All Too Late Chapter 159

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All Too Late Chapter 159

All Too Late Chapter 159

Kathleen said coldly, “Are you implying that you didn’t expect me to have fans?”

“That movie’s premiering only on the week after the next,” said Charles in a deep tone. “Even though you scored an award beforehand, the vast majority of the public has yet to see you on screen, so you couldn’t have gotten so many fans. After they’ve watched your acting and have a good impression of you, only then will your fan base expand. If not, all these are mere casual fans and serve you no purpose.”

Kathleen was rendered speechless.

Even though the viewers in the live room were still in an uproar, the performance had already begun on the stage.

They had drawn lots to determine the order, and Team LR’s performance would be the last one.

Up until the moment before Team LR took to the stage, Samuel had yet to hand out the golden card in his hands.

It seemed like getting the golden card was a difficult feat to achieve.

On top of that, all of Samuel’s feedback had been straightforward and harsh.

Each time he gave his comments, no one would dare to utter a word.

For a person with an imposing aura like him, wherever he went, he would unwittingly suppress the presence of the people around him.

It was inevitable.

Right then, someone knocked on the car window.

Charles side-eyed the person by the window and said, “It’s time to go.”

Kathleen nodded.

Putting on a jacket, she got out of the car and followed the staff member backstage.

On their way there, they were extremely cautious so that no one would catch sight of them.

As they reached backstage, Kathleen took off the jacket and prepared to go on for her performance.

The staff member then helped her put on an earpiece.

The former was a young lady, seemingly a little older than Kathleen.

Gazing at Kathleen, she was somewhat excited. Even her hands were trembling.

Kathleen looked extraordinarily attractive with her makeup that day, and her features were flawless.

Suddenly, Kathleen flashed a smile at the young lady.

The latter’s heart melted into a puddle right away.

How could she have a smile as pure as an angel?

After the young lady finished everything, she uttered timidly, “G-Good luck.”

“Thanks!” said Kathleen with a sweet smile.

Seeing her grin, the young lady nearly fainted. She then walked away with an unsteady gait.

In the meantime, Kathleen was all ready to go.

As the music began, she walked up the platform from backstage.

Initially, everyone saw only a silhouette and could not tell who the person was.

As she paced into the spotlight, the crowd instantaneously realized that the figure was Kathleen herself.

It was then the audience went into a state of frenzy.

Kathleen was all dolled up that day, looking stylish and stunning. She was clad in a black leather top with wide shoulder straps and a pair of black leather shorts. Her slender, long legs were in a pair of thigh-high boots.

Wearing exquisite smoky-eyed makeup, she gave off an air of indescribable wildness and sexiness.

As she showcased her swift and sharp dance moves, her every expression and posture was inundated with charm and beauty.

Her interactions with the other male celebrities also looked elegant and dashing. Not a tinge of tackiness was present in her movements.

Watching Kathleen’s performance, the crowd completely went out of their minds, so to speak.

They had almost forgotten that they were there to watch the male celebrities compete in a talent show.

Sitting on the judges’ panel, Samuel observed Kathleen with an intense, ice-cold gaze.

What a beauty!

Under the dazzling lights, it was as if Kathleen was glowing.

That day, she became the goddess in every man’s heart.

A burning sensation of possessiveness gradually hit Samuel. He wished to just take her away and hide her from the eyes of other males.

He tried his best to rein in his emotion and suppress his desire, yet deep down, he longed for her.

Kathleen. My one-and-only Kathleen! I wish I could get my hands on her right now!

The music finally stopped.

Thus ended Kathleen’s perfect performance.

She held hands with Skyler and Mason, and they bowed together to the audience as a gesture of appreciation.

The sound of applause continuously filled the air.

Soon enough, the host appeared on stage and remarked, “Who would’ve expected the special guest of Team LR to be Kate?”

Kathleen put on a faint smile.

“Let’s see what our judges have to say,” added the host.

The judges were so pleased with Team LR and Kathleen’s performance that they gave a very high score.

Team LR and another group ended up neck and neck for first place.

