Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 1228

Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Free online novel

Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 1228

Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 1228

Married at First Sight by Gu Lingfei

Harold immediately said, “Trauma caused this? Now that Everett is fine, will she recover?”

“Yes, Young Master Harold,” said the family doctor, What Young Lady Ninian is going through isn’t a major problem. I will give her some medicine. During this period, keep her mood stable, and she’ll recover slowly. But…”

The family doctor gave George a cautious glance, and said, “After that, Young Lady Ninian can never experience this kind of trauma again. Otherwise, she’ll lose her ability to speak again, and, next time, it might be permanent.”

George’s expression turned gloomy.

Harold retreated a step and slumped lifelessly against the wall. “How could this be?” he muttered.

This was exactly what everyone in the mansion was thinking.

Their most optimistic, energetic, innocent, and lovely little lady of the family… Why did she have to suffer from such symptoms?

The servants, who had been working in the mansion for decades, knew that Young Lady Ninian, from the moment she was born, was separated from her mother, and she lived three hard years before she was found again.

But Ninian perfectly inherited the strong and independent character of her mother and lived a very optimistic life. She was a happy child and the pampered princess of the Winters family.

This most beloved princess of theirs… How did a trip to school end up with her returning in such a state?



Everyone was distressed. George looked up and closed his eyes.

“We can’t let Mom and Dad know about this,” he said decisively. “Tell all the servants that no one outside the mansion is to know about this.”

‘I don’t want Mom and Dad to be worried sick about Ninian.‘

Adina’s body had suffered greatly before; all the blood in her body was replaced.

These past few years, while his father took her to travel abroad, he was also seeking to find a cure wherever they went.

George and his brothers would take care of these matters at home. They could not let their mother worry about this.

As for why this matter could not be spread, that was simple to explain.

The fate of the Winters family’s heart and soul must not be left to outsiders. Otherwise, Ninian would be exposed to more dangers and trauma in the future.

Colin, their housekeeper, acknowledged his orders and immediately passed them on to the servants.

The entire mansion was under lockdown, and no one dared to act however they wanted.

“I’ll let Al know what has happened. As for Mel, don’t let her worry about it.” After George said this, he pushed the door open and walked into Ninian’s bedroom.

Harold’s eyes were red, and there was a look of guilt in his eyes. He leaned against the wall, with only a few feet between him and Ninian, who was in her room, but he did not dare step inside.

‘It’s my fault. I wasn’t alert enough. That’s why something like this happened tonight.‘



If he had realized sooner that she was being watched, and that it was a trap she was walking into, he would never have brought his sister there.

If Grapie had gone for dinner with Everett after filming as usual and was sent back by him, would she have avoided today’s danger?

And would she not have to watch as her lover fell twenty meters off a tall building for the sake of protecting her?

At that moment, no one would have thought that Everett would be able to climb back up. No one could understand the heartache Grapie must have felt at that moment.

Harold squatted down, put his hand in his hair, and shut his eyes tight.

Meanwhile, in the bedroom, Ninian lay on the bed, her face pale and bloodless.

George was in great distress. He squatted down to meet her gaze and softly said, “Does it hurt? Do you want some water?”

Ninian shook her head gently. Her dark eyes watched him and, with difficulty, she raised her hand to touch his creased brow.

“It… doesn’t… hurt.”

Her voice was extremely hoarse, as though she was trying her best to vocalize.

The tough older brother’s eyes became red in an instant.

“Good girl. I know you’ve been brave. Don’t talk, alright? I’ll give you a phone, you can use that to type whatever you need to say.”

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Ninian nodded her head.

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