Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children by Summer Wine Chapter 44

Chapter 44

It was really a small world when they could also meet the man’s son in this place.
But this was none of his business. Alden continued pushing Melody on the swing. Five minutes later, Harold carried a bunch of toys and ran to Alden. “I will give you these toys.” Alden frowned. “What?”
“I will give my toys to you, you lend Mel to play with me,” Harold lifted his chin and said arrogantly. He always played with these toys in kindergarten. An airplane cost a few thousand dollars. The teacher said these toys were very expensive, so they never allowed other children to play with them.
He did not believe that Melody’s brother would not be interested in these toys.
But Alden was not interested. His eyes were filled with coldness as well. “My sister is a person, not a toy.” As soon as he spoke, he emitted a cold aura. Harold was shocked. Why did this person’s tone of speaking sound like George? He pouted. “Tell me, what should I do to make you let Melody play with me?” “You can’t play with her no matter what you do.” Alden carried Melody out of the swing, turned back, and left.
“Hey!” Harold was unhappy: “How could you be like this? Maybe Melody is willing to play with me.”
He moved one step closer and poked Melody’s cheek. Before he spoke, his arm was grabbed by Alden
“Don’t touch my sister!”
Alden’s voice was full of coldness.
He strongly swung Harold away before he stood in front of Melody,
Since Harold was little, he had always been the young master who was pampered by everyone. He was never swung by anyone rudely like this before,
He was so angry that he glared at Alden, and he wanted to rush over and fight him.
“I’m warning you. Don’t approach my sister, and don’t go close to my mommy.” Alden opened his mouth and spoke firmly, “If you bully my sister again, don’t blame me for being
After he spoke, he pushed Harold away,
Harold did not stand firmly. He staggered, and he nearly fell down on the floor.
He was so angry that his eyes turned red.. But he also felt helpless. Melody was not his biological sister! When Dew came out from the office, she witnessed the situation. When she saw that the little rascal was nearly pushed down to the floor, she was so satisfied. She really hoped that the two kids would fight, and it would be best if Harold could be beaten up. But the conflict between the kids just stopped. She walked over like a lovely mother. “Harold, what happened? Who bullied you?” Harold hated her hypocritical concern the most. He coldly said, “None of your business. Go
Dew’s expression became stiff. She took a deep breath and said, “Harold, can you please not talk to me like this? I’m also worried that you won’t tell me after being bullied…”
“I don’t need you to worry about me!”
Harold strongly pushed Dew away before he ran away.
Dew gritted her teeth and chased after him.
Alden held Melody’s hand while he frowned.
Why was the bad woman from the Daugherty family so close with the young master from the Winters family? What was their relationship?

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