All Too Late Chapter 195

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All Too Late Chapter 195

All Too Late Chapter 195

I Am Not Your Mother

“Shut up!” Samuel’s voice turned hoarse. “My first kiss and my first time belong to her!”

They’re all hers!

Regardless of what he said, Kathleen wouldn’t believe it.

“Accept your fate. You and Kathleen aren’t destined to be together,” Richard uttered faintly. “Actually, it’s better this way for you and her.”

Samuel didn’t say anything.

“Samuel, the only thing Kathleen can’t let go of is the two kids. Half of it is because of you,” Richard said coldly. “Whether you want to listen or not, if your men didn’t think that your favorite woman was Nicolette, they wouldn’t dare to do this. If you had told them earlier and let them know who their mistress was, do you think this would still happen?”

Just then, Samuel’s throat felt itchy.

Sitting up, he pulled a few tissues. Then, he covered his mouth and coughed a few times.

Taking down the tissues, he saw the tissues covered in blood.

Richard’s face darkened. “I’ll ask the nurse to give you an infusion.”

Without saying anything, Samuel lay back down.

Tyson stared at Samuel, and his heart felt utterly uneasy.

In the evening, the film crew wrapped up their work.

Right then, Tyson came to the filming site.

Kathleen was stunned momentarily upon seeing him. “Tyson?”

“Ms. Johnson, I need to talk to you for a while.” Tyson looked utterly dispirited.

“Okay.” Kathleen led him to the lounge.

At the lounge, Kathleen invited him to sit down.

“I’m fine.” Tyson paused for a while. “Ms. Johnson, I want to ask you. Are you really with Caleb now?”

Sitting in front of the makeup table, Kathleen stared at him composedly.

“Ms. Johnson, I didn’t come here to blame you. Mr. Macari doesn’t have the right, let alone me.” Tyson was somehow nervous. “Ms. Johnson, I’ve been working for him for five years. You know that I’m a few years older than him. When he officially took over the company at the age of 20, I just came to the company as an intern assistant.”

Kathleen stared at him quietly.

Tyson continued, “I’ve worked for him for so many years. Even though I don’t know him very well, I’ve seen his other side.”

“What do you want to say?” Kathleen looked at him confusedly.

“Ms. Johnson, Mr. Macari loves you very much,” Tyson elaborated. “He’s indeed a bit machismo, and he doesn’t know how to care for a woman. But, Ms. Johnson, it’s not that he doesn’t care, but he only cares about the outside. For example, before the season changes, he would ask me to contact those high luxury shops to deliver the latest clothes back home. All the clothes, shoes, bags, all kinds of skincare products, cosmetics, and jewelry. Maybe you don’t care about these, Ms. Johnson, but Mr. Macari’s a straightforward man. He thought you would like it.”

Upon hearing that, Kathleen furrowed her brows.

“One more thing.” Tyson summoned up his courage. “Ms. Johnson, have you ever thought about it? Mr. Macari was unable to win your heart because you kept your distance. Before you two were married, you had already been living together. Have you ever had a nice conversation with him? From what I know, Mr. Macari wasn’t against you back then. He wouldn’t leave whenever you open your mouth.”

Kathleen shook her head.

“Ms. Johnson, actually, you’re his favorite,” Tyson uttered with a low voice. “There was one time when he said he would be home for dinner. You prepared the meal for him, but he was late in the end. You called and scolded him. That was the first time I saw him smiling. Indeed, he longed to be cared for by you.”

Kathleen was rendered speechless.

Is he a masochist?

“When Mr. Macari found out you were dating Caleb, he went to have a fight with the latter. Before leaving, he asked the latter to take good care of you.” Tyson’s heart twitched in pain. “Actually, his heart’s bleeding. You’ve always been the one he likes. He realized it late, and he thought he was into Nicolette. Now, he regrets it deeply.”

Kathleen let out a deep sigh. “Tyson, if it weren’t for the fact that you used to take good care of me, I would’ve asked my men to throw you out.”

Tyson was left speechless.

“I know what you’re trying to imply.” Kathleen sounded utterly cold. “But Tyson, it’s too late. Who will give me back the lives of my two kids then?”

Tyson bit his lip.

“I don’t care about what he did to hurt me, but what about my children’s lives?” Kathleen questioned deeply.

“Ms. Johnson, Mr. Macari didn’t know about it,” Tyson responded. “If he knew you were pregnant, surely he wouldn’t allow Nicolette to do so. You didn’t tell him, so how can you blame him now? Yes, the most important point about the whole thing was those people under him thought that he liked Nicolette. However, they didn’t spend time with him as often as I do. They don’t know how he thinks, and they could only analyze based on what they saw. If Mr. Macari was the one who gave the order, you could blame him, but he’s innocent.”

Kathleen said nothing.

“Ms. Johnson, if you have the time, please check this place out.” Tyson put a note down. “Then you’ll understand him.”

Upon saying that, he turned and left.

Staring at the note that Tyson left behind, Kathleen hesitated for a while. Walking over, she took it and had a look.

She decided to go check it out tomorrow.

Kathleen came to the Lewis residence.

Caleb was sitting on the couch in the living room, wearing black clothes and black pants. He looked cold and handsome as usual.

Kathleen frowned slightly. “Didn’t you clean your wounds?”

“I’m waiting for you to clean them for me.” Caleb glanced at her with a complicated look.

Staring at the gauze on the coffee table, she threw it at him and said coldly, “I’m not your mother.”

“Are you sure I’ll still pursue you if you behave like this?” Caleb furrowed his brows.

“Forget it if you don’t want to pursue me. I won’t force you,” Kathleen uttered coldly. “I won’t serve you anyway.”

Caleb chuckled out of frustration. “So you’re merely treating me as a shield, aren’t you?”

Kathleen narrowed her eyes. “So?”

Caleb remained silent.

How dare she admit to it.

“Do you think I’m easy to be used?” Caleb was somehow pissed.

“Who knows?” Kathleen responded lazily. “I’m not here for you. I’m here to see Vivian.”

Upon saying that, she walked off abruptly.

Just then, Philip walked over and whispered, “Mr. Lewis, it looks like your ploy is useless toward her.”

“Shut up!” Caleb stood up. “She has triggered my fighting will. I’ll get her eventually!”

He liked a woman who was hard to get.

Upon saying that, he went upstairs.

At that moment, Kathleen was checking Vivian’s pulse.

As usual, Vivian showed utter indifference toward her without any reaction.

Seconds later, Kathleen put down her hand and looked at her. “Vivian, I’ve brought something for you.”

Vivian was still ignoring her.

Kathleen took out a handmade star from her pocket. “Check this out.”

Staring at the star inside Kathleen’s palm, Vivian displayed a confused look. “Charles?”

“That’s right. He asked me to give you this.” Kathleen smiled slightly. “He said after you collect a thousand, you can make a wish, and all your wishes will come true. Do you still remember the wish you made?”

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