Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 53

Catherine refused, as she was still annoyed from before. “Sorry, I’m the sitter for your cat, not you.”

She emphasized the last two words. Shaun appeared nonchalant. The corners of his lips twitched into an enigmatic smile. “This is the love you proclaim you have for me?”



‘What I love is the position of being Ethan’s aunt! Get that clear!’

Frustrated, she opened the fridge to retrieve the baked sweet dumplings she had made last night.

He, who kept his eyes on her silhouette behind the glass sliding door, was exasperated too.

Nothing apart from the food she prepared piqued his appetite anymore. Perhaps she had drugged the food he had been eating all this while.

After breakfast the following morning.

Shaun had just put on the cuff links, ready to head out when he noticed Catherine had changed into a beige windbreaker.

Beneath it was a dark pink shirt and a checkered maxi dress with tights. She looked effortlessly like a capable businesswoman, yet the outfit also highlighted her curves.

Moreover, she had put on a little bit of makeup. Pearl earrings hung below her earlobes. He found it rather difficult to peel his eyes away from the beautiful woman.

However, in the next second, he realized she was heading out. She had not dressed up for him.

“You’re going out dating again?” His voice was low, evidently revealing his displeasure.

“No, I’m going to work. I found a new job yesterday. I’ll be home to prepare dinner and also walk Fudge after that.”

He found no words to argue with that. Despite that, he was not bothered about her job.

“Giving out leaflets again?”

“No way. I’m the head designer this time.” She scoffed before grabbing her purse and leaving the door.

Shaun trailed behind her and entered the elevator together. His throat felt dry as he stole another glance at the young woman’s curvy figure. “Want a lift?”

“No, thanks.” she rejected without hesitation. “I’ll drive. I don’t want to take the subway halfway.”


He was speechless.

Was she complaining that he only sent her to the subway station?

He had not given any other woman a lift before. This ungrateful thing!

8.30 a.m.

Catherine walked into her new workplace right on time.

It was a surprise to find out that the other employees were all young and passionate. Besides, they were all distinctive graduates who had studied abroad.

Joseph introduced her to the employees before leading her into the office. He handed over a plane blueprint.

“This is President Lyons’ 3,000 square meters villa in Green Mountain. This man used to be stationed overseas for his business franchises and that’s how I met him. We’ve known each other for quite some time now.

“He plans to settle down back home here in Melbourne. Work hard on this project. There’s no cost limit on the renovation, but everything must be perfect. He has a holiday resort project waiting to launch by the end of the year. I hope to build a long-term partnership with him.”

She nodded seriously.

It seemed that President Lyons had a pretty similar background to Shaun. However, the latter who was also a president was staying in a small house about 100 square meters big.

A smile spread across Joseph’s face. “Actually, President Lyons’ nephew’s girlfriend is from a building and interior design background. He doesn’t really like their style, but it’s difficult to be honest with your relatives. He’s renovating his villa in secret without telling anyone else, thus you have to keep this to yourself. Don’t make things difficult for President Lyons.”

Catherine was astonished by what she heard.

Not only was President Lyons’ recent life experiences similar to Shaun’s, the coincidence even extended to their

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