Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 1236

Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Free online novel

Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 1236

Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 1236

Married at First Sight by Gu Lingfei

‘God knows how frightened and helpless I felt when I saw how distressed Ninian was and how Rowan pounced at her with a knife in the surveillance video!

‘I rarely ever felt this helpless in my life!

‘It’s like I’m watching a tragedy happening in front of me, yet I couldn’t do anything at all.

‘So what if I’m a genius? So what if I’m protecting the country in secret?

‘I can’t even protect my own sister.

‘Now that I have a chance, I will never put her in danger


‘But when I first proposed this idea, it was rejected by George.

‘As the eldest, George understands his brothers and sisters‘ feelings. When I tried to punish Harold and even forced Ninian like this, he didn’t come forward and stop me. Instead, he gave me the power to carry on.‘

At that moment, George spoke up, “Al, I approve Grapie’s Cequest.”

Alden looked up at him with his bloodshot eyes.

Melody and Harold looked at George. They were

surprised, but they also understood why George had made the decision.



George had a sour expression on his face as he said, “I understand it’s hard to give up a relationship. If Ninian is forced to break up with Everett, I would prefer to let her take her time to move on from him. She’s still indecisive. Even if she leaves the country, her heart will still be here.”

“With what’s happening now, it’ll only make her feel heartbroken even more. It will only decline her health.” George continued, “I’ll allow her to say her goodbye. Only then, she can rest assured that there will be no regrets. Al, what do you say?”

Alden’s expression turned indifferent. He gradually calmed down.

He stayed silent for some time before saying, “…Okay.”

Ninian, who was laying on the bed, let out a sigh of relief as tears welled up in her eyes.

‘Luckily, my brothers compromised.

‘I knew they’d reject my request. I also know that I’ll have a harder battle to fight in the future.

‘But at least, I have a chance to see Everett, to appease him, and to talk to him about my thoughts. With that, he won’t worry about me as he solves his family’s affair wholeheartedly first.‘

Ninian’s back had not healed, so George and Duncan

postponed their appointment by two days.

Two days later, her body and voice had almost completely recovered. She was able to speak slowly and utter shorter


She went to visit Everett at a private hospital owned by the Craig family.



The rest of the Winters siblings accompanied her. Firstly, it was because they were worried. Secondly, they wanted to know what kind of person Ninian cared so much about.

What was more, they would be in the Craig family’s private hospital.

Everett forced himself to get out of bed.

“Everett, lay down!” Duncan frowned and supported him. He said, displeased, “Don’t strain yourself. Your injury still hasn’t healed yet.”

“I’m okay.” Everett pushed his hand away and said, ” Duncan, help me get dressed.”

‘Seeing him like this, of course, I know what he’s up to.‘

He waved his hand irritatedly, gesturing to his assistant to prepare Everett’s clothes. Even so, he did not complain.

“I heard that Ninian and her siblings are coming over.” Duncan said, “I’m just worried that they might provoke you.”

“It’s okay.” Everett’s face was pale as he said with a

smile. “I’ll need to meet my future siblings–in–law

sooner or later anyway.”

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