In the end, everything boiled down to Samuel’s vote.

The atmosphere turned silent.

Everyone knew about the relationship between Samuel and Kathleen.

Hence, they were very worried that Samuel wouldn’t be fair in giving his rating.

Some of them were thinking that Samuel might just grant the group a sky-high score while the others were afraid that he might give a terribly low score.

There were all kinds of conflicting thoughts in the crowd.

Kathleen, too, was a little nervous, for she wasn’t sure if Samuel would be fair and square.

From her point of view, there was a possibility for Samuel’s pettiness to act up all of a sudden.

“Mr. Macari, what do you think of our last performance?” asked the host in a tranquil manner.

The crowd turned to look at him.

Samuel, in turn, watched Kathleen intently and commented, “The dance was good.”

Pursing her lips, Kathleen expressed her gratitude, “Thank you for the compliment.”

“You must work harder.” Samuel’s tone reeked of coldness.

Panic-stricken momentarily, Kathleen then replied, “Y-Yes.”

Out of the blue, Samuel directed his impassive gaze at the host. “Not everyone is allowed to call her Kate. Are you that close with her?”

Everyone fell silent on that note.

So, he kept mum a while ago just because he was bothered by this?

Samuel continued in an icy tone, “I think it’s better for me to withhold my vote. Otherwise, some folks would accuse me of being biased.”

After saying that, Samuel put down the golden card in his hands.

Kathleen gawked at Samuel, and the latter narrowed his eyes to slits.

“Are you trying to say that this golden card was supposedly meant to be given to Team LR, Mr. Macari?” The host had no choice but to carry on with the emceeing.

Samuel gave a nonchalant response, “This is to avoid any misunderstandings.”

Kathleen was at a loss for words.

He’ll only invite speculations if he doesn’t give that card!

“Mr. Macari, from the way you spoke, we already know where you stand. The other groups won’t be delighted, anyway,” uttered one of the judges indifferently.

“Indeed, I’ve taken my stand.” Casting a glance at Kathleen, Samuel explained, “The reason for me not giving the golden card is to save everyone else from embarrassment. After all, it’s obvious that they’re good.”

All the others stared at Samuel.

Flashing a half-smile, he went on, “Besides, the special guest of the last group is outstanding in all aspects.”

“Do you mean Ms. Johnson is very charming, Mr. Macari?” That judge appeared to be implying something.

Putting on a deadpan look, Samuel answered, “Isn’t it already public knowledge that I’m wooing her right now? Where are you going with this conversation?”

Hearing that, the judge was stumped for words.

Kathleen fixed her gaze on Samuel. He’s actually the one who’s making a scene here!

The host flushed at the sudden turn of events. “All right! Who would’ve anticipated a tie for first place to happen in our show? Anyway, thank you very much for watching our performances today. We’ll be announcing the elimination name list privately. Thank you for your participation!”

As the host finished his last sentence, the competition that night also officially came to an end.

Kathleen wheeled around and prepared to leave.

At that moment, Samuel approached her and grabbed her hand from behind. He dragged her straight to the other end of the stage to exit.

The onlookers were in shock while Charles’ expression darkened.

I’ve had enough of that Samuel!

Samuel towed Kathleen all the way outside.

As they arrived at the parking lot, Samuel threw Kathleen into his car before hopping into the vehicle himself. After that, he removed his jacket and wrapped it around Kathleen.

Kathleen stared at him in puzzlement. “What the heck are you doing?”

Looking her in the eyes, Samuel brought his head low and pressed his lips to her skin.

He had kissed slightly above her eye.

Kathleen was stunned.

“Don’t ever look at other men that way.” Samuel’s voice was hoarse. “You know, I’ve been wanting to get you off the stage since just now.”

“You broke the rules, Samuel!” Kathleen flew off the handle. “Didn’t we agree to remain as close friends?”

“Rules are meant to be broken.” Pinching her chin, Samuel said, “If it hadn’t been for the performance today, I wouldn’t have realized that I wanted you to be mine so much.”

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