Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 1266

Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Free online novel

Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 1266

Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 1266

Married at First Sight by Gu Lingfei

Soon, George fulfilled his agreement and personally brought Ninian back.

The crew of “In Full Bloom” became lively again.

The goddess, Ninian, was back, and she successfully finished filming the remaining scenes.

The cold demon, Everett, no longer wore a cold face that was indifferent toward everyone!

Besides, Young Master Harold who regularly appeared on TV and in the headlines of the entertainment section had put aside his reservations as a member of a reputable family. He just went after Lana, the junior assistant, all the time. The happy couple would argue, and it was very lively.

Previously, everyone had assumed that Harold and Everett were love rivals as Harold was aggressively pursuing Ninian.

Everyone finally realized that it had been a huge mistake.

Ninian was actually the legendary youngest princess in the Winters family. She was Harold’s biological sister and also a treasure who was pampered by the Winters family!

A coquettish princess with noble status was actually so friendly with the crew. She could bear all kinds of hardships and torment, and her dedication made her seniors feel embarrassed.

Therefore, everyone in the crew had a better impression of Ninian. They sincerely treated the girl as their sister, and they despised Agnes, as well as Paul, who had harmed her previously.

Half a month of continuous shooting made everyone extremely busy.

However, the end of shooting for the drama, “In Full Bloom” gave them joy.



Neil was so happy that he drank three glasses of whiskey in a row at the celebration dinner. Before he could give the speech that he had prepared, he got drunk.

The assistant director showed up, took up his mission helplessly, and talked sentimentally with everyone else for a long time.

‘In the end, I wish for all of us to go higher and further on this path. I hope that all of us will meet at the top!”

Right after he said the last sentence, they started to spray the champagne. The crowd’s cheers and joyful voices filled the entire private room.

When Ninian went home, it was already 1:00 am.

Melody’s musical concert in Frica finally started.

The members of the Winters family stared at a big screen while they paid attention to the livestream of Melody’s concert.

This musical concert was a gift to everyone’s ears. The people involved were international experts. All of them. had gone to root for Melody and also set off her musicianship to perfection.

The audience members off the stage were so moved that tears streamed down their faces. Countless fans went crazy before their screens too.

The musical concert ended at nearly midnight, but due to the time difference, it was already 6:00 am where they were.

But the only plays were not reduced. Instead, it kept increasing.



George and Harold were extremely surprised after they saw that Melody had yet to get off the stage after finishing the last song.

“What is Mel going to do?”

Ninian stared at the screen, and her heart started to pound faster.

It could not be what she was thinking, right?

Meanwhile, Melody stared at the audience below the stage at her concert in Frica. Her usually indifferent eyes were also filled with excitement that was hard to hide.

“Aside from my home country, I like the city of Perthwick the most.

“Because the person I like was born here.”

Her perfect Frican language lit up the venue, and the simultaneous translation quickly reached every platform in every country.

Those in the venue were stirred up, and soaring screams could be repeatedly heard. Everyone was chanting the same name.

Brooklyn Ortiz.

The name, “Brooklyn Ortiz” had fully covered the screen on the live stream.

George and Harold raised their heads in shock in front of the screen.

After the livestream performance, Brooklyn, who was sitting in the audience, appeared lost and in disbelief.

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“Yes, you’re right. The person I like is Brooklyn Ortiz.”

“Ah! It’s Brooklyn Ortiz!”

“Ms. Melody is awesome!”

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