All Too Late Chapter 225

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All Too Late Chapter 225

All Too Late Chapter 225

Taking Back The Pictures

Kathleen was at a loss for words.

Charles is at Caleb’s place?

“I called him over,” admitted Caleb sheepishly. “But I wasn’t being sneaky or anything. My sister is sometimes lucid, sometimes not. She said she wanted to see your brother.”

Kathleen nodded in understanding.

“I’m leaving now.” Caleb opened the door, only to see Samuel standing there.

The expression he bore was dark as he glared at them, but he was also quite out of breath.

Seeing Caleb coming out of Kathleen’s room, Samuel was clearly unhappy.

“Well, I’m off, then.” Caleb patted Kathleen’s head and turned away.

For some reason, Kathleen was a little embarrassed.

She looked at Samuel and asked, “Why are you here?”

“I heard there was a power outage.” She could see Samuel’s Adam’s apple bobbing as he spoke.

And you’re afraid of the dark.

“I’m all right. Caleb happened to be around,” replied Kathleen. So that’s why he’s here.

Samuel pursed his thin lips.

She must have been terrified at that time, but there was another man by her side. Caleb was smiling so heartily before I arrived, too.

Something agitated Samuel, and he began to cough.

Kathleen immediately walked over to support him. “Come in and sit down.”

“Okay.” Samuel nodded and walked into Kathleen’s room.

A cursory glance of the room showed that it was spick and span.

His breath suddenly eased quite a little.

Kathleen helped him onto the bed and sat down. “Why are you panting so much?”

“The power has just been restored, and the elevator can’t be used yet. I was worried that you’d be afraid and alone, so I ran all the way up here.” Samuel’s breathing had yet to slow down.

“You should mind your physical condition.” Kathleen frowned.

“I’m worried about you.” Samuel looked at her deeply, his voice getting lower and lower. “I was truly worried.”

“I know,” Kathleen said. “But you can’t do anything too strenuous for a while. What if something happens?”

“Okay.” Samuel was very obedient.

Kathleen breathed a sigh of relief.

Samuel looked at the table beside him and asked, “You haven’t eaten yet?”

“Yeah,” Kathleen said. “Caleb sent this over. He made it himself.”

Samuel didn’t speak.

Why, I could do this too!

“Have you eaten? Would you like to share some?” Kathleen asked.

Samuel shook his head. He couldn’t stomach anything his rival made.

Why did I not think of this sooner?

“I’ve spoken to Caleb. He promised to give me the medicines,” said Kathleen between bites of food.

Samuel pursed his lips.

He could feel a certain ache in the depths of his heart.

“By the way, aren’t you leaving?” Kathleen asked in confusion.

“I just came.” Samuel looked at her deeply.

Kathleen took a sip of water before replying, “But I’m going to sleep.”

Are you driving me away, then? I’m guessing something happened between the two. They looked odder than usual. Samuel did not care that Caleb knew how to make women happy. What he was concerned about was Kathleen’s heart.

Kathleen did not look at Samuel, but she knew exactly what he was thinking.

“I’m going back.” Samuel stood up, a gloomy expression on his face.

Kathleen pursed her lips. “All right.”

Samuel walked to the door and then stopped to look at Kathleen.

Kathleen paid him no mind; her gaze was directed at the window in front of her.

This made Samuel hurt even more.

He pursed his lips and turned away.

I guess this is how she felt when she saw me and Nicolette. Or perhaps it was likely more gut-wrenching than this. Tit for tat. I dare say this is retribution.

At the Lewis residence, Charles had his gaze directed at Caleb.

Vivian was somewhat lucid, but she weaved in and out of clarity and her muddled senses.

Charles felt a sharp twang of pain in his chest.

Vivian was the woman he loved, and now she was reduced to a shell of a person.

It was really hard for him to accept things.

“Charles, why am I here?” Vivian’s pale and bloodless face revealed doubts. “Shouldn’t we be in Pollerton, in school? Where is this place?”

“Vivian, this is your home,” Charles said after a deep sigh.

“My home?” Vivian’s eyes darted left and right as she looked at her unfamiliar surroundings. “Are you kidding me? My home is very beautiful. The decor is warm, homely, and quite romantic. You’ve even been there before, and you’re saying this is my home?”

Charles looked at Vivian with obvious heartache.

It was true that she used to be quite a stylish person.

To see her reduced to this, he was sad.

“Vivian, this truly is your home,” said Charles with emphasis.

“You’re lying to me!” Vivian frowned. “No, why am I bound? Hurry up and let me go!”

Charles wanted to let go of her, but he couldn’t.

In the day, Vivian had the tendency to harm herself.

“Vivian, do you still remember what your room looked like?” Charles asked.

Vivian tilted her head and recalled, “I could see tall skyscrapers from my window. They were so beautiful at night, but I can’t see anything from my window now. How could this be my room?”

Charles pursed his lips.

“My room also has a retro carpet, a lot of furniture, and a lot of beautiful clothes. Wait, was I not wearing a caramel-colored dress before? What is this?”

With that said, Vivian removed all her clothing.

Charles held her hand and said coldly, “Vivian, that dress was soiled, so you sent it for cleaning. Have you forgotten?”

“Soiled?” Vivian looked at him blankly.

“Yes. I’ll go get it for you tomorrow,” said Charles soothingly.

Soiled? My dress?

Vivian felt a pain in her head.

She then let out a bark of strange laughter. “Well, of course! I didn’t soil my skirt! It’s me who’s completely ruined!”

Charles shot a look at her. “But you’re not!”

“Oh, but I am. I am!” Vivian cried. “Charles, I’m unclean! I was bullied because I did not want to break up with him. He then made those guys do things to me. They took pictures!”


Charles frowned. “Do you know where the pictures are?”

Vivian shook her head.

“Don’t be afraid. I will help you get them back.” Charles hugged Vivian. “But you have to be good, okay?”

“Okay.” Vivian immediately became calmer.

“Be good and take your medicine. Listen to me.” Charles truly hurt to see her that way.

Vivian pouted. “But the medicine is so bitter! The other lady has given me so many bitter pills to swallow!”

“That little girl is my sister, and this is for your own good. I’ll bring you candy next time, okay?” Charles’ voice was hoarse.

“Really?” Vivian blinked. “You don’t dislike me even though I am unclean? You’ll come back to visit me?”

“Of course I will!” Charles reached out to pat Vivian on the head. “You’re so pure. You’re like an angel to me!”

Vivian beamed at him. “Charles, the next time you come, remember to buy a silk scarf for me, okay? I want to get my hair done. Maybe I’ll dye it a burgundy red!”

“Okay,” Charles agreed.

At this time, the housekeeper came over with her medicine.

Vivian furrowed her brows when she saw the tinctures.

Charles took the bowl and said, “Come on, I’ll feed you.”

Vivian hesitated for a moment and moved back.

Charles was very patient as he fed her the medicine.

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