Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 139

However, inside the courtroom, the atmosphere felt tense at the plaintiff’s side.

Miles was wearing a sullen expression. Next to him, Mr. Stewart, the attorney, was gulping down water while looking flustered.

On the other side, Catherine was chatting happily with Freya. The latter could not stop laughing.

The attorney beside her was even playing mobile games on his phone.

“I’ll find out what’s going on.” Anxiety washed through Jeffery in waves as he approached Miles. “Young Master Clark, what’s the problem with Mr. Stewart? He doesn’t look alright to me.”

Miles answered with a cold glare, “Your daughter is really something.”

This baffled Jeffery greatly. Mr. Stewart explained with a sigh, “Catherine Jones has hired Australia’s undefeated legend as her attorney. It’s a real challenge for me to win this case.”

No, he did not even stand a chance to win.

“What undefended legend?!” Jeffery was astonished. “That’s what you promised. You told us you’re certainly going to win.”

The look on Mr. Stewart’s face revealed his annoyance at the man’s ignorance.

“Come on, at the very least, you’re the president of a large-scale business company. Have you not heard of the country’s greatest attorney, Shaun Hill? He’s never been defeated although he’s still young. He’s incredible. No one can triumph him. My mentor lost to him even with hard evidence.”

This stunned Jeffery into silence. No wonder Catherine did not seem concerned at all. When did she get to know someone like that?

“Mr. Stewart, how confident are you in winning?” he asked tentatively.

The attorney frowned as an enigmatic smile spread across his face. “President Jones, you’re a strange man. Catherine is your daughter, after all. You should be delighted if she wins.”


Jeffery was at a loss for words.

Could he really? If Catherine was not thrown into prison, then James would be the one receiving the blows.

However, he had to come up with plan B if Mr. Stewart lost. When that happened, he would have no choice but to surrender James. After all, the latter was not a Jones. He should not be dragged down because of an outsider.

“I’ll go with the flow. Naturally, it’s better if she’s not given a sentence. But I’m afraid Young Master Clark might not be satisfied.” He quickly returned to his seat after saying that.

At the same time, the presiding judge appeared to commence the trial.

Catherine began to feel nervous. She stole a quick glance at Shaun who was sitting next to her, only to see him casually placing his cell phone inside the desk drawer, all while keeping a straight face.

He behaved nonchalantly as if he was not in a courtroom but shopping in the mall.

The presiding judge hit the gravel to announce the commencement of trial.

Miles’ attorney rose to his feet to submit the relevant evidence and information. He then announced Catherine’s crime.

The jury nodded as they listened. This offense was clearly backed up by conclusive evidence.

The presiding judge turned to face Shaun. “Objections from the defendant?”

Shaun rose to his full height, his eyes looking calm and reserved. “The defendant pleads innocent because my client had nothing to do with this incident since the beginning. Everything was the responsibility of the project manager James Lennon alone.”

The entire courtroom broke into chaos upon hearing that. James sprung to his feet, agitated. “That’s bullsh*t!”

The presiding judge warned, “Watch your language.”

A brief second later, the judge spoke again, “Defense attorney, do you have any evidence?”

Shaun pulled out a stash of documents. “This is the chat history between James Lennon and the middleman, Terry Miller. It shows that Miller was the one who set up the inferior quality electrical cables and the profit gained was split between them both. James Lennon gained six million dollars out of this deal whereas Terry Miller gained one million dollars. There are also photos of James Lennon and Terry Miller frequenting the clubhouse together.”

After the chat records and photos were submitted to the presiding judge, James really began to feel anxious. He only showed up today as a witness, not expecting to be sued by Catherine.

“I didn’t do that. This is slander.”

“If you don’t think the evidence is sufficient, then please, allow me to call Terry Miller in as a witness,” Shaun said with composed calm.

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