All Too Late Chapter 96

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All Too Late Chapter 96

All Too Late Chapter 96

Steve said, “I’ll go and receive the guests. Nancy, please give Kylie a call.”

Nancy nodded and took out her phone to call Kylie.

Kathleen cast a sidelong glance at John. “John, go and boil some water. We’re going to serve them Earl Grey tea.”

John was taken aback. “But, Kate, the most expensive tea we have here is Red Hibernia.”

“The mayor loves to drink Earl Grey tea,” Kathleen explained.

“Really? How do you know that?” John asked in surprise.

Kathleen replied quietly, “I have some prior knowledge about this.”

Samuel had told her once, but that was a long time ago.

Nancy gave John a nudge. “Why do you ask so much? Quick, go and boil some water.”

“Oh, okay.” John went off to boil water as told.

Nancy looked at Kathleen. “Kylie isn’t answering her phone. What should we do?”

Kathleen knitted her brows.

She had a bad feeling that Kylie was going to play them out.

Meanwhile, John was done boiling the water and making the tea before bringing them out.

Shortly after, he asked anxiously, “Do you know who else is coming with the mayor?”

“There are eight of them including the mayor. How do we know who they are?” Nancy was still trying to get hold of Kylie on the phone.

John turned to look at Kathleen with a sheepish grin.

Kathleen frowned. “What’s the matter?”

John let out a dramatic sigh. “Out of the eight people, I know two of them very well.”

“That’s not bad. You actually know someone from the mayor’s office,” Kathleen commented.

“They are not from the mayor’s office. One of them is Samuel, and the other is Christopher.” John looked intently at Kathleen.

Kathleen was rendered speechless.

Nancy still could not get through to Kylie’s phone.

It looked like the latter would not be able to make it back in time.

Just then, Steve walked in, looking at Kathleen.

Kathleen quickly went up to him. “We can’t find Kylie. Can you check with the production team? I hope nothing’s gone wrong.”

Steve immediately made a phone call.

Folding her arms, Kathleen took the ingredients laid out on the table. If Kylie did not appear, all her efforts in planning the menu would go to waste.

In reality, the production team had also prepared some ingredients, but they did not include seafood.

As the dishes were best served fresh, Kathleen had already checked out all the nearby supermarkets earlier.

She only included ingredients that could be purchased from these supermarkets in her list.

No one expected Kylie not to return after so long.

However, Kathleen was well aware that Kylie was doing this on purpose to spite her.

Steve also gave Kylie a call.

Surprisingly, the call was connected in an instant.

Nancy’s expression dimmed at that.

Looks like she purposely ignored my call, huh?

“Kylie, where are you?” Steve tried not to sound impatient.

He had asked her to buy the ingredients at the supermarket. It should not take her more than an hour.

However, it had been two hours, and she was still not back.

Steve heard Kylie sobbing uncontrollably at the other end of the line. “Steve, I twisted my ankle. Can you come and pick me up? I can’t walk now.”

“Where are the ingredients?” Steve asked anxiously.

Kylie wailed even louder, “I’m injured, and all you care about are the ingredients!”

Steve was at a loss for words while Nancy snorted.

Kathleen’s brows knitted together as she fell into deep thought.

She had expected such a thing to happen.

“I’ll get the production team to pick you up.” Steve did not want to lose his temper in front of the camera.

“Steve, can you come instead? The production team has its rules,” Kylie pleaded with Steve.

The latter was struck speechless once more.

“It’ll take you at least an hour to get there. Even if you manage to bring the ingredients back, we won’t make it in time. Besides, the guests are already here,” Nancy said.

“I’ll speak to the production team.” Steve hung up the phone and turned to look at Kathleen anxiously. “Can we do without the seafood?”

“That’s fine, but there will be fewer dishes,” Kathleen replied.

“Let’s do it then. I can’t think of any other solution.” Vexed, Steve decided to proceed without using seafood.

He should have known better than to let Kylie buy the ingredients.

“Do you need my help?” Samuel’s voice was heard coming from the door of the kitchen, startling the four of them.

Samuel saw Kathleen wearing an apron, looking very sweet and demure. He curled his lips slightly.

He only appeared affectionate in front of her.

Soon, all eyes were on Kathleen.

It was no surprise, for Samuel was her ex-husband.

“No,” Kathleen replied coolly.

Nancy then spoke up in a meek voice. “Mr. Macari, Kate needs some seafood for some of the dishes tonight. Can—”

Immediately, Samuel turned to Kathleen and asked, “What do you need? I’ll get them to deliver it here in half an hour.”

He only had eyes for her.

Kathleen felt her head throbbing.

“Kate? The show is more important,” John whispered.

Kathleen bit her lip. “I need prawns, lobsters, and abalone.”

“Got it.” Samuel nodded as he whipped out his phone. “Go buy some prawns, lobsters, and abalone. Send them over.”

He hung up the phone and said gently, “They will deliver everything in twenty minutes. Feel free to let me know what else you need.”

Kathleen cast a glance at him. She realized that his eyes were as captivating as ever. Meanwhile, the comment section went into a frenzy.

I feel my knees going weak just by looking at Samuel’s eyes. Yet he looks so deadpanned!

I think Samuel has not gotten over Kathleen. He still loves her.

Samuel must still love Kathleen. It was Kathleen’s idea to get a divorce back then.

Don’t talk nonsense if you don’t know the truth. They’re now divorced. Samuel is seeing another woman.

Another woman? Will there be a wedding?

It is a known fact that Samuel likes Nicolette, the illegitimate child of the Yoeger family. Everyone in Jadeborough knows about it. It’s nothing new.

Hasn’t Nicolette disappeared for a year? Has she left the country? Or is she kept at home by Samuel?

That’s not possible. When Samuel married Kathleen, he told everyone that Kathleen is the one he likes. I heard that Nicolette got into an accident and is now a cripple.

Whatever, I am rooting for this couple to get back together.

I seriously think Samuel still loves her, but Kathleen is not aware of it.

Good luck, Samuel and Kathleen!

Kathleen turned around and started to prepare the food.

Seeing that, Samuel gave a knowing smile and walked away.

Fifteen minutes later, Tyson came in with the ingredients.

“Mrs. Macari, these are the things you asked for.” Tyson deliberately addressed Kathleen as “Mrs. Macari.”

Kathleen looked at him in wordless amazement.

Tyson then apologized, “I’m sorry. It was just a slip of the tongue. I’ll be more careful next time. Mrs. M— Um… Ms. Johnson, these are the ingredients you need.”

“Thank you!” Kathleen uttered each word through clenched teeth.

After that, Tyson left in a hurry.

Kathleen took a kitchen knife and chopped off the head of a prawn with one swift swipe, imagining it to be Tyson’s head.

At that point, a gentle voice called out. “Kate?”

Wow! The ex-husband just left, and her fiancé has arrived. This is getting very exciting!

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