Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 59

“He might kick me out of the bed at once.”

“You can make him helpless drunk. Men lose their self-control once they’re drunk. Things will become even better if you’re pregnant with his child. Your position as the queen of the household will be secured without you having to keep fighting. Oh right, you must plan this around the days after your menstruation as you’ll be at your most fertile then.”

Catherine’s mind was tangled with a whole lot of different thoughts. She was already planning to conceive before going into a relationship.

“But he doesn’t love me. A family like that isn’t the best environment for the child…”

“You must’ve prepared yourself for this when you decided to marry him spontaneously,” Freya cut her off, “Besides, you want to seek revenge, don’t you? This is the best way to integrate into the Lowe family and create trouble for them using your position as Shaun Hill’s wife. Imagine how satisfying that would be! And they can’t insult you back because you’ll be ranked higher than them in the family hierarchy.”

“Good point.” Her mind was overtaken by the surge of passion. “But why do you know so much about this? Have you done it with Patrick…”

“Pfft. We’ve just kissed and that’s all.”

“How nice.” She had not even kissed Shaun just yet. What a failure.

Half an hour later, the two of them arrived at one of Melbourne’s most luxurious shopping malls.

Catherine did not stop grumbling since the minute she set foot into the store.

“Why did you bring me here? Their clothes are in the high-end range. Shaun is a low-key and frugal man. He drives a Lexus. The clothes he wears normally are of good quality but are from brands I’ve not heard before.”

“But a successful businessman should wear something more decent. Look, what about that style?” Freya dragged her into a luxurious male clothing store and pointed at the suit worn by the mannequin.

Catherine glanced at it quickly. “The suit is nice, but the mannequin’s figure is not toned as Shaun’s.”

“Alright, alright, I know your husband is super fit,” Freya teased.

Super fit?

Catherine thought Shaun deserved this compliment. His body was the nicest of all the men she had seen before, even without clothes on…

“What dirty thoughts are you entertaining in your mind? Your cheeks are red as tomatoes.” Freya smirked.

“Cough, forget it. Let’s go. It’s too expensive here.” Embarrassed, Catherine started dragging her friend toward the door.

The salesperson approached them. “This set is our latest design. There are only two suits like this in the entire country.”

“Hah, you can save your breath. Poor people like her will not be able to afford it.” The mocking comment rang in the air.

Then, Janet and Cindy entered their sight.

“Miss Campbell, Miss Turner…” The salesperson’s eyes sparkled as she immediately rushed forward to greet them.

Janet threw a sideways glance at Catherine. “So you found yourself a new boyfriend? But he’s just a small nobody.”

That man was only a lawyer. No matter how successful he was in his career, he would still be working for rich people like them.

Freya scoffed out of anger. “Seriously? Do you know that her boyfriend…”

Catherine grabbed her friend’s wrist and shook her head.

Her marriage to Shaun was a secret. She wondered which man Janet had mistaken to be her boyfriend.

A hint of delight flashed across Cindy’s face. She remembered how she used to trail behind them because their family background was more superior. “Cathy, you should probably shop elsewhere. As far as I know, there are only a few thousand dollars in your card now.”

“Cindy, don’t cross the line.” Freya was infuriated. Before they had fallen out, she had told her about Catherine’s difficult situation, without expecting the woman would turn around and betray them without hesitation.

As expected, the salesperson showed impatience upon hearing they were poor.

“Please leave if you can’t afford this. We’re short of staff and we can’t service everyone.”

“I can certainly afford this.” Freya pulled out her credit card.

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