All Too Late Chapter 186

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All Too Late Chapter 186

All Too Late Chapter 186

It Is Really You

Kathleen was stunned for a moment. “Is there anything else?”

“Caleb said he wanted to pursue you. The two of us were on a plane that day, and he asked me what you liked,” Samuel said coldly.

Kathleen was flabbergasted. “What?”

Caleb wants to pursue me? This is a joke, right?

“Do you think I should tell him?” Samuel asked meaningfully.

Kathleen replied, “You talk as if you know what I like. What you tell him could be wrong information.”

“So do you think I should tell him?” Samuel asked with a half-smile.

“Even after knowing that your information could be wrong, you’re still going to tell him? That’s so bad of you, don’t you think?”

“Well, I was never a good person in the first place. Have you forgotten about that?” Samuel flashed her a mysterious smile. “It’s nighttime over there. Sleep early. I’ll head back earlier as well.”

Kathleen paused for a brief second before replying, “Okay.”

“Goodnight.” Smiling, Samuel hung up the phone.

Kathleen pursed her lips.

Their video call ended just like that.

Lying on the bed, Kathleen stared at the ceiling, but her mind was blank because she did not know why Caleb wanted to pursue her.

She did not like Caleb, and she was certain that he did not like her as well.

However, he told Samuel that he wanted to pursue her, which puzzled her.

The next day, Kathleen had just woken up when her phone rang.

She picked up the phone.

“It’s me. It’s urgent.” Caleb’s voice was low.

“What is it?” asked Kathleen.

She looked up at the sky that was just showing the first sign of dawn, feeling slightly speechless.

“Vivian’s missing. Help me find her,” Caleb replied coldly.

Kathleen was bereft of speech.

Where am I supposed to find her?

“Caleb, I want to help you, but do you know that I’m in the hospital right now?” she asked.

Besides, she did not know Vivian at all. How was she supposed to know where the latter would go.

Caleb knitted his brows. “You aren’t injured, are you?”

Kathleen was at a loss for words.

It turned out that Caleb knew everything as well. Even so, she still felt uneasy.

“Do you think you can order me around just because I’m not injured? Don’t forget that to everyone else, I’m a patient who needs recuperating. If I help you find Vivian and am seen wandering around, what would people think? Do you want me to be caught lying?”

Why is Caleb acting so ridiculously as well?

Caleb was stunned for a moment. “It’s not my intention for you to be spotted outside, but you’re the only person I can trust.”

Kathleen pursed her lips. “I’ll ask Charles to help look for her. I really can’t show up in public.”

“Okay.” Caleb nodded.

He then hung up the phone.

Sitting up, Kathleen dialed Charles’ number.

“I’ll be at the hospital soon. Are you hungry? I brought you breakfast,” Charles said.

“Charles, Vivian’s missing. As you know, I can’t go out in the open and look for her. You mentioned her last time, so it seems like you know her. Help me find her, would you?”

“She’s missing? How?” Charles was astonished.

“I don’t know either. Caleb called me just now. So I’ll leave it to you then, Charles,” Kathleen said.

“Got it. Don’t worry about it.” Charles nodded.

He was determined to find Vivian.

“Okay.” Kathleen nodded. “Tell me as soon as possible if there’s any news about her.”

“All right. I will.” Charles hung up the phone.

Kathleen frowned.

She knew that Charles did not have many subordinates. The combined number of subordinates he and Caleb had was probably less than that of Samuel’s.

With that thought in mind, Kathleen made a video call to Samuel.

After a few rings, Samuel answered the call.

This time, the call background was the bathroom. He was taking a bath.

Kathleen felt embarrassed. “I’m sorry. I didn’t know you were taking a bath. But why would you answer the call if you’re in the middle of a bath?”

“I’m a man. Why should I be afraid of you seeing me naked?” Samuel chuckled. “Besides, you’ve already seen every part of my body.”

Kathleen pursed her red lips and gave a dry laugh. “I haven’t seen it for a year after all. I’ve long forgotten about it.”

“Do you want to refresh your memory?” Samuel asked with a half-smile.


Samuel replied meaningfully, “I won’t hold back if you do want to see it. Anyway, is there anything urgent you need to tell me?”

Kathleen turned serious as well. “Samuel, I know that you have many subordinates. Can you help me find a person?”

“Who’s it?”

“Vivian Lewis.”

Vivian Lewis?

There was an indifferent look on Samuel’s handsome face. “Caleb Lewis’ sister? What’s wrong with her?”

Kathleen replied, “She ran out of the house, and she’s a little mentally ill, so…”

“Are you asking me to help you look for Caleb’s sister?” Samuel asked coldly.

“Yes.” Kathleen nodded.

Samuel was stunned for a moment, even though he did not expect much to begin with.

“Got it. Send her photo to me,” he said indifferently.

“I don’t have one.” Kathleen blinked her eyes. “You’re so powerful, so it shouldn’t be difficult for you to get a picture of Vivian, right?”

“Who do you think I am? Santa Claus, who can give you anything you like?” Samuel furrowed his brow.

“If you can’t do it, then forget about it. I’ll go to Chris.”

“All right. I’ll keep you posted!”

“Please be quick.”

Samuel gritted his teeth. “You really will be the death of me!”

Kathleen was dumbfounded.

After hanging up the call, Samuel called Tyson and instructed him to search for Vivian.

Later, Kathleen also texted him on WhatsApp.

Kathleen: Remember to keep it a secret. Ask your men not to tell anyone about it.

Samuel massaged the space between his eyebrows, feeling vexed.

This girl is pushing her luck!

After Charles learned that Vivian had run away from home, he pulled over the car. A frown formed on his face as he began to ponder where she would go.

He had met Vivian abroad.

Based on her habit, he instantly thought of a place she might go.

Although he was not sure if she would go there, he thought that she should have been there before since she grew up in Jadeborough.

With that thought in mind, Charles drove to the place, hoping to find Vivian there.

Thirty minutes later, he arrived at the largest art museum in Jadeborough.

Instead of going inside, he went to a small shop next to it.

The shop was selling a broad range of watercolor supplies and stationery.

As soon as he walked over, he saw a woman squatting at the door.

She was wearing a white dress. She had long, black hair, and her skin was so fair that it appeared translucent.

Charles could not believe she was Vivian.

Walking over with difficulty, he squatted down gently and asked in a hoarse voice, “Vivian?”

Vivian was stunned for a moment before she slowly looked up at him with her glassy eyes.

Charles reached out to place his hand on her head. “It’s really you. It’s been a long time.”

There were tears in Vivian’s eyes as soon as she saw him. “Charles!”

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