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I can’t track her location

With a calm personality, Sarah didn’t scream or fear. “I want to know why.”

“You want to know so much?” Maxwell raised his eyebrows.

Sarah: “yes.”

“Come and kiss me or please me.” When Maxwell laughed, he was very attractive, but also dangerous. “Maybe I will tell you out of kindness.”

“You want money?” Sarah completely ignored his nonsense.

Maxwell had no feelings for women at all.

The frivolity he showed now was just a disguise he was good at.

“Who doesn’t want money?” Maxwell put down the glass and crossed his legs. “But I don’t lack money at all now. What I like more…”

He paused on purpose.

Frowning slightly, she asked, “What?”

“You…” Maxwell smiled, and everything around him instantly dimmed.

Sarah was speechless.She didn’t ask any more.She knew his purpose. Asking was just a process to avoid suspicion. This man was much more suspicious than Captain.

Seeing that she was unmoved, Maxwell asked, “Don’t you believe me?”

“If you like me, you should come to New York to find me and confess your love to me.”



Without being nervous, she continued, “Instead of kidnapping me here to see you eating, drinking and playing.”

Maxwell stood up slowly, his long and narrow eyes staring at her with smile and interest.

Sarah looked into his eyes.

“No wonder Jason can’t forget you after divorce,” said Maxwell as he approached her with a pleasant light fragrance. “Even I’m tempted by this character.”


“Of course.”

“Then why don’t you let go of my hand?” said Sarah in a calm voice. She didn’t believe him at all.

Maxwell pursed his thin lips and said, “What if I let you go and you run away?”

“Just tie me up again,” said Sarah.

“Miss Yeats is really interesting.” Maxwell picked up the red wine glass next to him, shook it for two times, and handed it to her. “How about this? If you drink this glass of wine, I’ll let go of your hand. What do you think?”

Sarah glanced at him, but didn’t move.

If she could believe him, there would be ghosts all over the ground.

“Since Miss Yeats doesn’t want to, I have to let you go to bed first.” Maxwell looked like a gentleman. “We can talk about it tomorrow.”

After saying that.



One of them took her to the basement.

When they arrived at the basement, Sarah frowned because of something in the basement.

There were iron chains, blood and several snakes.

All of a sudden, she thought of what had happened before and her heart sank. So, was this the place where Jenny had stayed before?

At this moment.

It was as if she had seen the helpless cry of Jenny. She struggled, cried and begged for mercy, but got no response.

Sarah took a deep breath and closed his eyes. She would help Jenny run away.

“Miss Yeats, what are you doing here?” Maxwell walked over with a smile on his face.

“Don’t you want to have a rest?”

“Is this a place for people to rest?”

“Of course, our Jenny have stayed here for a long time.”

Sarah tightened her grip on both sides. She didn’t expect this man to be so crazy!

Maxwell still smiled and said, “Don’t worry. These snakes have their poisonous teeth pulled out. It’s okay.”

Sarah stood still.



Maxwell didn’t waste his time here. He took another look at her and then followed the man into the basement, closing the door for her.


The door made a loud noise.

As soon as they went out, Jenny rushed up and asked anxiously,

“Why did you lock Sarah in the basement?”

“Care about her?” Maxwell raised her chin.

Hearing this, Jenny was stunned.

She and Sarah shouldn’t be friends who cared about each other. She shouldn’t show any concern for Sarah in front of him.

“If you are afraid of her, I can send you in to accompany her.” Maxwell’s voice was very light, but it made people feel cold on their backs. “Will you go?”


This word came to her mind.

But she couldn’t say that.

Once she said it, this person would definitely doubt her relationship with Sarah. Sarah had told her how to treat her before decided how to treat her now. She couldn’t reveal the truth.

“No… no…” She stammered.



“Good job.” With a stretch of his hand, he took the clean glass and red wine behind her, poured them and handed them to her. “Drink them all and have a good sleep. You have other things to deal with tomorrow.”

She took the glass with her cold hand and drank it obediently.

Maxwell touched her head with satisfaction.

Jenny shivered.

Maxwell was extremely gentle, but there was not much tenderness in his eyes. “Go upstairs.”

After several turns, she finally had to go upstairs to the room where she used to live occasionally.

Not long after she left, a beautiful and heroic woman came in from outside. She was still wearing a motorcycle uniform. It could be seen that she came from another place.

Maxwell sat there casually and elegantly. Seeing her, he put down the glass and asked, “Is K here with you?”

“I don’t know.” Amanda sat down casually. Maxwell looked at her and asked, “You don’t know?”

“I can’t track her location.” Amanda poured herself a glass of water.

“The virus in my computer and server she put last time hasn’t been cracked yet.”

There was no warmth in Maxwell’s eyes, and there was a bit of thought between his eyebrows.

“Why are you sure my master will come with you?” Alicia asked curiously.

“Since she had tampered with the phone of the Jenny, it means that she might have known that I was going to kidnap Sarah to threaten her,” said Maxwell. “With her personality, she won’t let go of such a

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good opportunity.”

“What kind of feud do you have with my teacher?” Alicia asked curiously.

“I cheated her and set them up.” Thinking of the past, a smile appeared at the corners of his mouth. “I almost killed all of them, but unfortunately, it was still resolved by her.”

Alicia was speechless.

Alicia said, “Then you’re done. My master always takes revenge.”

“It’s hard to say whether she could do it.” Maxwell said meaningfully.

Alicia clicked her tongue. She took another sip of water and asked, “Where is Sarah?”


“You threw a girl into your basement?” Alicia looked incredulous, and then gave him a look of pray. “When Jason knows, you’ll be doomed.”

Maxwell didn’t reply. When he heard the name of the man, he seemed to have fallen into his memory.

Alicia didn’t care about him. She told him that she would go to see that woman, and then left the living room and walked towards the basement. Maxwell didn’t stop her. He trusted her very much.

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