All Too Late Chapter 60

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All Too Late Chapter 60

All Too Late Chapter 60

Kathleen was moved because Federick truly cared about Madeline.

“Federick, it’s great that you found Madeline,” Kathleen reassured the former as she took a step forward. “Let’s take her to the hospital for a quick checkup.”

“Okay.” Federick nodded his head in agreement.

He knew he should keep a lid on his emotions.

With Madeline in his arms, Federick turned to leave.

Resting her chin on her father’s shoulder, Madeline turned around to look at Kathleen.

She stared at Kathleen and Samuel with a pair of discerning eyes.

Then, she smiled at Kathleen.

Kathleen was surprised. She returned the smile after a moment.

The way Madeline quietly stared at her made her seem like a pretty little angel.

Consequently, Kathleen felt pained when she thought of the situation Madeline was in.

Soon, they arrived at the parking lot.

Federick helped Madeline into the car before turning to Kathleen and returning the coat.

“Kathleen, Mr. Macari, thank you so much.” There were two tear streaks on Federick’s handsome face.

“It was no trouble at all, Federick,” Kathleen replied. “As long as I was of help to Madeline, I would do all of it again.”

“Thank you.” Federick was truly grateful. “I’ll take Madeline to the hospital. Both of you must be tired. You should go home and get some rest.”

“Federick, can I visit Madeline tomorrow?” Kathleen asked. “She only ventured out alone because of the promise she made with me.”

“You’re more than welcome to,” Federick replied. “Kathleen, it wasn’t your fault. It’s the nature of Madeline’s illness. This is all on me. Due to my negligence, I seldom spent time with her.”

“Federick, I’ve heard many stories about autistic children. You’re doing your best with Madeline.” Kathleen comforted. “I’m sure she will get better.”

“All right.” Federick nodded slightly. “I’ll take my leave then.”

“Goodbye,” Kathleen said.


Federick got into his car and drove off.

Kathleen turned around and passed Samuel the coat. “Put it on. Don’t catch a cold.”

Accepting the proffered coat, Samuel replied, “Let’s head back as well.”

Kathleen nodded in agreement.

The two of them got into the car.

Throughout the journey back, they did not speak.

When they arrived home, Samuel took out his phone and glanced at the screen.

He had multiple missed calls from Nicolette.

Kathleen glanced at it briefly before averting her gaze. Pursing her lips, she said, “You should go if you have matters to attend to.”

With that, she unbuckled her seatbelt and prepared to get out of the car.

Suddenly, Samuel grabbed ahold of her pale wrist and said, “Let’s have a child.”

Kathleen froze in shock. She stammered, “W-What did you just say?”

“Let’s have a child.” Samuel’s voice was hoarse. “It doesn’t matter if the child’s a boy or girl.”

As long as the child is mine.

Previously, he had not liked children.

However, after seeing Madeline, Samuel suddenly wanted a daughter of his own.

Kathleen was still frozen stiff, and her face was pale.

“Are… Are you out of your mind?” Kathleen could not believe her ears.

Samuel frowned. “What?”

“Why would you want a child now?” Kathleen’s expression was sorrowful. “Even I can’t stand being in this household, and you expect my child to grow up in this sort of unhealthy household?”

Irritated, Samuel asked, “What do you mean?”

“The child would have a father who keeps a mistress on the side! For the sake of his mistress, the child’s father would always return home late, that is, if he even comes home. He would also drop everything and run to the mistress the moment she calls. Can this be considered a wholesome household?” Kathleen fumed.

Samuel had not expected her to care about such things.

“What if you have a child with Nicolette? You would be spending time with them on New Year’s and on Father’s Day. You would constantly be with your other child, playing with them, and taking them to amusement parks. What would happen to my child then?” Tears started to fall from Kathleen’s eyes as she said these.

She felt incredibly heartbroken.

The mere thought of it made her heart clench in pain.

Kathleen wasn’t stupid.

She refused to let her own child go through such suffering.

Kathleen would rather tell her child that their father was dead than let them know that their father did not love them in the slightest.

Samuel pursed his lips. “You’re overthinking it.”

“Is it really me thinking too much? Aren’t you the one who made me think this way? You made me think that you would sleep with Nicolette,” Kathleen said disdainfully. “I refuse to take the risk. I won’t give birth to your child.”

With that, Kathleen got out of the car and entered the entrance to their apartment.

Samuel heaved a sigh as he stared after Kathleen’s retreating figure.

He had no plans to have children with Nicolette.

Why won’t Kathleen believe me?

Kathleen entered the apartment.

The dining table was ladened with dishes prepared by Maria. The food was still warm.

Kathleen helped herself to a plate of food and sat down to eat.

She had expended too much energy that day. Thus, she was going to eat more to replenish her energy and nutrition.

After a moment, a sound came from the door, and Samuel walked into the room.

Kathleen was momentarily stunned.

He didn’t go to Nicolette? She left him so many missed calls.

Samuel walked into the room and took off his coat. He proceeded to wash his hands.

Finally, he also grabbed a plate of food and sat down to eat.

The two of them were quiet.

It was as if the argument had never happened.

After finishing their meal, Kathleen prepared to wash the dishes.

Samuel grabbed the plates from her and went into the kitchen.

Pursing her lips, Kathleen stood up and went into the bedroom.

When Samuel came out of the kitchen after doing the dishes and found Kathleen missing, he, too, headed into the bedroom.

Kathleen was lying on the bed with her eyes tightly shut.

After surveying her for a moment, he decided that she was really asleep.

He went over and helped her remove her clothing.

Just then, his phone rang again.

Frowning, Samuel answered the phone.

“It’s me. What do you want?” Samuel’s voice was indifferent. “Okay, I got it. I’m not going over today. You should sleep soon.” With that, Samuel hung up. He then set his phone on vibrate.

After helping Kathleen settle down, he went to take a shower.

Kathleen opened her eyes slowly and stared at the ceiling.

She wasn’t actually asleep.

It was just that she did not know how to act around Samuel.

She had no idea what to do.

After thinking it over for a moment, she fell asleep for real.

Samuel got into bed after coming out of the shower.

He embraced Kathleen, whispering in a low voice, “I’ve been with you for three years. I can tell if you’re really asleep.”

However, Kathleen did not respond.

Samuel kissed her face. “Sleep, then.”

After that, he fell asleep while holding onto Kathleen.

Samuel had no idea why, but he slept very poorly that night.

The next day, Kathleen woke up to find something holding onto her waist tightly.

She pushed Samuel’s arm aside and tried to get out of bed.

However, Samuel tugged her back. His eyes were still closed. “Why are you up so early?” he asked.

“I couldn’t sleep,” Kathleen replied as she massaged her temples.

Still, Samuel refused to loosen his grip. “Kate, don’t be so unreasonable.”

“What?” Kathleen was startled by his words.

“You promised to give me a month, and yet you refuse to put in the effort.” Samuel rubbed his chin against her soft face. “You even called me out yesterday. If we have a child together, how do you know that I won’t put you and the child first?”

“Even if you put us first, I know your heart belongs to someone else, and I can’t accept that,” Kathleen said as she pursed her lips. “I would rather you treat me coldly, instead of acting hot and cold. I may be able to endure it, but I refuse to let my child suffer the same.”

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