Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 57

Catherine did not understand Shaun’s intention to keep this a secret from her. Was it to prevent her from stealing his wealth? Was he planning to let Rebecca design his house?

She could accept the first possibility but not the second.

He knew that the Jones family had almost taken her life, as well as her endless grudges against Rebecca.

“It’s fine if you did. I won’t force you to hire me as your designer,” she said half-jokingly.

“I already said no.” His reply was straightforward.

She clasped her fingers around the cutleries and changed the topic of conversation. “Well, then… Do you have any events coming up lately? Perhaps you’ll need a female companion…”

“Nope.” People in Melbourne were too lowly for him. They were not worth his presence.

“Um… Alright, but I do, though.”

He placed the cutleries on the table and looked her straight in the eyes. “What is it you’re trying to say?”

“My grandma will turn 80 at the end of the month. The birthday party is being celebrated along with Ethan and Rebecca’s engagement ceremony. I have no choice but to show up. My grandma has been great to be since I was little. Would you like to go with me?”

Catherine mustered all her courage to say this. She looked at him with expectant eyes.

It took Shaun a couple of seconds to see through the Jones family’s intention.

“I remember telling you before we married that I won’t meet your family members.”

“But you’re going to the engagement ceremony anyway,” she blurted.

“Why?” It made no sense to him as he did not know that family at all.

‘Because you’re Ethan’s uncle!’ She almost shouted.

However, if she said so, he might guess that she had approached with an ulterior motive. “Because… Many other influential people from Melbourne will attend the ceremony too, hence I thought you…”

“Sorry, but I won’t show up at low-grade events as such.”


She was speechless.


He refused to attend his nephew’s engagement ceremony because of that reason?

How superior was he then? Was this the arrogant attitude of everyone who came home after spending years abroad?

A blank expression took over her face.

“Besides, I’ll advise you not to go too. I can’t be bothered to go rescue you again,” he warned her sternly with a piercing stare.

Prior to this, she thought perhaps Shaun was slightly interested in her, but the idea vanished instantly.

This man certainly had a heart of stone.

Catherine suddenly lost her appetite. She took her phone and began ranting to Freya through WhatsApp.

[And you said he might be a little bit interested in me? Sorry, but I can’t feel it at all. Every second spent with him makes my blood boil.]

Freya: [Hey, keep trying. Do you want to go out for supper? It’s been too long.]

Catherine: [Probably not. He’s going to lecture me if I leave the house.]

Freya: [Come on, you’re not actually his housekeeper and he doesn’t even pay you. You’re spoiling him too much.]

Catherine threw a glance at the man who walked away after dinner without putting away the dishes. A surge of frustration rocked through her.

This was too exhausting. She wanted to be his ‘wife’, not his full-time housekeeper.

Left with no other choice, she sorted the dishes and reappeared later with freshly washed hands. “I’m going out for a little while later…”

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