All Too Late Chapter 245

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All Too Late Chapter 245

All Too Late Chapter 245

I Am Sleepy

Yareli found that Samuel was glancing at the second floor next door. ”What are you looking at?” she asked.

Retracting his gaze, Samuel stared at her icily. “You should leave now.”


Yareli was utterly indignant. “Samuel, this is the first time I’ve heard that you’re living outside. Are you not going to invite me inside for a cup of coffee? It’s so cold outside.”

“Nope. I won’t. Otherwise, Kate will misunderstand the situation,” Samuel refused her directly.

With that, he walked toward the mansion.

After entering the password, Samuel went inside and immediately closed the door behind him.

Samuel evaded Yareli as though he was afraid that she would chase him down. It seemed like he found her presence irritable.

Needless to say, Yareli was enraged by his rejection.

It turns out that Samuel is living next door to Kathleen. Did he move out of Florinia Manor because of Kathleen? No way!

Yareli refused to believe that.

Samuel is an outstanding man from a prominent family. Besides, he has a natural air of arrogance around him. There’s no way he would do such a thing for a woman he has abandoned. Maybe he likes living here?

Yareli’s expression turned cold at once. Come what may, she was determined to prevent Samuel and Kathleen from getting back together.

She regretted not telling Diana her feelings toward Samuel back then after finding out that Diana had made Samuel marry Kathleen.

Otherwise, Diana would have set up Yareli with Samuel due to her close relationship with Frances.

At first, Yareli wanted to wait for another two years after she graduated from university. Nevertheless, she had never expected that Kathleen would make her move.

Fortunately for Yareli, Kathleen and Samuel divorced later. However, Vanessa helped her to get engaged to the eldest son of the Yates family.

It took Yareli a year to break off the engagement. She came back this time in hopes of marrying Samuel.

Thus, Yareli was anxious to take Frances back. With the latter’s help, she would have many opportunities to approach Diana and drop hints about her marriage with Samuel.

However, nothing ever turned out as planned as Vanessa was exposed for what she had done.

Fortunately for Yareli, she had nothing to do with that matter. No matter what, Vanessa was still her mother. It was impossible to say that Yareli was unaffected by the scandal. Hence, she needed Frances’ help.

The rumors would only die down when Frances returned home.

Yareli had to figure out a way to bring her back as soon as possible.

When Samuel returned to the room, he glanced across the house and saw that the light was still on in Kathleen’s room.

Picking up his phone, Samuel sent her a message: I have nothing to do with her. Please don’t misunderstand the situation.

Kathleen replied: That has nothing to do with me.

Samuel texted back: Since you aren’t bothered with it, don’t take a peep next time. Just look openly. Otherwise, I might misunderstand your intention.

Kathleen was rendered speechless upon reading his message.

It was wrong of me to peek at them. Did he seriously ask me to look at them shamelessly? That’s just ridiculous.

Samuel curled his lips and texted: Aren’t you curious about our conversation?

Kathleen replied: What else can there be besides flirting?

Samuel texted: I didn’t even know I could still flirt with others.

Furrowing her eyebrows, Kathleen replied: Anyway, you have never flirted with me before. Hence, I don’t know if you’ve done this with other women in the past. Besides, I’m not curious either.

He’s the one who texted me first. I didn’t bother to ask about their conversation!

Smirking, Samuel texted: I told her that she had ulterior motives in approaching me.

Seeing that, Kathleen frowned even more.

Samuel added: Half a month ago, Yareli broke off the engagement with the eldest son of the Yates family. She’s been back here for at least a week. However, she hasn’t shown her face for the past week despite what has happened. Aren’t you curious about where she went?

Kathleen fell into deep thought after reading the long message.

Of course, Kathleen knew that Yareli had returned home long ago. Nonetheless, she did not know what Yareli was up to for the past week.

Kathleen: You know where she went?

Samuel replied: I do.

Kathleen pursed her lips, hesitating whether to ask him.

Just as she was contemplating it, Samuel sent her another message: It’s late now. You should go to bed early. I’ll drive you to the film crew tomorrow morning. We can talk on the way.

Kathleen was at a loss for words.

Samuel texted: What’s wrong?

Kathleen replied: You just want to see me, right?

Samuel texted back: You can think whatever you like. Anyway, I’m sleepy now. Good night.

Seeing his message, Kathleen let out a snort.

He’s doing it on purpose. Now that my curiosity is piqued, how can I fall asleep? That b*stard!

The next day, Kathleen came downstairs with two huge eyebags adorning her face.

She immediately went to the door.

Frowning, Charles probed, ”Kate, aren’t you going to have breakfast?”

“I’m not hungry,” Kathleen answered weakly.

Charles furrowed his brows. “Still, you must eat something. Otherwise, you might faint while filming later.”

“Don’t worry. I’ll eat when I arrive at the filming set.” Kathleen went out the door after putting on her jacket.

Charles frowned at her reply. Did she wake up on the wrong side of the bed this morning?

With that in mind, he stood up and looked outside the window. He saw Kathleen getting into Samuel’s Maybach.

Charles was rendered speechless. His mood turned sour instantly.

Did Samuel threaten Kathleen? However, that makes no sense as he doesn’t have any leverage over her. What’s the problem then? Could it be that Kathleen has decided to get back with him?

Inside the Maybach, Kathleen stared at Samuel wearily. There was a hint of resentment in her gaze.

Raising his eyebrows mischievously, Samuel asked, “Rough night?”

Kathleen let out a snicker upon hearing his sarcastic remark.

Taking her hand, Samuel placed breakfast on her palm. “I made salmon sandwiches and a smoothie for you. Try it.”

“You made these yourself?” Kathleen was startled.

“Don’t you know that I can cook? Besides, it wasn’t that hard to make this simple breakfast,” Samuel replied with a wry smile.

“Well, I didn’t think you have the time to do it,” Kathleen said flatly before eating her sandwich and drinking the smoothie.

Samuel smiled warmly while looking at her.

Look at how hungry she is.

“Go on, then.” Kathleen happily munched on her sandwich.

“Is it delicious?” Samuel asked. He seemed to care more about her opinion of the breakfast.

“Of course, it’s good. I know the salmon is fresh the moment I took a bite.” Kathleen took another sip of the smoothie.

The mixed berry smoothie made by Samuel was refreshing.

Samuel’s mood instantly lightened upon seeing how she was enjoying the breakfast.

“Come on, just spill,” Kathleen urged.

“What should I say?” Samuel was perplexed.

Kathleen fell silent.

Feeling infuriated, she glared at Samuel. However, her expression looked more charming than menacing at that moment.

A bright smile appeared on Samuel’s face. “Yareli went to see Sean Brooks.”

Sean Brooks?

“Are you talking about the eldest son of the Brooks family in Jipsdale?” Kathleen asked, puzzled.

Samuel nodded.

Kathleen said in surprise, “I can’t believe they knew each other.”

“Do you know the Brooks family?” Samuel probed.

“Of course, I do. Those prestigious families will send gifts to each other every New Year. I have to help Grandma and the housekeeper with these things every year. On the one hand, we can’t send anything too expensive. On the other, we must express our sincerity in those gifts. It’s such a troublesome process.”

For Kathleen, that matter was the only insurmountable obstacle faced by a wife of a wealthy family.

There are so many prestigious families. Therefore, we can’t send out the same gift twice. Ugh. Only Lord knows how much hair I had lost during those days!

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