Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 1238

Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Free online novel

Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 1238

Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 1238

Married at First Sight by Gu Lingfei

Duncan returned to his indifferent demeanor and went downstairs to welcome the Winters family personally.

At that exact moment, George and the other Winters siblings entered the building.

Immediately, a smile appeared on his stern face as he greeted him, “George, welcome! It’s been a long while!”

George stretched out his hand and showed a refined and impeccable smile. They shook hands as he said, “Mr. Craig, you’re being too polite.”

The two chatted for a while, and finally got to the main point.

“Ninian had an accident at the banquet a few days ago, and your brother saved her life. So, we’re here as a family to visit and thank him.”

George’s remark estranged their relationship with the Craig family.

It made them look like they were here solely here to visit and thank Everett, that was all.

As for why Ninian got into the accident, everyone knew it by heart without needing to point it out clearly.

Duncan narrowed his eyes when he noticed George’s


He smiled nonchalantly and said, “George, you don’t have to be so polite. The Craig and Winters families are close. We’re like a big family. Both Everett and Ninian are into each other and are on intimate terms. Naturally, we shouldn’t meddle with their relationship. After all,



parents are no longer matchmakers these days, am I right?”

The Winters siblings‘ expressions darkened when they

heard this.

“Mr. Craig, very funny.” Harold raised an eyebrow and forced a smile as he said, “They are still young and ignorant. As their older siblings, I’m sure we’ll be worried about them, right?”

Alden continued, “How’s Everett doing? I heard that the Craig family hired many experts to treat him. Is there any way we can help you?”

Duncan’s expression darkened instantly.

As witnesses in the incident, the Winters siblings should know that Everett was not severely injured from the duel

with Rowan.

On a serious note, Rowan’s presence had triggered his illness. That was why the Craig family rapidly hired specialists to stabilize his emotions and regain his senses.

This news was the Craig family’s top secret. Even if

others knew about it, they would not purposely go up to them and talk about it.

After all, Everett’s status in the Craig family was as powerful as the head of the family, Duncan.

Alden’s blatant statement about Everett’s condition was taboo for the Craig family.

Fortunately, Duncan had mentally prepared for this. Even so, he could not stop his expression from darkening. There was a hint of a menacing gaze in his eyes as well.



“Thank you, Mr. Winters, for trying to help. This is just a trivial matter. We can still handle this matter,” he said in

a cold voice.

George knew that Alden had gone overboard. He stepped forward and stood in front of Alden. He then said with a smile, “Younger brothers are always such a nuisance. Please don’t mind him, Duncan. Don’t take what he says to heart.”

In his apology, he did not just merely apologize, he also did it in a manner as a response to Duncan’s fraternity towards Alden, bringing them closer as friends instead of just working partners.

Duncan’s expression softened considerably. He smiled and said, “I can understand. I have a worrisome brother of my own too. Well, look at me. As an elder brother, I still need to look out for him.”

George chuckled and continued to chat as he cleverly brushed off the previous topic as they headed to Everett’s ward.

Behind them, Ninian looked eager to meet Everett, but Melody took her hand and squeezed it calmly to appease her.

In the current situation, it was clear that the Craig and the Winters families were not on good terms. She must not get too emotional.

Or else, with Alden’s temperament, he might send her home directly without giving her a chance to meet




Ninian took a glance at Melody and knew what she was trying to tell her. She bit her lower lip and suppressed her


But no one could blame her for being so impatient to

meet him.

After watching Everett jump off the balcony with her own eyes, she had neither met him nor spoken to him. They almost got separated from each other by death.

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