Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 1283

Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Free online novel

Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 1283

Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 1283

Married at First Sight by Gu Lingfei

Alden’s gaze was sharp and dangerous, while Everett looked calm.

He then explained, “I’m sorry, Mr. Winters. I didn’t mean to look into your family’s secret. I found out about it by accident when I looked into Ninian’s disappearance when

she was a child.

“When I learned that Rowan had planted a biochip in me,

it reminded me of Mrs. Winters. We were both victims,

and be it for my sake or Ninian’s mother’s sake, I want to

get to the bottom of this so that no one has to suffer like

us in the future. So, we must join hands to root out the

group that has been working behind this project of


After a long time, Alden’s vigilant and hostile gaze gradually faded.

He then said, “You mentioned you’ve been following this case. So, do you have any clues about them?”

“Yes:” Everett said without beating around the bush, ” When Rowan was plotting to manipulate my body, I

found some clues regarding his dealings and contacts.”



“You have the clues. Why didn’t you investigate them yourself, or have Mr. Craig to look into it? Why do you want to work with us instead?” Alden stared at him coldly. “What are you up to?”

As expected from the vigilant Alden Winters, as one of the family members of a powerful family, the general

practice was to rather die than tell other families about

their family secrets.

It would be suspicious if someone did not follow that rule.

When something was going to detour from the usual

approach, there must be a bad reason for it.

Everett looked him in the eye and revealed a bitter smile.

“I only found out about this two days ago, and I think you should know about this. The other party will soon find out that I’ve found something about them. After

confirming it myself, I went unconscious. I didn’t have

the chance to tell Duncan yet.

“It’s rare for me to be fully conscious when I meet you and Ninian together.”

Alden’s expression changed and was visibly moved.

‘I’ve always regarded him as a strong opponent. So, in my

mind, Everett is a powerful and cunning person.



‘But I’ve completely forgotten that right now, he’s an actual victim with a biochip implanted in him. He can’t even control his own sanity.

‘I still remember the time when Mommy was

manipulated. Mommy was strong–willed and Daddy was protective of her. Even so, they could not win against the biochip.

‘And Everett is just a boy in his twenties.

‘He’s considered preeminent for being able to find out what happened to Rowan under such a circumstance.

‘Perhaps I’ve been too vigilant and expected too much

from him.‘

He looked at Alden once again when he let down his guard around him. He noticed he had lost a lot of weight. In his empty gaze, there was neither joy nor sorrow, no grief or impatience.

‘He’s indeed a decent man.‘

Everett became calmer when he noticed Alden had

relaxed and was no longer so worked up.

“That’s why I want to tell you about it. I guess there’s no

need for me to say what’s on my mind. Mr. Winters, I’m sure you know this too,” Everett said weakly.

“What is it?” Alden asked out of reflex. He regretted it

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after he asked the question.

Sure enough, the next second, Everett looked at Ninian affectionately and said, “I know the Winters family is pursuing this matter. Ninian was hurt by this. Now that we have the information, let’s take revenge together.”

As he said this, he made it sound like he was doing it for

the sake of Ninian.

Alden’s expression darkened. He felt aggrieved and found it hard to refute him.

‘He’s already in a difficult situation, yet he’s still trying to help Ninian take revenge. How can I say no?

‘But what should I do with the anger in my heart?‘

“Integrate all the information and send it to my email. Grapie knows my email address.”

Then, he walked away angrily.

“Al!” Ninian took a couple of steps forward, worriedly. Where are you going?”


Alden stopped and turned his head slightly as he sneered, “I’m going to compare notes with Mr. Craig. He has a good brother, and I’m impressed!”

He then gritted his teeth and strode off.

Ninian, who was behind him, was worried sick.

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