Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 51

Chase comforted the plaintiff with a cup of hot coffee.

“Why are you here?” A look of surprise took over Shaun’s face.

“Come on, I have a case in Courtroom 2 today. Can you pay more attention to me?” Chase grumbled, “By the way, why are you wearing a mask? Are you ill?”


Shaun declined to comment.

“Eh, it’s good that you’re being considerate and wearing a mask to prevent spreading the virus. Shaun, you’ve become more thoughtful since moving to Melbourne,” Chase complimented.

Ten minutes later, the trial was about to start. Chase almost spat out the coffee in his mouth when Shaun removed his mask and revealed the teeth prints on his cheek.

“What on…”

“I got bitten by a dog.” Shaun’s cold voice reeked of intimidation. He walked into the courtroom with big strides.

Chase burst out in laughter. Did Shaun think he could fool him? That man had evidently been bitten by a woman.

It was not every day he got to see Shaun feeling embarrassed. He must take a photo of that in secret to share it with the group chat.

Catherine rested at home for several days, waiting for the teeth prints to disappear before heading out to look for a new job.

However, she only received negative feedback.

“Miss Jones, I’m sorry but we don’t hire copycats.”

“Miss Jones, your scandal has become common news in the industry. No one dares to hire you anymore.”

“Miss Jones, the Jones family has secretly announced to the industry that anyone who dares to hire you will be openly disrespecting them.”


Catherine had just walked out of yet another interview, feeling lost and furious. She had spent so much time and effort on her education but still could not find a job.

What should she do? Transition into another industry?

Honk, honk.

A car next to her honked several times. She did not realize it until someone called out her name. “Catherine, it’s been a while.”

She looked over her shoulder absent-mindedly. A handsome face poked from behind the window of a Land Rover.

“Joseph? What are you doing here?” She was overwhelmed by surprise and delight to see her senior from when she was pursuing her studies abroad.

“I have an office in this building. I saw you walking out of it and wondered what you were doing here.” Joseph parked his car by the side and gestured to her to come in.

Upon entering the car, Catherine replied awkwardly, “I’m here for an interview, but I didn’t make it.”

“Even you couldn’t make it with your qualifications?” He found this difficult to believe.

The corners of her lips twitched. “I’ve fallen out with my family and I’m being accused of plagiarism. My reputation in Melbourne is going downhill…”

“I don’t believe that you’ll plagiarize others. It should be the other way round.” A smile spread across Joseph’s face. “Well, I’ve just started a new company in Melbourne and am still lacking manpower. Come and join my team.”

She was shocked and touched at the same time. “Aren’t you even a little skeptical of me?”

“I know you’re a fine person of creditable character and I’m well aware of your talents. I had suggested to you before that we should start a business together in Perth after graduating, but you insisted on helping out the family business and staying close to your boyfriend. Are you married now?” he said.

She lowered her head. “We broke up.”

Joseph appeared surprised but quickly comforted gently. “It’s alright. You’re still young and beautiful. I’m sure you can find someone better.”

“Enough talk about me. You’re doing great, huh? I heard you’ve become the top three designers over in Perth and even published several books.” Catherine teased with a smirk. “And now you’re trying to conquer Melbourne too?”

“Join my company if you think I’m capable. I need talents like you,” Joseph said earnestly, “I can offer you a high salary. You can also become a shareholder when the business hits the market.”

“Alright, I’ll treat you to dinner tonight to celebrate you becoming my boss.”

Catherine certainly did not expect this pleasant surprise. She made a phone call to Shaun. “I’ll not be home for dinner. Sort it out yourself.”

Shaun was easily agitated today because others had been secretly mocking the teeth prints on his cheek.

“What is it this time? Don’t be so stupid that you’ll need me to rescue you again. I don’t have the time.”

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