Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 7

Shaun did not know what to reply. He massaged the space between his eyebrows and accepted the message request.

[Hubby, will you be home for dinner?] Catherine sent another text within seconds.

Shaun: [No. Don’t call me that.]

Shaunerine: [Fine then, I’ll call you Shaunny. It’s a cute name.]

He did not know what else to say.

Was it too late to back out of the marriage arrangement?

Later that night.

The group of people was enjoying dinner in the interestingly designed courtyard-style restaurant.

The bunch of lawyers exchanged their opinions on the new cases recently taken in by the law firm.

Shaun listened absent-mindedly when he heard a notification alert on his phone again.

Catherine sent him a picture. Under the illumination of the soft yellow lights, the chubby cat was indulging itself in a small treat of dried fish.

Shaunerine: [Shaunny, don’t worry about us. I’m taking such good care of little Fudge.]

Shaun sighed grudgingly. The greedy cat had been bribed effortlessly.

The time was 9.30 p.m.

The passcode entered unlocked the door. Shaun was evidently stunned the second he set foot into the house.

It appeared that his house had undergone a complete makeover. The black couch was decorated with peacock blue cushions. The white dining table was covered in a green table cloth with a wave pattern. A glass vase filled with pink hydrangeas sat quietly above it.

The entire house was decorated with green plants and fresh flowers. There were also several hanging baskets out on the balcony.

Was this still his house?

Did he enter the right place?

“Shaunny, you’re home.”

Catherine walked out of the guestroom wearing a long sleeve silk sleeping gown. Several white bunnies were printed on the wine red material of the gown.

Her thick and long brunette hair that was the color of milk tea was draped over her shoulders. Beneath the hem of her gown were her fair, slender legs.

She looked like a seductive vixen.

Shaun’s eyes darkened. “Who allowed you to dress like that around here?” The brows on his forehead twitched into a frown as he said sternly.

“Like what?” The woman swirled innocently. “My boobs and butt are well covered. Only my knees and calves are showing. All the young girls go out in the streets dressed like this. What’s wrong about it?”

He did not know where to look. Indeed, she was not wearing revealing clothes, but she was also not wearing anything underneath the nightwear.

The man averted his gaze. “I agreed to let you move in, but I didn’t give you permission to do this to my house.”

“Isn’t this better? It was too empty before that it didn’t even feel cozy like a home should.” Catherine showed him her palm. A hint of flirtatiousness was detected in her tone. “Look, I even have a few cuts on my palm from moving the plants around.”

He lowered his gaze to have a look. Indeed, there were a few tiny cuts on the tender skin of her delicate palm.

“You deserve it.”

He uttered softly before retreating to his room.

Annoyed, she pulled a face at his departing silhouette.

This man did not show any care for women at all. She would not be trying so hard to please the cold man if not for the plan to become her ex’s aunt.

7:00 a.m. the following day.

Shaun’s biological clock woke him up early every morning at the same time. He bumped into the woman who was brushing her teeth in the bathroom.

“Good morning, Shaunny. Are you going for a morning run?” Catherine’s eyes landed on his sportswear. The basic black outfit felt like a classic style on the man as if he was the spokesperson for the brand.

The man had a bad temper, but his impeccable appearance was undeniable.

Besides, the habit of going out for morning runs showed that he was a man of discipline.


Shaun was a little surprised.

Young women her age were not normally early risers.

“Well, don’t get breakfast before you come home. I’ll prepare something for you,” she spoke like a proper housewife, “It’s more hygienic than store-bought food.”

He frowned. “No need for that. When are you planning to move?”

Her pretty face froze for a split second. “Although we’re married, I don’t want to get too involved with you. Don’t waste your time on me because I’m not interested in you at all,” he replied.

Then, he left the house.

Catherine pulled at her hair slightly as tears immediately welled up in her eyes.

She stood there motionless in the living room for a brief moment. Quickly, she collected herself and started making breakfast.

The man returned after jogging around the park. A delicious smell came from the kitchen, making him hungry in an instant.

“I made breakfast. There are churros and cinnamon rolls…”

She poked her head out from behind the kitchen door while wearing a light green apron that was dotted with little daisies.

“I don’t like sweet things for breakfast.”

He refused coldly. The straightforward remark he made earlier this morning was meant to drive her out of the house. Unexpectedly, she stayed behind and even made him breakfast.

Would the food she made be edible?

At first glance, she looked like a pretty spoiled young lady who had never done a single chore in her life.

He was accustomed to seeing women like her.

Shaun retrieved a carton of fresh milk from the fridge.

Catherine pouted.

It appeared he was determined not to try the food she made.

What a pretentious man.

Regardless, she had no problem enjoying the food herself.

She returned to the kitchen to continue making churros.

He appeared a few seconds later to warm up the milk. From the corners of his eyes, he noticed the woman shaping the dough into several long sticks in a practiced manner before placing them into the hot oil. Within seconds, golden logs floated to the top of the oil. They released a delicious smell that attacked his nostrils.

A hint of light flashed across his eyes.

This skill must have been acquired from years of practice.

He shifted his gaze downward. Beautiful cinnamon rolls with chocolate swirls were baking in the hot oven.

Her cheeks were tinted with a rosy pink because of the heat in the kitchen. Her skin was unquestionably beautiful. She did not have the defined sharp jawline that was favored by most social media influencers nowadays. Her slightly chubby cheeks made her appear youthful and adorable.

Catherine noticed him staring and playfully picked up a churro, waving it in front of his eyes. “Shaunny, are you sure you don’t want a taste of this?”

“Not interested.”

He averted his gaze and placed the milk inside the microwave. Then, as if out of habit, he placed a piece of bacon between two slices of toast and shoved in a handful of lettuce. He started munching on the sandwich by the dining table.

The sandwich in his mouth suddenly tasted bland when he thought of the golden brown churros.

Frustrated, he covered one side of the toast with a thick layer of fruit jam.

Right then, the woman reappeared from the kitchen and placed a whole feast in front of his eyes. Churros, cinnamon rolls, pancakes, a cup of hot chocolate…

Shaun twitched his brows into a deep frown as she blinked innocently. “Shaunny, you don’t mind me eating here, do you?”

He watched on silently as she began the show.

Her performance was better than he expected. “Please forgive me for having a sweet tooth. I really can’t endure having to start the day with a bowl of boring cereal or a plain sandwich. It would be a huge disappointment for my tastebuds.”

Then, she took a massive bite of the churros. She closed her eyes as a look of satisfaction washed over her face.

“The flavor just bursts in your mouth. Mhmm, it’s so delicious.”

He remained silent.

What a waste of talent that this woman did not pursue an acting career. How could he still eat his plain sandwich now?

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