All Too Late Chapter 155

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All Too Late Chapter 155

All Too Late Chapter 155

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Aaron questioned calmly, “Am I the head of the family?”

Felix froze for a few seconds after hearing that.

“How are you not?” Felix’s face darkened.

“Dad, why did you come to my house to meddle in my affairs if you think I’m the head of the family? Aaron asked coldly.

Felix’s scowl deepened at his words.

“One is my wife, and the other is my son. No matter how bad they are, it’s not for someone who isn’t the head of the family to lecture them.” Aaron continued coldly, “Also, you have left the company for many years. How do you know how the company currently functions? Why must you insist on the Morris family working with the Corbyn family?”

“Are you dumb?” Felix was furious. “Even Kathleen knows this isn’t purely about business. It’s to compete for who will have the final say in Jadeborough in the future!”

Aaron had an indifferent look. “You lost to Samuel’s grandfather many years ago. Moreover, Samuel surpasses his grandfather in greatness.”

“Why are you belittling yourself?” Felix felt highly aggravated.

Aaron said composedly, “I’m not belittling myself. It’s a no-win situation for both parties if I try to fight for the final say with the Macari family. Someone else might benefit from it. Moreover, it’s enough to be on equal footing with the Macari family.”

Felix snorted. “How pathetic!”

With that, he stormed off.

Aaron was unmoved. Does he think that it’s an easy matter to be on equal footing with the Macari family?

He turned to glance at Christopher. “Your grandfather is not going to things slide that easily. He cannot swallow his anger that Old Mrs. Macari chose Old Mr. Macari over him in the past. He’s targeting the Macari family and that girl because of his anger.”

“Kate must have thought of this since she’s a level-headed person. Thus, she…” Emily spoke hesitantly.

“Indeed, she knows this better than anyone else,” Christopher murmured with his voice lowered.

“Isn’t that good?” Aaron added faintly, “I do admire her. Kathleen knew she had no future with you, so she made it clear to you. Isn’t that a good thing? Do you like fickle-minded people?”

Christopher shook his head lightly.

Emily stated, “Christopher likes Kate because she is more sensible than anyone else.”

Christopher remained silent and turned to leave.

Aaron said frigidly, “I didn’t imply directly that Kathleen still likes Samuel.”

“You’re thinking too much,” replied Emily.

“Is Christopher not outstanding?” Aaron said in a deep voice, “The most popular bachelor apart from Samuel was Christopher. When Samuel revealed his marriage, my phone was blown up with calls from people wanting to be our in-laws.”

Emily quietly responded, “You experienced love too. However, you still don’t understand that you can fall in love with someone for no reason.”

Aaron shrugged. “Don’t people always desire the unobtainable?”

Emily was rendered speechless at once.

What kind of father speaks like this about his son?

“That’s the truth.” Aaron’s gaze darkened. “Although my words are unpleasant to listen to, they are true. The same applies to Samuel, Kathleen, and Christopher.”

Emily did not feel like entertaining him anymore.

Aaron followed behind her. “Darling, look at my dad. He still hasn’t let go of this matter after over forty years.”

“Don’t you think this matter is not fair to your mother?” She frowned.

“So what if it’s unfair? She was happy to be with my father. What’s the use of me saying it?” He shrugged. “Of course, my mother also desired the unobtainable.”

Emily was at a loss for words.

“Back then, Samuel had Nicolette in his heart. However, when she returned, he discovered she was not how he imagined her to be. After Samuel finally saw Kathleen’s qualities, she did not love him anymore. He then began to chase after her,” Aaron said while analyzing.

At this, Emily frowned.

Aaron uttered quietly, “It’s the same for Kathleen. Although she got together with Samuel, she could not capture his heart. So, Kathleen always believed that she would be rewarded for her efforts if she tried harder. Ultimately, she learned it the hard way and gave up on Samuel. Christopher should have confessed to Kathleen since he liked her from the start. He held back his feelings and got beat to it by his love rival.”

“Aaron, you’re speaking really annoyingly!” Emily was not too pleased with his remarks.

“I already mentioned that although my words are unpleasant to listen to, they are true.” He continued, “It’s the same as Calvin chasing after your younger sister back then.”

“What about you?” Emily looked at him coldly. “How do you feel about me?”

“Of course, that doesn’t apply to me! After all, I won you over instantly,” Aaron said smugly.

He was better than Calvin in terms of getting girls.

“According to what you say, the undesirable is the most sought. Those people seem to be truly in love and really loyal.” Emily sneered coldly. “Since you won me over so easily, this means that you don’t cherish me, right?”

Aaron was speechless.

“Speak up.” Emily raised the knife that she was using to cut the avocados.

She was planning to make an avocado salad.

Aaron replied sheepishly, “Darling, what are you talking about? I only cherish you even more after getting together with you. I’m not the same as those scum men out there.”

Emily was rendered speechless at once.

“In short, Emily, I love you. I will love you forever!” He hugged Emily and kissed her a few times.

Emily said angrily, “Stop fooling around.”

“Okay, let’s be serious for a moment.” Aaron hugged her from behind and rested his chin on her shoulder. “Are you not going to help Christopher? Look at how united the Macaris are! Although they appear to be shunning Samuel, it’s to evoke sympathy from Kathleen. Even though she can see through their facade, she will still go soft on him.”

Emily pursed her lips. “What can I do? Christopher lost at the starting point. Kathleen fell in love with Samuel first.”

“You have to help Christopher. My heart aches for him seeing him in this way.” Aaron sighed.

“You can’t force a relationship,” Emily muttered softly.

Aaron took a deep breath. “Where there’s a will, there’s a way. Kathleen might have feelings for Christopher. However, she might have formed a bad impression of our family after what my father did. You can seek her out more often and let her know that there are people from the Morris family who welcome her. When she considers settling down in the future, it will be helpful for Christopher.”

“Can we beat Old Mrs. Macari to it?” Emily asked.

“Why not? Since Old Mrs. Macari treats her like her biological granddaughter, we can treat her like our biological daughter.”

Once again, Emily was at a loss for words.

“Do work hard. You can do it!” Aaron gave her words of encouragement for no reason.

Emily smiled in amusement.

Aaron hugged her and smiled along with her. “Speaking of this, it’s fortunate that Kathleen put a stop to this matter.”

“You didn’t want to cooperate with the Corbyn family?” Emily inquired curiously.

“Yes. The Corbyn family’s business overseas isn’t legitimate. I’m not going to get the Morris family involved in this mess,” replied Aaron indifferently.

“Doesn’t your father wish to cooperate with the Corbyn family?” Emily frowned.

“He is getting senile and also got fooled by Astrid’s grandfather. My priority is to kick Astrid out of Jadeborough first. We can’t just forget about the matter of her setting up Christopher. Even if Christopher is unable to marry Kathleen, there is no way he will marry her!”

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