Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 1285

Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Free online novel

Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 1285

Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 1285

Married at First Sight by Gu Lingfei

“I knew you’d come, girl.”

Rowan said as he laughed loudly, stretching the wound on his body. His expression was sinister and distorted with a hint of pain.

His hoarse and mocking voice sounded like a ghost as it echoed in the empty secret room.

Ninian looked at him coldly. After a while, she asked, ” Are you done?”

“Of course, not! I want to have the last laugh, too!”

Rowan stared at her and smiled. “Are you here because you’re feeling sorry for your lover? Listen, if I want him alive, I will keep him alive. If I want him dead, I’ll make him kill himself! You better get on your knees and beg me. If you do, I’ll let him marry you. Or else you can watch him die!”

When she heard this, she dug her fingernails into her palms under her sleeves.

She forced herself to stay calm, and kept reminding herself, ‘Everett is currently locked up, and he can’t hurt himself. I must not get triggered by Rowan.‘

She took a deep breath. She looked at him with an icy gaze and suddenly sneered, “Are you being overly confident of the person working behind you? Didn’t they tell you that there’s a way to remove the biochip implant?”

“That’s impossible! Ha, don’t you dare trick me!”

“Why is that? My mom was once a victim of biochip implantation. After a while, she recovered from it. She’s in great health now, and is traveling with my father a lot.” Ninian looked at him indifferently with



pity in her gaze. “Do you really think I’m here to beg you? What a shame. I’m just here to tell you the truth.”

“No, that’s impossible! You’re lying!” Rowan laughed maniacally, “You’re pretty good at acting, aren’t you? How did you get the biochip out? You can even lie about your own mother. Do you even actually love Everett? Well, if you let me go for real, I’ll give my blessing to you and Everett for love’s sake, alright?”

“We don’t need it. I feel sorry for you for still refusing to believe what I’m saying.”

She smiled coldly and mockingly, “You poor thing, you don’t deserve to be released or receive any mercy.”

After she was done talking, she raised her hand and commanded, “Beat him up.”

“How bold. Don’t you know, even Duncan didn’t dare to hit me!” Rowan said sharply, “If you dare to lay a hand on me, I’ll make Everett’s life a living hell!”

“I told you, we can remove the biochip. He’s in surgery, so whatever you command him, it’s useless.

“You can continue to be deluded as long as you want.”

She turned and walked out right after she spoke.

The bodyguard then stepped forward and ordered someone to torture Rowan.

Soon, Rowan screamed and cursed in anger.

Right after Ninian left the room, she used the wall to support her as she felt her knees turn weak.

‘I must drive Rowan to the edge and make him doubt himself. With that, I’ll be able to crack some more clues from him.



‘But as for Everett…

“There’s no other choice but to have him suffer and be in pain during this period of time.‘

Her eyes turned misty as she walked toward Everett’s room, still supporting herself with the wall.

Duncan and Alden rushed over.

The two of them had always paid close attention to their appearances. They had straightened their clothes on their way here, acting as if they did not just rush here a moment ago.

However, their red faces gave them away.

“What happened? Did Everett get triggered again?” Alden asked.

After Duncan glanced toward the direction where Rowan was screaming, he figured out what had happened.

He did not stop Ninian. He unlocked Everett’s room and rushed in.

Everett was aggressively struggling on his bed.

The satin that bound his hands and feet were digging into his flesh. He raised his head forcefully and the veins on his neck were bulging. He was moaning in pain uncontrollably.


The three of them rushed in.

“Get the towel!” Duncan instantly said.

He was afraid that Everett would bite his own tongue.

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After all, no one knew what Rowan had commanded him to do.

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