushed as she smiles anxiously at us.

“Oliver is nicer than he looks,” Aurora mumbles sheepishly with a shrug.

“He’s just… he has a lot on his plate right now is all,” she adds, looking over her shoulder at her mate for a moment.

She then taps the book to her chin and smiles at Kota who hides his face from her and she settles on the edge of the bed, sliding the book over to me.

“Have you ever heard of a black book?” Aurora asks my mate, Zane nodding his head and turning to me to explain.

“I-It’s an en-enchanted book about all were-werewolves,” he says.

“B-but only si-silver and gold wolves c-can read it. The pa-pages ap-appear blank for normal wolves.”

“Yes, it’s said that the faes cast a spell on the books so no unwanted creatures could look inside. Even Witches can’t break the spell to read from them,” Aurora nods.



“These books contain Every Silver Wolf clan has a copy and even a few regular packs have them too.” Aurora picks up the book and turns the lock counter clockwise until the vines recede, allowing the book to be opened.

“Natalia, can you read from the pages?” Aurora asks, Zane’s eyebrows rising in confusion.

“Ta-Talia isn’t a si-silver wolf,” he says.

“S-she can’t read it.”

“She’s not normal either,”

Oliver mutters, Zane and I looking up to the King.

“Her healing wasn’t normal.”


“She isn’t normal and you know it.You felt pain healing her,” Oliver retorts.

“You haven’t felt pain healing someone since the witch poisonings and we never found out what was in the poison to begin with.” I have some many questions but Aurora only ignores her mate and insists.

“Please open the book. If you can see the words, then we’ll have another clue about your wolf.”

“How do you know about my wolf?” I ask, the Queen smiling like I just asked an obvious question.

Zanes’ eyes widen upon hearing confirmation that I am no longer human.

“lam an Ivory wolf,” Aurora shrugs.



“I can sense your wolf’s spirit within you but there’s a wall blocking her and I can’t get a good read on what she is, just that she’s different. That’s all I can I hum in response, pulling the book towards me and flipping open the first page where I see an image of two white wolves wearing medallions around their necks.

“You can see the first page, can’t you?” Aurora asks, and I nod my head slowly at her.

Kota, who still sits in my arms, peers into the book and points at the first page.

“Look, mommy. Pretty wolves,” he murmurs, everyone in the room staring at the pup.

He can see the pages too…

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