Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 1241

Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Free online novel

Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 1241

Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 1241

Married at First Sight by Gu Lingfei

Duncan’s expression darkened slightly. He looked at Everett with a troubled, but worried gaze.

Ninian also pushed Harold away before she moved forward..

When she saw Everett’s off gaze, she felt extremely anxious. Her voice was even hoarse and unpleasant. “Wait… for me…”

Her voice made Everett become clearly stunned. Then, the darkness in his eyes instantly disappeared. He stared into her eyes, and he asked with an uncertain tone, “Ninian, what happened to your voice?”

Ninian’s eyes turned red. She bit her bottom lip without speaking again.

Everett’s gaze instantly became dark. The corners of his eyes also turned slightly red. He firmly said, “Speak again. I want to hear you.”

Ninian opened her mouth, but she could not make a sound. Her tears just fell from her eyes.

Duncan also understood that there was something wrong. When he glanced at the Winters siblings, he saw sadness in their expressions. They could not possibly hide that sadness.

He could only look at George.

George’s expression darkened slightly, but he still retained the most basic manners.

He indifferently said, “Ninian is mute because of the trauma, so she can’t speak now.”

Right after he said that, Everett’s face instantly turned pale.



Harold added disgruntledly, “The doctor said that she can’t experience any form of shock, and she can’t have any sudden changes in her mood. She initially slowly recovered over the past two days, but she insisted on coming to visit you…”

He did not finish his sentence completely, but everyone in the room knew what the rest of his sentence was.

Ninian’s disorder had grown more severe because Everett appeared.

Everett clenched his fists so tightly that his knuckles turned.white.

Duncan’s expression also darkened, which was rare. He frowned, and he looked gloomy.

No wonder the Winters family members would be so hostile toward them.

No wonder they wanted to send Ninian overseas.

So, this was the cause of it all.

At the moment, nobody could understand the Winters siblings’ feelings more than him.

When he knew that Everett was in contact with Ninian again at the beginning, he also resisted it. He wanted to get rid of every factor that could possibly worsen Everett’s disease.

If he wanted to do that, the Winters family would want to do the same.

Since he understood this feeling, he was unable to say anything else.

But Everett was staring at Ninian’s face.

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When he looked at her pale and dispirited face, he recalled her high spirit and bright smile in the past, and he looked sorry and heartbroken.

How much grief and harm had his princess suffered because of him?

As if Ninian deciphered the emotions in his eyes, she looked even more anxious than before.

She took out her phone, speedily tapped on the screen, and typed a sentence before she handed it to George.

When George glanced at it, his expression instantly darkened.

[I want to spend time alone with Everett.] Ninian had written.

Looking at Ninian’s gaze, George pursed his lips without speaking, but his expression was clearly filled with unhappiness.

She looked at Alden again, and he also had a stony expression on his face.

Ninian became even more anxious. She pouted, and her tears dropped, which made people in the room feel extremely sorry for her.

Melody finally could not hold herself back.

Her indifferent face was filled with an aggressive air, which was rare, and she said, ” Everyone, get out! Give Grapie some time and space!”

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