Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 1276

Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Free online novel

Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 1276

Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 1276

Married at First Sight by Gu Lingfei

Everyone turned and saw Alden. He was wearing a black trench coat, emerging from the night.

“Al…” Ninian was shocked.

Harold looked at him in surprise. “Al, why are you back?”

“This is not a trivial matter. Of course, I need to come home.” Alden said plainly as he took off his coat. The maid took it and hung it at the side.

He approached George and said, “George, I’ve been keeping an eye on Rowan’s matter. I’m back because I’ve found some clues.”

“What did you find?”

“It’s about Everett’s illness.” Alden took a glance at Ninian and said, “It’s not a mental illness. Someone manipulated his body!”

“What?!” Ninian was shocked.

George and Harold’s expressions changed. They stayed calm but at the same time, they were in disbelief and found it incredulous.

“George, what is it?” Nerola could feel the change in George’s emotions.

Lana looked at Harold worriedly.

Harold had always been unruly. This was her first time seeing him frightened and somewhat hesitant. Even his eyes turned watery.



“Is it… what I thought?” Harold asked doubtfully in a low voice.

Alden looked at him and pursed his lips before nodding.

Harold’s body stiffened for a moment. He suddenly turned, walked past Ninian, and went out. He felt chills all over his body.


George hurriedly went after him and grabbed his shoulder.

Alden also walked up to him and looked at him with a concerned look.

“Don’t act rashly.” He held Harold’s shoulder and said solemnly, “If you want to go, we should go together.”

Harold looked at them with his misty eyes. His gaze was filled with fear and confusion.

“What’s… happening?” Nerola and Lana were both


Ninian could sense something was wrong, but was not sure what it was.

She walked up to his brothers and looked at them. After a

while, she said tentatively, “George, Hal, Al…

“What exactly happened to Everett?”

Although she had some vague guesses, she did not dare to confirm them with them.

Harold came back to his senses. He turned and hugged her tightly.


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“Grapie…” He said in a choked voice, “Just like Mommy, someone has implanted a biochip in Everett’s body.”

Ninian’s body froze.

Harold’s words struck her like a rattling thunder.

George and Alden stayed quiet as well.

They knew better than anyone else how horrifying it was if biochips were implanted into a person’s body.

Back then, when their mother, Adina, was implanted with a biochip, she completely lost control of herself.

Until one morning, she walked up to Harold’s bed and almost stabbed him with a knife.

Because of it, she broke down and walked out of their house. Then, she disappeared for a few years.

The Winters siblings did not dare to recall those memories.

Harold, in particular, was once immersed in remorse and self–blame. He struggled to move on from that shackle

for a long time.

They could vividly remember the Winters family’s dark history.

And now, the same thing was happening to Everett.

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