Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 1260

Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Free online novel

Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 1260

Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 1260

Married at First Sight by Gu Lingfei

“The madman! The madman is here!”

“Why would he come here? What is he dragging?”

After they looked over, they finally realized that he was dragging a person.

It was a dying person to be precise.

“Eve… Everett! What are you doing? Who is this?”

Everett sneered before he threw the person forward to the people. The person could not resist at all. After he rolled on the ground, his face was revealed.

“It’s Levi Craig!”

Levi was a young–generation member of the Craig family’s collateral line. He was also outstanding and excellent.

The population of the direct lineage was small. Duncan, the head of the family, was nearly thirty years old, but he still did not have a kid yet.

Then, the members of the collateral lineage could not sit still.

Levi began to get restless. He had stood out and provoked Everett a few times, and he was dealt with terribly.

There were personal grudges between them.



After all, they were the Craig family members. How could Everett beat Levi up until he was dying because of personal grudges?

Some older elderlies could not remain calm. Their faces

were red as they angrily questioned Everett, “Such an arrogant brat!”

“No matter what, Levi is also a member of the Craig family. How could you harm him like this for no reason?”

“Duncan, if you still side with Everett, the mad guy, in this matter, I’m afraid that the whole Craig family will not stand by you!”

Some people felt indignant at the injustice, while some people silently watched, and their eyes were filled with thoughts.

This time, Duncan and Everett clearly wanted to find out all the members of the Craig family who colluded with Rowan.

The siblings were outstanding, so they must have been well–planned. Would they be so silly that they offended all the collateral members of the Craig family at this time. because of personal grudges?

There must be something wrong with Levi.

Some people remained silent, while some people’s questions looked arrogant, imposing, and aggressive.

Facing their questions, Duncan narrowed his eyes slightly. He glanced at the elderlies who growled the most, and he secretly remembered their names.



“For no reason?” Duncan spoke in a casual manner, and his tone was full of coldness. “How did you know if he is innocent?”

Right after he said this, even a fool would know that there must be something wrong with Levi.

When they tried to relate things, they managed to guess that Levi must be involved with Rowan. Duncan and Everett later caught him.

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Indeed, Everett finally spoke as expected.

“According to Article 31 of the Ancestral Teachings in the Craig family, when a family member colludes with an outsider to harm the family member, how will he be dealt with?”

As he spoke, he looked at the elderly man who was the first to protect Levi against injustice. He looked the elderly man straight in the eye and asked, “Uncle Alford, ✔ I wonder if you can still remember.”

Alford’s expression changed slightly, and said, “If one commits the crime of killing their compatriots, one’s limbs should be nullified, and he will be expelled from the family.”

Rowan had been chased out of the Craig family after his limbs were rendered useless in the past.

They did not know what he encountered after that because he came back uninjured again.

Now, if the allegations against Levi were confirmed, it might be difficult for him to escape punishment.

Aside from his character, Levi was considered an outstanding member of the collateral lineage.

Alford still appreciated talent. He asked in a deep voice, ” You said he colluded with an outsider and framed you. Who is the outsider he colluded with? How did he frame you? Do you have evidence?”

Duncan also looked at Everett, and his expression was serious.



He also did not know about Levi.

But he knew that he did not need to worry about Everett’s work.

“Since I can make a fuss in front of so many of you, I naturally have evidence.”

Everett swung his arm, and the bodyguard behind him handed over a thick stack of documents.

“This is all the evidence of Levi getting involved with Rowan Craig, which includes privately providing my schedule to Rowan, detaching the escort force around me, and helping Rowan attack me on the road.

“Besides …” As Everett spoke, he glanced at the people and calmly said, “All these years, he has embezzled and offered bribes. He embezzled the funds of the group, sold the company secrets, engaged in money laundering, and so on. All the details are in here.”

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