Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 1279

Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Free online novel

Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 1279

Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 1279

Married at First Sight by Gu Lingfei

Duncan was also the one at fault and had been looking for trouble. Now, his “in–laws” have drawn a clear line

between them. So, he stopped and said in a low voice, Mr. Winters, you’re right. This time, the chip in Everett’s body is affected by the degree of proximity.

“The farther Everett is from Rowan, the more he’s affected by the biochip in his body. The closer he is to him, the better. But they shouldn’t share the same space, otherwise, Everett might have had a hard time

suppressing his hatred and have a strong urge to kill him.

“I don’t mind Rowan dying, but he still has final control over the biochip.” Duncan’s gaze was filled with unwillingness and hatred. “That’s why I need to keep

him alive and have Everett bear with the pain for the time being while I find a solution!”

Everyone went silent.

George pursed his lips. After a while, he spoke in a hoarse voice. “To be honest, we’re all here today for two reasons. The first one is because of Ninian. Secondly, we want to investigate the biochip.”


“You…” Duncan looked at them suspiciously and said, ” Why…?”

“Eighteen years ago, our mother suffered from the same tragedy.” George looked tense and his gaze was as cold as ice. “Do you know how she got rid of the chip and




Harold was obviously in great pain. Alden turned his face away from them, looking furious.

Even Ninian, who had not been born when the incident happened, looked sad and unbearable when George

mentioned their mother.

Duncan could sense the change in atmosphere.

The hope in the back of his head faded in an instant. He looked stunned and asked, “H–How…?”

“Blood transfusion…” George said, “She drained almost all the blood in her body, and was on the verge of dying.”

Duncan’s expression froze when he heard this.

“…Blood transfusion?” He was in disbelief. He tried to

force a smile, but he just could not do it. He repeated it to confirm with George again, “Transfuse all the blood in her body?”

“Yes, that’s right,” George said in a clear voice, bringing

him back to his senses. “Our mother is lucky, but ever

since then, she lost her vitality and became frail. Even

now, she is still recuperating.‘




“So, we need to find out who has been producing these

chips and kill them all! We’ve been pursuing this matter for a long time!”

Without saying a word, Duncan punched the wall and closed his eyes.

He was precocious since he was a child, and had been

looking over the family affairs for the longest time. He has rarely broken down like this, let alone breaking down

in front of outsiders.

None of the Winters siblings judged him. Instead, they looked at him with sadness and empathy.

“Okay, everyone. Let’s not be so pessimistic.” Until the end, Ninian was still the most positive among them.

She smiled despite her red and misty eyes, looking optimistic.

“I think we should let Everett decide on this. I will

support him no matter what decision he makes.”

“You’re right, Grapie,” Alden said. There was a twist of ruthlessness on his calm and handsome face. “There’s no need to be pessimistic now. We might find other alternative solutions.”.

Duncan looked at him in silence.

After a pause, he said, “We just need to beat that person at his own game!”

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“We need to find who’s working behind Rowan. They like to plant chips in the human body and manipulate others. We should do the same to them!”

“We might not be able to stop Rowan from controlling Everett. But we can control him.”

“I want him to be in utter misery, and to experience a fate worse than death.”

This ruthless remark shocked everyone.

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