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Sarah knows it

When she was thinking about this, she found that Alicia had already came out but still wearing the white dress. It was not cold in the room with heating on.

Alicia jumped over with a bright smile on her face.

Sarah stared at her and said, “Tell me how you got in.”

“I came in through the door. I know the password of your house. I thought you knew it.”

Sarah continued to stare at her. She didn’t say anything.

“Are you angry?” Alicia walked over and sat next to her. “I’ll apologize to you. You can punish me as you like, okay?”

“Can I send you to the police station?” Sarah looked at her sideways.

Alicia was stunned. She coughed and scratched her head, “I’m afraid no.”

“It’s against the law to trespass into a house without permission.” Sarah warned her.

“If you do it again in the future, I will send you directly to the police.”

“I just want to help you vent your anger,” said Alicia with a sly smile, holding her arm.

“Don’t you want to take revenge on him for what he did to you?”

“It’s all over.” Sarah was never a person who lived in the past. “Get out yourself. Don’t force me to kick you out.”

“No please…”



“Get out.”

“Are you in love with him again? How dare you scold your most lovely disciple for him?” Alicia was really not bold.

Without saying a word, she glanced at her face with her cold and indifferent eyes.

One glance.

She was scared.She raised her hand in surrender and stuck out her tongue. “I’ll go, right away!”

After saying that, she took a look at the Jason and left Sarah’s house.

The moment she went out, the cold air poured into her body and made her shiver. She hurried back to the car and put on her clothes. Then she felt she came back to life.

“Sleep in another room tonight.” She went to lock the door and changed the password. “I’ll ask someone to deal with those things tomorrow.”

Alicia was always somehow evil.

One couldn’t believe what she said.

Even Sarah was not sure what she said was true or false.

“I’m afraid.” Jason said, feeling aggrieved.

“There’s nothing to be afraid of,” she comforted him. “It’s all fake.”

If it was a five-year-old, she might comfort him.



But now, he was a seventeen-year-old. A seventeen year old boy should have overcome these by himself.

“Sarah,” said Jason as he held her arm tightly. His eyes were clean.

“Can you sleep with me tonight? I don’t dare to sleep alone.”

Upon hearing this.

An alarm rang in her heart.

She suppressed the emotions in her heart and continued to maintain her normal look. She stared at him and asked, “Are you that afraid?”

“Yes,” said Jason nodding.

She was upset.

She didn’t know if her guess was right or not. She always felt that the whole thing tonight was planned by both of them.

People at the age of seventeen should know that there was a difference between a man and a woman. After she clearly said that she didn’t like him and wouldn’t marry him, they made a fuss.

Think about it carefully.

He was good at acting and pretending before.

Now he pretended to be afraid, trying to close the distance between him and her, and also wanted to sleep with her.



“Wait a minute.” Sarah pressed a button, and the sofa automatically deformed into a bed. “I may go on a business trip soon. In order to prevent you from being afraid in the future, we have to overcome this fear tonight.”


Overcome what?

When he was thinking about what she would do next.

Sarah turned on the TV and picked the movie section. She looked sideways at him and asked, “Are you afraid of blood or ghosts?”

“What?” said Jason, pretending to be angry.

Now he understood.

Sarah probably wanted to get him watch a horror movie together.

“If you don’t know, we’ll watch one of each type.” Sarah began to choose. The first one was the so- called most terrifying thriller.

“Let’s overcome it together.”

“Are you afraid of ghosts?” Jason asked suspiciously.

Sarah nodded calmly, “Yes.”

“Sarah, are you lying to me?” said Jason, who was getting closer to her. “I don’t think you are afraid of these.”



Since the appearance of Alicia, she had been very calm. When she saw the things in the room, she had never shown any panic or fear.

Such reaction. She’s afraid?

“People who don’t know me all think that I’m not afraid,” said

Sarah seriously. “In fact, I’m very afraid of these things. As for the reason why I could deal with them calmly just now, it’s because you see me as your elder sister and I have the responsibility to protect you. If I’m afraid, who could protect you?”

Hearing that, Jason was stunned.

Was she really afraid?

“If you had observed carefully just now, you would have found that my palms were full of cold sweat when I saw the things in your room.” Sarah was good at lying. “When Alicia appeared, my heart beat as fast as thunder and my body was stiff.”

She bet that at that time, he didn’t notice the details. He didn’t know that she was lying to him at the moment.

Now she thought about it. He ignored the most important thing.

According to his current personality, even if he pretended to be so, the moment Alicia came out of his room, he should say, “Who are you? Why are you in my room?”.

But he didn’t.

From beginning to end, he only cared about his fear and told her that he was afraid.



He didn’t seem to care about Alicia at all.

“It just so happens that we both have our own fears. Let’s overcome it together tonight.” With two blankets in her arms, Sarah gave one to him and started to watch the horror movie.


He grabbed the remote control and pressed the pause button.

Sarah turned to look at him and asked indifferently, “What’s wrong?”

“I’m not afraid anymore,” said Jason, changing his mind. He looked at her seriously and said,

“Sarah, I’ll protect you from now on.”

Sarah raised her head.


So he was pretending?

“Weren’t you afraid just now?” If he wanted to act, she would help act till the end.

“Yes, I’m afraid, but I can overcome all those fears if I have someone to protect,” said Jason in a very serious and sincere tone.

“I’ll take care of it for you in the future.”

Sarah looked at him, as if doubting if he had the ability.Her acting was different from him.

He just wanted to get the attention of her and make her care about him, which would lead to flaws. But she wouldn’t. She took her time and paid attention to every detail.

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“If you don’t believe me, I can watch this with you and let you see if I’m telling a lie,” said Jason in a pure tone, which was the opposite of the person he had been before.

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