All Too Late Chapter 297

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All Too Late Chapter 297

All Too Late Chapter 297

Be Alone

A line of words appeared on Clarissa’s computer screen: Little girl, if you dare to act rashly, I will delete everything on your computer.

Clarissa went ballistic.

She immediately typed: I’d like to see you try. If you delete my stuff, I’ll come after what you hold dear!

She had painstakingly saved a lot of anime and other files. If someone messed with that, there was going to be hell to pay.

Unknown: I hold nothing dear. Unless… you want to fill that position for me?

Clarissa gritted her teeth and responded with: You wish! What are you trying to do, hacking into my surveillance system? Who are you?

Unknown: What a greedy little girl with so many questions. I’m not going to answer them all at once. However, I will answer one question. If you tell your parents, then I’m not going to have fun with you anymore.

Clarissa was infuriated.

It was the first time she had met an opponent like this.

Clarissa: Fine!

Son of a b*tch! I need to catch this person.

Unknown: I will answer your first question. You asked what my intentions are, yes? I just liked how you decorated the place and wanted to take a look.

Clarissa sneered. Like hell I’d believe that!

Clarissa: I won’t tell my parents, but I need to know who you are.

Unknown: What a greedy little girl. I’ll let you know tomorrow.

After that message was sent, the unknown hacker went offline.

Clarissa’s computer then returned to normal.

She gritted her teeth.

What a horrible person that was! I need to be prepared tomorrow to expose them!

In Jadeborough, at Florinia Manor, Samuel was having a conversation with Leonard.

“Could you be any more bothersome?” he asked flatly.

“I was caught by a little girl and I didn’t want to lose,” Leonard complained. “I just wanted to tease her.”

“You really are bothersome.” Richard narrowed his eyes. “Mr. Macari asked you to keep tabs on the Watsons, but instead, you’ve decided to stare at little girls. How shameless of you.”

Leonard snorted disdainfully. “And I suppose you’re upright? Don’t think I don’t know that you’re using Kathleen as an excuse to get close to Gemma.”

Richard huffed. “Don’t give me that crap. I’m a doctor, and she’s a nurse. Our paths will always cross.”

“Then why did you suggest transferring Gemma to your department, effectively letting her be around you all the time?” asked Leonard teasingly. “I guess still waters run deep. Are you going to pull all the stops on her then?”

“Me?” Richard sneered. “What about Mr. Macari then?”

Samuel’s expression was icy.

“You’re awfully quiet, Mr. Macari. What’s up?” asked Richard with a wry smile.

“I reckon it must be unbearable seeing Kathleen speaking to another man,” said Leonard sardonically.

“Do you two want me to throw you out?” Samuel asked coldly.

“Mr. Macari, don’t be upset,” said Richard comfortingly. “I daresay that Kathleen has gotten over you already and that she only cares because of Old Mrs. Macari.”

Leonard agreed readily. “Indeed. I was rooting for you both, but she wasn’t moved by me trying to match-make you two. Even if anything happened, I doubt Kathleen would have acted on it.”

“It’s normal for divorced couples to sleep with each other, too,” said Richard thoughtfully. “What’s more, she has her brother to think about. You are less important than he is to her.”

Samuel was silent.

He knew that he no longer held any sway over Katherine’s heart.

Richard and Leonard were right.

If it wasn’t for Diana, Kathleen would not have tolerated him.

If Kathleen had to choose between him and Charles, it went without saying that Charles would have emerged victorious.

He was nothing to her. Even so, he wanted to ease Kathleen’s burdens.

Back at the manor, Nicolette was receiving treatment from Lauren.

She wanted nothing more than to get up again.

After Lauren treated her with acupuncture, she said coldly, “Your injuries are so bad that you won’t be able to stand up for a year and a half. Even if you do manage to stand, you won’t be able to walk very well in the future.”

Nicolette looked at her legs glumly. “It’ll be fine as long as I can stand.”

She had to seek revenge on both Kathleen and Samuel for this.


A bamboo tube on Lauren’s table fell to the ground.

Nicolette was surprised. “Why did it fall by itself?”

Lauren picked it up. “Because something wily is trapped in it.”

Nicolette asked quietly, “Is there a female lovebug in the container?”

“Yes.” Lauren nodded.

Nicolette’s eyes shone. “Who are you going to use it on?”

“Yareli,” Lauren replied.


Nicolette’s heart went cold.

“She’s already on her way,” Lauren explained. “You two will be able to meet soon.”

Nicolette stared at the bamboo tube.

So, Yareli wants to plant the female lovebug into herself in order to get Samuel to like her, huh?

Lauren saw through Nicolette’s thoughts and she sneered at her. “Don’t expect too much. There is absolutely no possibility of you and Samuel being together in this lifetime.”

Nicolette bit her lip.

That can’t possibly be true!

Lauren put the bamboo tube on a high shelf, went out, and called for a housekeeper to show Nicolette out.

Nicolette stared at the bamboo tube that was way out of her reach and smiled coldly.

She had to obtain this female lovebug no matter what.

“Hey, Lauren.” Clarissa came to look for Lauren.

Lauren paused. “Ms. Watson? What brings you here?”

“I came to hang out with you, Lauren.” Clarissa smiled slightly. “Are you entertaining someone at the moment?”

Lauren replied, “Yes. A friend of mine came to me for treatment.”

“A friend?” Clarissa was surprised. “You actually have friends? I thought I was your only friend?”

Lauren was quite embarrassed.

“But no matter how many friends you have, you must remember that I am your number one friend, okay?” Clarissa then took her hand and said, “Let’s go out! The latest season’s fashions have just hit the stores. We should go take a look!”

“Wait for me while I get dressed,” said Lauren in response.

“Sure thing.” Clarissa let go of Lauren’s hand. “I’ll be right here, waiting.”

“Okay.” Lauren nodded before turning around to leave.

After she left, Clarissa looked through the whole clinic.

Suddenly, her gaze fell on a bamboo tube sitting on the shelf.

She reached out and took it down before giving it a shake. “I wonder what’s in here?”

She heard movement inside.

Clarissa’s curiosity was piqued.

Just then, Lauren returned.

She was stunned when she saw the bamboo tube Clarissa was holding. “Put it down!”

Startled, Clarissa jolted and the bamboo tube fell to the ground.

Upon hitting the ground, the tube cracked open.

Inside was a small black bug squirming in a viscous liquid.

“Ahh!” exclaimed Clarissa in disgust.

The little bug squirmed toward her.

Clarissa screamed loudly again and she stepped on it.

No!” Lauren shouted, but it was too late.

Clarissa’s foot had already met its mark.

By the time she lifted her foot, the bug was dead.

Lauren froze.

Clarissa muttered sheepishly, “Lauren, it’s no big deal, right?”

Lauren looked at her in shock. “You really are going to be the death of me.”

Clarissa was very contrite. “I’m sorry! Why don’t I pay you back for it?”

“It’s not something you can just pay back so easily,” Lauren hissed, pinching the bridge of her nose. “Leave me be. I want to be alone.”

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