All Too Late Chapter 78

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All Too Late Chapter 78

All Too Late Chapter 78

Samuel turned and went back into the house.

Kathleen looked out the window while sitting on the bed, hugging her knees.

The enormous bed made her look tiny.

Samuel went forward and hugged her from behind. “Babe, are you upset?”

Kathleen was lost. Should I be happy?

Samuel kissed her cheeks, ears, hair, and neck gently from behind. Instead of lust, his actions were doting.

“I just want to give you my promise.” Samuel explained, “Babe, give me a chance, please?”

Kathleen remained silent.

Samuel’s breath was warm. “We still have a long time to go, and you can’t continue to be like this. Give me a chance to make amendments.”

Samuel’s deep voice was magnetizing. “You used to like me. It’s my turn to court you. Please?”

Kathleen pursed her lips. “Can I believe you, Samuel?”

“Yes.” Samuel tightened his arms around her. “Please believe me this time around.”

Kathleen hesitated. “Even if my heart might continue to be cold?”

“I’ve said it. We still have a long time. The main point is you must give me a chance. I’ll use the rest of my life to warm it.” Samuel kissed her face.

He knew deep in his heart he loved the tender and gentle woman in front of him.

He could not bear to give her to anyone else.

Kathleen sighed sorrowfully and kept mum. However, she did not resist.

Although her body was stiff still, Samuel knew Kathleen agreed to give him a second chance.

The next day, Kathleen received a morning kiss from Samuel before she woke up.

There was a hint of mint in his breath.

Kathleen opened her eyes and was surprised. “What’s the time?”

“Eight o’clock.” Samuel stroked her head. “I’m leaving for work. You can continue to sleep.”

Eight o’clock?

Kathleen frowned. “Why am I feeling so tired even though I didn’t do anything?”

“Because you have a weak body constitution.” Samuel smirked. “I guess we need to train you up soon. Not only in bed, but out of the bed as well.”

Kathleen was dumbfounded.

Samuel was satisfied seeing that the tender little girl was speechless at his response.

“I’m off to work.” Samuel left the room.

Kathleen heaved a sigh.

After sleeping a little more, she got up from the bed and washed up.

She then headed downstairs to have breakfast and went to the art studio.

She had been curious about the studio since yesterday.

However, she was too tired to visit the space.

She decided to check out the room today since she had the time.

The art studio took on a similar style to the rest of the house while being more minimalistic. The art studio was warm, tidy, and built practically.

Kathleen instantly took a liking to the room.

She continued looking around to her left and right and was elated.

Samuel had arranged to have her things delivered from her condominium, and they each found their place in the studio.

Kathleen sat down and looked out the window quietly, with complicated feelings rumbling on her insides.

At that moment, her phone rang.

She took a look and saw that it was a call from Diana.

“Grandma.” Kathleen answered the call.

“What are you busy with, Katie?” Diana said with a kind voice.

“I’m at home.” Kathleen added, “New home.”

Diana chuckled. “And so I’ve heard. Samuel is finally doing it right and dotes you.”

Kathleen pursed her lips. “Yeah.”

“I’ve received the wedding invitation.” Diana laughed. “Although it’s rather rushed to hold the wedding next month, it’s a good thing.”

“Yeah,” Kathleen replied darkly.

Diana noticed that Kathleen seemed unhappy. “Are you upset with something, Katie?”

Kathleen recalled Diana’s illness. “I’ve happy, Grandma. I’m just tired from all the wedding preparations.”

“I know. Samuel should get a few people to help you with it.” Diana laughed. “It’s okay. I’ll help get a few helpers for you.”

“It’s okay, Grandma. No need to get helpers. Samuel said that we’ll get a wedding planner.” Kathleen did not dare to trouble Diana.

“That won’t do. It’s Samuel’s and your wedding. Everything must go well.” Diana chuckled. “Don’t worry. I’m not tired. I’ll have the strength to help out with your wedding preparations.”

Kathleen bit her lip. “Grandma, you’ll have to take good care of yourself. Samuel and I won’t want anything to happen to you.”

“All right.” Diana smiled. “You have a good rest.”

“Okay. Bye Grandma!” Kathleen ended the call.

Diana hung up on her end as well.

She looked at Maria. “Katie is such a kind-hearted child. She’s not telling me anything because she doesn’t want me to be worried.”

Maria agreed. “Old Mrs. Macari, it’s also my fault for not noticing that Mrs. Macari is pregnant.”

Diana’s eyes went cold. “The fault’s not on you. I’ve heard the entire sequence of events. They kept me in the dark about such important news because they didn’t want me to get worried. But Katie suffered for it! How can we let it slide just like that?’

“But Mr. Macari had already sent that person away,” Maria responded.

“Do you think that vixen will be satisfied at that?” Diana sneered. “Did she think that she escaped from the punishment of her wrongdoings? I’m going to contact Old Mrs. Yoeger. I’ll break the ties with her if she’s not helping with this!”

“Old Mrs. Macari, it’s not worth it.” Maria tried to console her. “You’re long-time friends with her, and it’s not worth falling out with her just because of a vixen. Moreover, you have been comforting her since Old Mrs. Yoeger’s youngest daughter was taken away. She won’t bear to break ties with you.”

“If that’s the case, all the more she should help me.” Diana stated coldly, “Nicolette killed my two precious grandchildren. I will not let her off easily!”

Samuel returned home after work at ten o’clock at night.

He did not see any meaning in returning home in the past.

However, he finally understood that one would return home because someone was waiting at home for them.

There was someone at home to leave a nightlight for him.

Kathleen had become an important part of his life for the past three years.

He knew that he could not live without her for the rest of his life.

It was different from the feelings he had for Nicolette.

Samuel entered the house, and Kathleen was not there to receive him.

“Where’s Kathleen?” Samuel asked aloofly.

“Mrs. Macari has been in the art studio for the entire day,” Sebastian explained.

“She has yet to recover. Shouldn’t you all remind her not to exert herself?” Samuel uttered coldly.

Sebastian was awkward. “We tried, but she refused to listen to us.”

Samuel went upstairs.

He walked into the art studio and saw Kathleen was asleep while lying on the table.

He took his coat off and covered her.

Kathleen woke up. Her voice was adorable while she was still looking confused. “You’re back?”

Upon hearing her voice, Samuel felt his heart go soft. “Yeah. Why are you sleeping here?”

“I was tired after painting for a while. I wanted to take a nap.” Kathleen had yet to wake up completely.

Samuel carried her and sat down, placing her on his lap and hugging her tenderly.

“You’ll get a cold.” Samuel stroked her face and found that her body temperature was regular.

Kathleen blinked her eyes. “Is it that late?”

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