All Too Late Chapter 177

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All Too Late Chapter 177

All Too Late Chapter 177


“I really forgot about that,” said Kathleen awkwardly.

“Don’t worry. I won’t let him go that easily,” Samuel said in a frigid and overbearing tone.

“I can only cheer for you, then.”

Glancing at her, he snorted.

She frowned. “What’s that gaze?”

“Felix almost became your grandpa!” he remarked bitterly.

Hearing that, Kathleen was rendered speechless.

Nonetheless, he held her hand and kept walking forward.

“How petty!” she muttered under her breath.

“Indeed, I am!”

Not wanting to argue anymore, she glimpsed at the clock on the building. “Sam, it’s almost midnight.”

They had agreed not to have anything to do with each other after the clock struck twelve. Not even family.

In the future, Samuel wouldn’t pester her anymore.

“This way!” He squeezed her hand slightly.

She followed him to a mountainside.

Looking down, they could see the entire city.

Samuel took off his mask. It was utterly chilly on the mountain in winter.

He then helped Kathleen to remove her mask too.

Next, he cupped her face with both hands.

Her petite face was flawless, so fair and delicate.

Not only that, but her large eyes were like black pearls, sparkling in the dark.

Samuel couldn’t help but touch her face with his cold fingers, his dark eyes abruptly turning scarlet.

“It’s almost time to bid farewell.” She raised her hand and gently covered the back of his.

He couldn’t utter a word.

“Sam?” Kathleen pursed her lips.

His breath became heavier as he lowered his head and captured her lips, venting all his emotions on that kiss.

Reluctance, regret, indignance.

He had never felt so emotional before and almost wanted to go back on his words.

He genuinely didn’t want to let her go, but what could he do?

Kathleen had already bid goodbye to him, and he knew they could never go back.

She said they had to look forward.

Hence, he had no choice but to respect her wishes even though she would not be in his future anymore.

He felt that his life had stopped, and he had lost all motivation.

The reason why he agreed was that he wanted to make her life easier.

That was it.

Fireworks appeared in the small city at the foot of the mountain.

Meanwhile, Samuel kissed Kathleen so passionately as though he was about to devour her.

In his tight embrace, the woman could hardly move.

By the time they broke apart when the fireworks ended, her legs had turned weak.

Samuel breathed heavily as he held the back of her head with his large hand. “I love you, Kate.”

I’ll only love you in my life. No matter where you go, I’m going to miss you.

The next day, Samuel and Kathleen left the hotel together.

Charles came to pick up Kathleen at the lobby.

“Did you sleep well last night?” Samuel asked politely as he looked at the woman, seemingly trying to restrain himself.

She blushed. “Mm.”

“Last night…” He paused. “If you feel unwell, then go to the hospital.”

Her face turned even redder at that.

How could I go to the hospital! Last night was really… I was overcome with lust!

In fact, Samuel was too good at bewitching her.

“Get in the car,” Charles piped up with a dark expression.

“Mm.” Kathleen had no choice but to nod, glancing at Samuel. ”Goodbye.”

“Goodbye.” The man retracted his gaze.

Seeing him in that state, she could guess that Samuel had completely let go of her after last night.

Good. That’s how it should be.

She quickly got into the vehicle.

After closing the door, Charles urged the driver to leave at once.

Samuel only raised his head after the car drove away. He said coldly, “Let’s go back too.”

“Mr. Macari, are you genuinely going to give up on Ms. Johnson?” Tyson asked.

“Give up?” Samuel sneered. “Impossible!”

Tyson was taken aback. I knew it!

Samuel narrowed his eyes.

Had he not said that, how could he have had her?

Now that he had gotten Kathleen’s body, he would proceed to win her heart next.

Nevertheless, he was no longer in a hurry.

Kathleen is so youthful and adorable; she can only belong to me.

Tyson thought Samuel was sly and reckoned the man would definitely be taught a harsh lesson by Kathleen in the future.

Absolutely! No doubt about that.

In the car, Charles glanced at his sister and queried, “What’s going on?”

“Nothing.” Kathleen shook her head indifferently.

For some reason, she kept recalling what happened in the hotel room last night.

There had been a blackout in the hotel, and knowing that she was afraid of the darkness, Samuel stayed with her the whole night.

However, what happened next was…


She was still in slight disbelief.

For some unknown reason, the atmosphere last night became intimate out of the blue.

It was true that Samuel did it only once as he promised.

Still, she could feel his touch all over her body.

Every inch of her skin had been covered by his breath, and it seemed that he wanted to leave some kind of mark on her so that people coveting her wouldn’t dare to approach her again.

It was too insane last night.

Samuel nearly went crazy.

Kathleen looked out of the car window and said, “Pull over at the pharmacy in front.”

Charles was at a loss for words.

Samuel Macari, that f*cking bastard!

“I’ll go get it!” Rage surged in his chest.

He quickly got out of the car and returned soon after, handing her the medicine with a grim expression.

“Eat it.”

“Is this a painkiller?” Kathleen asked, perplexed.

“Don’t be silly. You have to take… birth control pills after doing that.”

She furrowed her brows. “After doing what? Charles, you…”

Charles paused briefly. “Did I get it wrong?”

Kathleen was speechless.

“Then, why did you two speak so ambiguously just now? One will easily be misunderstood!” he fumed.

She was too embarrassed to say anything more.

Samuel didn’t go all the way.

He merely kissed her and nearly drove her out of her mind.

He had not missed any part of her body with his lips, claiming to want her to feel unforgettable bliss.

In the end, he truly did it, and it was indeed still replaying vividly in her mind.

“Well, I was wrong about him this time, then.” Charles breathed a sigh of relief. “I’ll buy you some painkillers.”

He got out of the car again.

Meanwhile, Kathleen hid her face in her down jacket, blushing furiously.

Kathleen had returned to continue her filming.

In the evening, Diana called her.

“Katie, I’ve arranged everything. Don’t forget to come tomorrow night,” the woman said with a smile.

“Thank you for everything, Old Mrs. Macari.” Kathleen was grateful.

“Don’t be silly! I don’t want you to thank me.”

“I’ll be there tomorrow afternoon. See you then.”

“Great!” Diana nodded and hung up.

However, as soon as she stood up and was about to return to her bedroom, she spotted Samuel.

“Why are you back?” she questioned coldly.

“I came back to see you all, of course. I’m afraid I’ll die one day and never see you guys again,” the man answered apathetically.

Upon hearing that, Diana was speechless.

“Even if I die, you guys won’t care anyway,” Samuel added frostily. “You all care more about Christopher than me. I wonder if I should exchange my position with him.”

“You!” Diana glared at him and snickered. “I see you’ve revived!”

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