Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 1271

Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Free online novel

Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 1271

Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 1271

Married at First Sight by Gu Lingfei


Celebrities from all walks of life, the daughters of royal families, the socialites within the community, and

everyone else beyond an average person’s imagination voiced out.

Among their comments, they praised the Winters family’s little princess, Ninian Winters.

All the photos of the high–end banquets, luxury cruise ships, and exclusive fashion brands were posted on the Internet.

Ninian stood in the middle of the photos.

No one doubted her identity anymore.

Those who did were struck back with impertinent


[Who said she was clinging to people in power? She’s the one they have to cling to, okay?!]

[What do you mean, she desires luxury cars? With her status, I’m sure she can’t even fit all her cars in her house!]

[Who said she’s flirting with men? With that figure of hers, men are the ones who want to court her, alright?!]

[What’s more, all three of her brothers are like a Triton

among the minnows.]



[She was doted on by men like them since she was young. She will never fall for a guy like Paul. What a joke.]

[In the entertainment industry, only The Everett is fit for her status.]

[The Winters family’s little princess entered the

entertainment industry with a low profile. She neither acts like a diva nor causes any trouble. She takes acting very seriously. This has clearly shown what kind of person she is.]

[What is there to talk bad about her?!]

As a result, the netizens began to frantically apologize to Ninian. Many of them started memeing and sending tweets to the Winters family siblings.

[Hey, are you guys looking for a brother–in–law?!]

[Well, if you guys aren’t looking for a brother–in–law, I don’t mind being Ninian’s simp!]

[Can I have a look at the nanny’s room? I’ll work hard, so I can live in it!]

The trend on the Internet took a change of direction.

The netizens were not the only ones who were shocked, the people from the entertainment industry, who mocked and said that Ninian was just lucky, were also


They thought that Ninian flirted with Harold, and that was where she got all her wealth and resources.

No one expected her to be the Winters family’s little princess.



With a status like hers, there was nothing that she could not obtain.

A few of the male actors started to think of courting Ninian. ‘If I were to date such an innocent girl with such a background…‘

However, before they could court her, Everett posted a


[@Ninian You’re my moon.]

Before his fans could figure out what he meant by his tweet, the company that he managed and Craig Corporation retweeted his tweet.

Cloud Entertainment retweeted. [We look forward to your relationship with Ms. Ninian Winters!]

Craig Corporation also retweeted. [Sir, do your best! The Craig family looks forward to your wedding day!]

These tweets stunned the netizens once again.

It turned out that Ninian had not flirted with Everett. He was the one with the unrequited love!

He was still courting her!

Even his company and family were eager to see them together.

This viral news reminded people of the news about Brooklyn and Melody.

It took Brooklyn many years to gain Melody’s heart.

Perhaps The Everett still had a long way to go!



The storm of the public’s views and exclamations gradually died down.

On the other side, Alden, who was far away from the city, was painstakingly investigating the culprit behind this incident.

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