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On the top search

In the hundreds of words sent on the twitter, there was not a single word mentioned about the Noth group and Jason, but anyone with a discerning eye would know that it was talking about him.

And pictures.

Although it was not a real photo of him, the clothes and some details of the person in it were exactly the same as him.

No wonder the interception she had set before couldn’t be stopped.

It seemed that these people had created a new path and told everyone in this way.

“Do you want to do something?” said Eve tentatively, seeing the seriousness on her face.

“Not now.” glancing around, Sarah continued, “I don’t think it will cause much trouble, nor will it be on the hot search.”



After special agreement and greetings with Noth clam, no one dared to report anything about him without the permission of the Noth group, especially such sensitive news.

Many comments quickly appeared on the micro-blog.

“Who is this?”

“I feel that he has said everything, but I feel that he hasn’t said anything yet.”



“Could any one please tell me who is the person in this picture.”

“I don’t know. Who are you talking about? Maybe it’s the myth in the business field.”

“Damn it! I’ve been wondering why his name and abbreviation can’t be printed out. It seems that it’s him for sure!”

“Really? Can I count on you?”

“My friend works in that company, but in the branch company in New York. According to him, their boss came with the special assistant before. In the next few months, everything was handled by their special assistant. I don’t know where their boss has gone.”

“So, it seems that this must be the truth.”

Seeing more and more comments, Sarah became a little serious.

Eve knew the entertainment circle. After thinking for a while, she said, “Sarah.”


“You’d better ask the public relations department of the Noth group to do something,” said Eve, looking at the increasing comments.

As long as it was among the hot searches, it would cause all kinds of netizens to gossip.

At that time, even if the news was suppressed, the curious netizens would also talk about it. ”

Sarah didn’t know much about this. She didn’t know much about the entertainment circle, so she followed the advice of Eve. “Okay.”

With all kinds of complicated feelings, she called Chris.



To deal with such things.

Chris was more adept than Jason was.

“Miss Yeats?” Chris answered the phone quickly.

“I just sent a screenshot to your phone. You can have a look later.” she blurted out with a serious look on her face. “If something about what happened to Jason Noth is on the top search, don’t forget to let the public relations department of the Noth group deal with it.”

“Okay,” said Chris calmly.

Sarah nodded.

After hanging up the phone, Chris went to check.

Compared with her worry, he was much more calm. His boss was fine now, so they could sue as many netizens as they wanted for gossiping.

He looked around and didn’t find his boss’s name. He immediately thought of her.

Chris: “Miss Yeats, did you block our boss’s name online?”

Sarah: “Yes, I did.”

Chris: “Let go of them. It’s easier to sue.”

Sarah: “”



After borrowing the computer from Eve, Sarah released the authority. She didn’t care about it as it was worthy of praise for Chris’s ability.

About half an hour later.

It was on the top search.

#He was in trouble#

A heat mark followed.

After clicking it, it was full of all kinds of real-time discussions.

“It must be fake. If something really happens to him, how could he not block the news and even expose it on the hot search?”

“You even dare to spread a rumor about the boss of the Noth group. Just wait for the lawyer’s letter.”

“Really dead?”

“Apart from other things, I don’t think he has a successor. If he really dies, what about his money and shares? I can reluctantly inherit them. LOL.”

Not long after this hot search was released, it was deleted. The official account of the

Noth group made a statement at the first time.

Most of the netizens thought this news was too fake.

But there were still some people investigating.



At first, they were trying to figure out whether the twitter was telling the truth. They began to search for all kinds of clues, and then they found something else.

“Let’s not talk about what happened to him. What I found was that he was married.”

“Shit! Really?”

“Who is he married with?”

“I heard that he got married, but his marriage was wife had never been announced.”

“I guess he wants to protect her from being targeted.”

“Bullshit! Who told you it was protection?”

“I guess it’s a marriage between two families. Isn’t it very common in the rich and powerful families? After the marriage, they can have their own fun. It will be less trouble if they don’t announce it.”

As the discussion became more and more, more and more netizens began to gossip about it.

Soon, Sarah was found out.

As for this matter.

Even Sarah was surprised.

Although there were many people who knew about her marriage with Jason, not everyone knew about it.

It only took him half a day to find out that she was the one he married. It was really unexpected.



“Are you okay?” Eve browsed these comments after lunch and rested with her. She was a little worried, “Now the netizens are all very capable. They can easily find out anyone’s ancestors with a little clue.”

“It’s okay.” Sarah didn’t care much about it. “They can’t get my personal information.”

It was true.

After all kinds of netizens’ comments, there was another hot discussion.

“It’s strange. Except for knowing her name and gender, I can’t find anything else.”

“Maybe she’s really nobody.”

“Is there any possibility that she played tricks and slept with Mr. Noth? Mr. Noth thought that it was because he was drunk and had sex with her that he got married secretly.”

“How could it be possible? Judging from the situation in the circle, even if he really slept with her, he wouldn’t be responsible. Rich families would only be cruel and give her a sum of money.”

“Shit! I just got an amazing news.”


“Mr. Noth has divorced with that Sarah. When the two of them divorced, she seemed to have got about one billion.”


After these discussions, another hot search went up.

#One billion and four hundred million dollars for divorce#

IF Link Broken Then Book Search By Name



When Eve saw that, she saw that Sarah was also looking at her, so she subconsciously stopped watching her phone. She looked at her with a little worry and said, “Don’t look at it. The more you look at it, the angrier you are.”

“Yes?” asked Sarah in confusion.

Eve asked, “Aren’t you angry?”

“There’s nothing to be angry about.” Sarah didn’t care. “They’re wrong.”

Eve looked at her strangely with a complicated expression, “are you really not angry, or are you afraid that I will worry and deliberately be strong in front of me?”

She was angry at those mean words.

And Sarah was the litigant.

“I’m really fine.” it was the first time that she had looked at her phone for so long.

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