Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 55

Catherine claimed she had worked hard to build her career. Ethan planned to boast that he could pamper his other half.

As expected, he smiled smugly as he noticed the colors changing on her face. “What? Regretting your choices now? If you were still like before, perhaps I could provide you some resources too.”

Exasperated by his comment, she almost spat out blood.

She must have been blind in the past to think he was a cultured man. It was the thought of Shaun that made her uncomfortable earlier.

As it turned out, he did have a property in this area. It was his decision to pick any design company, but she would undoubtedly be furious if he handed over the renovation project to Rebecca.

“Alright, your uncle has the final say on who he picks for the renovation, not you. Perhaps he’s easily convinced by his wife. Your words are worth sh*t in comparison.”

Haha, indeed, she had to convince the man later tonight.

Ethan frowned upon hearing that. “Your manners are horrifying. My uncle isn’t even married yet. We have a good relationship, and he normally agrees to anything I ask for.”

She smiled internally. “Sure, ask him to put you down as heir to his wealth and see if he agrees.”

“You’re out of your mind.” The man’s handsome face was red with rage. “No wonder Uncle Jeffery and Aunt Sally locked you up. You certainly deserve it.”

His words triggered the hatred buried deep within her heart.

“Ethan, do you even hear yourself?”

“Am I wrong? You told the reporters that the Jones family locked you up and tortured you. But you look energetic and healthy to me, like you’ve been living well.

“Your presence is really unfortunate to the Jones family. Do you know that because of your accusations, Summit’s reputation has been destroyed and their stock price has dropped drastically? The company’s market value lost two billion dollars overnight.”

“The real unfortunate fact here is the fact that I previously fell for you.” Catherine felt a strong urge to poke him in the eyes.

To prevent herself from being infuriated to death, she picked up her pace and walked straight ahead.

“Hang on.” He rushed forward to grab her wrist. “I’m getting engaged to Rebecca at the end of this month. You must attend the ceremony. It was you who ruined Summit’s reputation, so you’re responsible to save it.”

“Bullsh*t! Get out of my way. I can’t wait to see Summit going bankrupt. You betrayed our relationship yet you have the cheek to demand me to show up at your engagement party. Have you no shame?!”

She cursed.

Ethan remained unperturbed. “We’re throwing the party on your grandmother’s 80th birthday. She’s loved you dearly since you were little. Her health is deteriorating and who knows how much time she has left? Do you still not want to attend?”

Her entire body tensed up as she glared at him murderously. “Despicable!”

“You’ve made your bed, now lie on it.” His eyes overflowed with indifference.

“Don’t worry. I’ll be there.”

‘I’ll be there with your Uncle Shaun. I want to destroy you and your mean fiancée completely!

‘I want to train your uncle to be 100% obedient to me. Rebecca won’t be able to join the household as long as I disagree! In your face!’

Catherine stomped off angrily.

Ethan shook his head helplessly at the woman’s receding silhouette. Then, he walked toward Wesley’s villa.

The latter was inspecting the sketch on the lounge chair beneath the tree. He frowned and subtly hid the sketch upon noticing his nephew’s arrival.

“Uncle, are you going to start renovating your villa soon?” Ethan had noticed the sketch before it was put away.

“Did you hear it from your grandma?”

“Yup,” Ethan replied with a smile. “You’re too occupied to deal with this. Let Summit sort it out for you. Rebecca is a designer herself. Give her a chance.”

Wesley massaged his temples as he rose to his feet.

“Ethan, I know a thing or two about the designers in Summit. Their design style is luxurious but too traditional and reserved for my preference. I’ve lived abroad for too long and prefer certain styles.”

“Well, you can communicate your desires to Summit. Their company’s reputation has been greatly affected recently. Uncle, can you please help them out…”

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