All Too Late Chapter 183

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All Too Late Chapter 183

All Too Late Chapter 183

Senile Fool

“Are you okay?”

Everybody flocked over to check on her.

Kathleen held Valerie’s hand with a grim expression on her face. “I hurt my waist.”

Valerie was stunned. “I’ll send you to the hospital!”

“I can’t move.” Kathleen’s face was as pale as a sheet. “Call an ambulance.”

“All right!” Valerie called an ambulance right away.

Everybody knew that Kathleen was gravely injured.

Soon, the ambulance arrived, and Kathleen was rushed to the hospital.

The doctor checked on her before sending her into a ward.

She lay motionless on bed until Charles came to visit her.

“I already sent someone to investigate this.” Charles wore a frown on his face.

“So you agree that something is fishy, right?” Kathleen felt dejected.

“Isn’t this obvious?” Charles arched his brow. “Someone must have done it on purpose. Other than the Yoeger family, I couldn’t think of anybody else as the suspect.”

“If this is really their doing, they sure are bold.” Kathleen frowned.

He stared at her with an unreadable expression on his face. “So it seems you have yet to hear of it.”

“What did I miss out on?” Kathleen was at a loss.

“The police had detained Nicolette at the same time when you were being rushed to the hospital,” replied Charles.

Kathleen was taken aback. “Was it Samuel’s doing?”

“No. I think it’s Caleb,” said Charles placidly.

Kathleen didn’t know what to say to that.

“News is spreading like wildfire in Jadeborough. Everybody’s claiming that you and Caleb share some sort of relationship. Everyone in Jadeborough is now aware of this even though it’s only been an hour. Could he be trying to court you by making such a move?” Charles was in deep contemplation.

Kathleen shook her head, for she also did not know the answer.

“I don’t think it’s possible. He doesn’t seem to harbor feelings for me.” She furrowed her brows.

“That’s not necessarily true,” Charles analyzed the situation in all seriousness. “There are some people who don’t wear their heart on their sleeve. Of course, there are also people like Samuel, who are just playing innocent. He might claim to see you as his sister when he doesn’t think that at all.”

“Charles, we’re talking about Caleb here. Why do you need to mention Samuel?” Kathleen was speechless.

“Well, I’ll be happy for you no matter who you marry in the future, with Samuel being the exception.” Charles couldn’t bring himself to like Samuel.

Kathleen heaved a sigh, no longer feeling like speaking.

“Okay, okay. We won’t talk about Samuel any longer.” Charles made a compromise. “Will you accept Caleb if he actually comes after you?”

“It depends,” answered Kathleen languidly.

Charles frowned. “Do you like him?”

She shook her head.

“So why are you even considering him?” Charles couldn’t understand.

“As I said, it depends,” replied Kathleen nonchalantly. “Wouldn’t I be embarrassing myself if I make a stand now but change my mind in the future?”

“Haha.” Charles smirked. “Instead of doing that for Caleb’s sake, I think you would more likely do that just to spite Samuel.”

Kathleen was speechless.

“All right, I won’t mess with you any longer. Get some rest.” Charles tucked her in. “I will request the film crew to conduct an investigation while you get some rest.”

Shutting her eyes to nap, Kathleen nodded as Charles stood to leave.

At the Yoeger residence, Vanessa couldn’t do anything as she watched Nicolette being arrested.

Since the police had an arrest warrant, she couldn’t mitigate the situation.

Thus, she could only allow the police to take Nicolette away before trying to come up with a plan to rescue her.

From what she heard, neither Kathleen nor Samuel was behind that, but it was Caleb, which displeased her.

Caleb must be seeking revenge for the incident with the trending list, but he doesn’t have to make such a huge fuss out of it to the point where it became common knowledge unless he’s doing this deliberately so that everybody knows he’s standing up for Kathleen. So why is he standing up for her?

Aside from romantic interests, Vanessa couldn’t fathom any other possible reason.

Haha! Interesting. All men fancy Kathleen and would stand up for her, while Nicolette, being the fool she is, assumes that she can do as she pleases just because she has saved Samuel’s life. Now that her lie has been exposed, she’s out of moves.

Regardless, Vanessa was determined to rescue Nicolette, no matter the cost.

At that moment, a housekeeper walked up to her before announcing solemnly, “Ms. Yoeger, Old Mrs. Yoeger would like to see you.”

“Got it.” Vanessa nodded before turning to head to Frances’ room.

Frances had a sickly complexion and yellow coloration to her face.

“How are you feeling, Mother?” Vanessa sat down.

“Vanessa, I know I don’t have much time left, so can you figure out a way to find your sister?” Frances’ voice was hoarse.

Vanessa’s heart sank as she held Frances’ hand. “Mother, I’ve been trying my best to find her, but I haven’t gotten a clue as to her whereabouts. Perhaps she had long since passed away.”

Frances sighed heavily. “Your father had instructed me to find your sister when he passed away. However, my efforts were futile, and I have yet to find her even though forty years have passed. How should I face your father in the afterlife after I pass away?”

“Mother, you can’t force this. I’ve been doing my best.” Vanessa was having a headache. “Lately, Zachary’s health hasn’t been the best, and there are a lot of things that I need to handle in the office. Mother, I’m already spreading myself too thin.”

Frances had a solemn look on her face.

Vanessa consoled her, “However, you can rest assured that I’ve been sending people to search for her. I’ll inform you as soon as I get any clues, so don’t you worry.”

Frances remained silent.

Seeing that Frances ignored her, Vanessa no longer felt like speaking and stood up to leave.

Frances shut her eyes before asking the housekeeper, “Where’s Nicolette?”

“She was arrested by the police just now. I think it was because she was found guilty of conspiring with a doctor to frame Ms. Johnson a year ago.”

“Serves her right!” Frances was irritated. “How dare they accept Nicolette into the household now that they’re all grown up? They’re just trying to irk me!”

“Old Mrs. Yoeger, as Ms. Yoeger said, she did all that to help cure Mr. Yoeger. She had no foul intentions.”

Frances didn’t reply to that. After a while, she asked, “Have I had breakfast?”

The housekeeper shuddered before saying in remorse, “Old Mrs. Yoeger, you’ve had your breakfast. It’s almost time for dinner.”

“Oh.” Frances paused for a moment. “So I’ve already had breakfast.”

The housekeeper heaved a sigh. She sure is getting senile.

Frances muttered under her breath for some time before finally falling asleep.

Then, the housekeeper also left the room.

In the dead of night, a slim figure snuck out from the hospital.

She was in full disguise, wrapped under layers of clothing.

After hailing a taxi, she got into it. “To the Yoeger residence.”

The driver sent her to the Yoeger residence as per her instructions.

Upon arriving at her destination, she handed the driver a bill. “I don’t need change.”

The driver drove off after taking the bill from her.

After checking the walls around the Yoeger residence, she smirked and retrieved a grappling hook from the bag she carried.

Then, she threw the grappling hook over the wall and grabbed onto the rope attached to it to scale the wall before entering the courtyard.

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