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I miss Sarah

“Anyway, it’s very complicated to deal with love, but it’s also very romantic to find true love.” Rita then asked, “Didn’t you fall in love with someone when you were a student?”

Logically speaking, it should be many boys who confessed their love to her since she was so beautiful and cute.

It didn’t make sense that her school life could be so boring. Sarah thought for a while and said, “No.”

Unfortunately, She was telling the truth.

When Sarah was at school, she was studying hard all the time and was busy with all kinds of competitions after school.

She came to school with her study books every day and took books with her when she went home. She was more like a humanoid robot than a human being and never cared about boys and love stories.

Sarah was sensible and mature since childhood and always have different thoughts from her peers. She was a genius in school.

But she was also a fool in social contact.

“You haven’t liked anyone since you were a child, right?” Rita asked.

After thinking for a while, Sarah said, “I liked Jason before.”

“How did you know you like him?”

“I would feel him here,” Sarah pointed at her chest and said. “In the past, when we were together, I could always feel warm and happy unconsciously in my heart. But when I heard that he wanted to



divorce me because of Jenny, I felt hurt in my heart.”

That kind of pain was even more serious than a heart attack. It made her feel suffocated.

Both of them were stunned.

Rita hugged her without saying a word. Because at that time, she suddenly understood although her sister didn’t know love, she could feel love.

Her love was always straightforward. It was also one of the forms of love.

“I’m fine,” Sarah said in a calm tone. “I don’t feel anything now.”

She was straightforward just like her love. When she liked someone, she would try her best to like him, and when she didn’t like him, she would also try her best to forget him.

Rita just held her in her arms and didn’t say anything. Eric also felt sorry for her.

“From now on, please don’t say that Captain Leon likes me,” Sarah said to her father.

” If Captain Leon hears these words, it may cause some unnecessary misunderstandings and make me embarrassed.”

Eric pursed his lips and finally agreed, “Okay.”

Although Eric promised Sarah to keep quiet. He still thought that Will liked his daughter. Eric knew he was right!

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz.

Suddenly, Sarah’s phone rang. She looked at her phone and saw Jason’s name on the screen. She then checked the message and found it was indeed sent by him.



“Grandpa asked me to play chess again.”

“Sarah, are you there?”

“I need your help.”

Sarah hung up the phone and replied, “Okay, put on your camera and earphone, I’ll be online soon.”

Since Jason told her that Grandpa Noth suspected him last time, she asked him to get a set of equipment, including a wireless camera and a micro earphone from Chris.

The camera was very similar to the buttons, so Jason could put it on his clothes without being suspected.

And the micro earphone could help Sarah to hear their conversation.

In this way, she could see the picture of him playing chess with Grandpa Noth through the camera, and tell him how to play chess at the same time.

She had done it for him several times before.

Sarah also thought she should talk with Serial after the new year. With Serial’s medical skills, it shouldn’t be difficult for Jason to his memory now.

After Sarah saw Jason’s message, she soon went back to her room.

The other side of the phone was also ready. When he heard that Sarah was in position, Jason began to play chess with Grandpa Noth.

When the first round started.

Edwin was also there as an audience.



Following Sarah’s instructions, Jason did well in playing chess.

“When did you learn Sarah’s skills?” Grandpa Noth was already very familiar with Sarah’s play style. “Have you been playing chess with Sarah in New York these months?”

“I know you miss her, so I’ve studied her playing style,” Jason said with a kind smile.

“In this way, I can play with you on her behalf.”

“Humph.” Grandpa Noth had already started to get along with him recently. “If you heard my words at that time, how could you end up divorcing her? You are so stupid!”

“Yes,” Jason said obediently. “You are right.”

Grandpa Noth glared at him.

Hearing his words, He suddenly felt so bored!

In the past, Jason could surely choose to reason with him instead of being obedient. But now, Jason ended up the conversation so quickly and made him feel bored.

Grandpa Noth kept his mouth shut after that.

Then they played another two rounds.

Jason could tell Grandpa Noth was thinking about something else in the last round. Finally, Grandpa Noth asked, “You… You want to get Sarah back, right?”

“Yes, why not?”

“Aren’t you afraid of being refused again?”



“I did something wrong. No matter how many obstacles are in front of me this time, I will try my best.”

“You should say these words to her instead of me,” Grandpa Noth said. He missed Sarah more and more since she left and he always felt that something was missing these days. “My granddaughter is such a good girl, she was driven out of this house by you.”

He even hoped that Sarah could be his granddaughter. If she were his granddaughter, she would always be with him and play cheese with Jason in this house.

He wanted them to be with him.

And wanted them to be happy.

But he knew that he was not lucky enough to have such a good granddaughter.



“I miss Sarah,” Grandpa Noth said, the chessboard reminded him of Sarah, who always played chess with him before.

The happy old time wouldn’t go back.

His Sarah would not come either. He paused.

Jason was also lost in thought.

“Why did you lose my granddaughter?” Grandpa Noth’s eyes were full of sadness, and his voice was hoarse. “She is such a good girl.”



At this moment, Sarah’s heart trembled slightly. She even had an impulse to buy a ticket to Atlanta and told Grandpa

Noth, “I’m here with you.”

But she couldn’t…

“Are you going to call her?” After a while of silence, he said, “Let me call her for you.”

“No, I won’t.” Grandpa Noth not only loved Sarah but also took care of her feelings. “Don’t disturb her during the Spring Festival.

Besides, you failed her before, we don’t have the right to do so.” Even if Sarah came, He didn’t know what to say to her. If he said that he missed her, he would surely make Sarah feel worried and embarrassed.

“Don’t play chess with Sarah’s style in the future.” Every time

Grandpa Noth saw the chess pieces on the chessboard, he would think of Sarah.

“Okay,” Jason said.

After the chess game was over, Grandpa Noth went to the yard to have a walk.

Every time he went to a place, he could recall the memories that

Sarah had accompanied him, practicing calligraphy, playing chess, and sharing stories with him.

He was wondering why this new year was not as lively as before.

Now he suddenly understood.


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His life changed because Sarah was gone.

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