All Too Late Chapter 149

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All Too Late Chapter 149

All Too Late Chapter 149

Samuel looked at her meaningfully. “The owners of these two lands have not been found so far.”

Kathleen was surprised. “How can work be done if the owners are not found? Do you just go around it?”

“We can’t, as this is the main building of Horington,” explained Samuel.

“Then how can this project proceed? Both the Morris family and the Corbyn family are competing for these lands. Could it be that they have a way to solve this issue?” Kathleen frowned.

“You think too highly of them,” Samuel replied coldly.

Shocked, Kathleen frowned and asked, “That means they want these lands to be unrecognized, so they can treat them as abandoned places and build Horington?”

Samuel nodded.

“Then why are you stopping them?” She was curious.

No matter who owns those lands, I wonder why Samuel is stopping it since he is not interested in that project. He may also offend the Morris family and the Corbyn family by doing so.

“Do you know what’s underneath these lands?” he asked in a cold voice.

“I have no idea.” Kathleen shook her head.

“Gold. Horington plans to bulldoze these two mountains and build a new town to expand Lightspring. I approached Olivia back then because I found out that these two mountains are gold mines. Although they are mines, no one is doing the mining here,” Samuel said in his baritonal voice.

“Wait! You mean that the Morris family and the Corbyn family care about the mines, but not the development of Horington?” Kathleen was stunned.

“You’re partially right. Simply put, at least two billion is needed to invest in Horington’s development. It’s hard for a company to come up with that much money. Its construction would take at least three years. If the funds break down within these three years, Horington and the company will get into trouble. However, this big problem can be solved if they have these mines in their hands.” Samuel looked sideways at her.

“They’re too bold. Mining requires a lot of documents.” Kathleen knitted her brows.

Looking at her fair face, he asked, “With their abilities, do you think the authorities will not approve?”

Kathleen was startled upon hearing that.

Samuel is right.

“You still haven’t explained why you’re stopping it.” Kathleen was shocked.

“The idea of leveling these mountains and building a new town was originally proposed by me. However, something went wrong during that period, and the authorities decided to build Horington here,” he responded with a smile.

“Are you trying to bring this Horington project to a halt and make it yours?” she asked slyly.

Samuel nodded his head.

Businessmen are indeed all treacherous.

“Do you think I’m bad?” He raised his eyebrows.

She shook her head and answered, “You have the essence of a businessman.”

Staring at her, he said, “Huh! Christopher is bound to get this Horington project. He is fond of these mines and even wants to ignore the ownership of these two mountains so that he can do mining here. Is he a good guy by doing so?”

“I know I’m not in a position to criticize any of you on this matter. So, you got Olivia to tell the authorities that the ground of these two mountains is soft and not suitable to build a city?” Kathleen asked solemnly.

Samuel turned on the computer. “This is the futuristic city, Flobury, that I designed.”

Kathleen looked at the drawing of the city designed by Samuel. He planned to avoid the two mountains and have them as part of the town.

“I had Olivia check it out. As long as we avoid the mountains, the geological structure of this place will remain unchanged. Otherwise, we’ll let them mine first and then build the city. Of course, by doing this, the construction period will be extended,” explained Samuel.

“Why don’t you change to another location?” She did not understand.

“This place is connected to Lightspring and Tayhaven, so the future development here is promising. One has the initiative once one gets the development right. This is a critical strategy deployment for a large company,” Samuel said meaningfully.

“What do you wish for? To mine or not to mine?” asked Kathleen.

Afterward, Samuel responded firmly, “No mining. Olivia sent me an appraisal report saying that there is not much gold under the mountain, which means mining is unnecessary. Of course, the Morris family and the Corbyn family will not believe it, as they think Olivia is on my side. With that, they got other experts to identify and say that these two mountains are rich in mines and suitable for development.”

“I didn’t know there were so many things involved here.” Kathleen pursed her lips.

“What about your plan? What if your plan to avoid the mountains works, but the owners of these mountains come to you in the future and say they want to mine?” she asked again.

“That’s why we need to find the owners of the mountains. We’re actually fighting over who gets to call the shots in Lightspring rather than the land,” he said coldly.

Kathleen looked at his handsome side profile.

I shouldn’t know such a confidential matter. But why did he tell me everything?

Looking at her charming facial features, Samuel asked solemnly, “Do you think I’m scary?”

Kathleen shook her head. “No. Maybe I would do the same as you if I were in your position. Actually, you’ve done a good job. At least you have the intention of finding the owners of the mountains.”

Hearing that, Samuel smiled lightly.

“How are you going to find them? Are you going to spread the news everywhere?” Kathleen asked curiously.

Taking out the information, Samuel said, “According to the information, these two mountains were bought during the time when the country was newly founded. However, we can’t find out the information of the purchaser because the file was lost. Unless the purchasers themselves show up, it’ll be hard for us to find out. I’ve asked my overseas friends to help, so they should have their whereabouts.”

After pausing for a while, Kathleen said, “So the Corbyn family is trying to take advantage of the situation by getting the Morris family to get in your way and fight it out among yourselves. Then, they will reap the benefits when both of you take out each other?”

Samuel nodded.

“It’s all a conspiracy.” Kathleen snorted.

“It’s very likely that they’ll use you. I know you’re smart and not easy to be deceived. You should keep being like this. One thing you have to remember is to trust me,” he said while looking at her deeply.

“Are you trustworthy?” Kathleen looked at him seriously.

Staring at her exquisite face, Samuel smiled elegantly. “Of course. I said I won’t lie to you, so I would never do that. Kate, you can always trust me.”

“What can I do for you?” She pursed her lips.

Stunned, Samuel asked, “Why do you want to help me?”

“I just feel sorry for Granny Monica,” answered Kathleen.

Samuel stared at her misty eyes.

Is it really like that? Why do I feel like she’s hiding something from me?

“Well. Looking forward to working with you.” He pinched her face.

“Don’t simply pinch me. It’s rude!” She swatted his hand away.

“I’m too used to doing that.” He curled his lips.

He did pinch her a lot before.

“I’m leaving. Remember to let me know if there is any news,” said Kathleen.

“All right.” His black eyes became unfathomable.

Kathleen then turned to leave.

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