Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 1292

Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Free online novel

Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 1292

Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 1292

Married at First Sight by Gu Lingfei

Duke’s cold and tough expression did not reveal any further emotions, but he gripped Adina’s hand with such strength that Adina felt the pain.

She knew that he was feeling regretful and remorseful. The unbearable past used to be their nightmare.

Luckily, they had already awoken from the nightmare, and everything was over.

“I want to see Rowan,” Adina spoke.

Everyone raised their heads and looked at her. Their eyes were filled with surprise and disagreement.

Duke even frowned and refused it. “No.”

Adina turned back and looked at him with a tender and determined gaze. “I’m fine. I won’t fear the past anymore. I want to meet Rowan because I want to understand some information about the group behind the smart chips. We’ve given our word that we would dig out all the darkness and break them into pieces completely.”

Duke stared into her for a while before he compromised in the end. “I’ll go with you.”

This time, Adina did not refuse him. She just nodded.

Ninian looked askance at Everett, and her eyes were filled

with worries that could not be hidden.

“Mommy, Everett can only remain sober now because Rowan is unconscious, and he can’t control Everett. But once Rowan regains consciousness, Everett might be…”



She bit her bottom lip, and she did not finish the remaining sentence, but it was clear without her explanation.

When Duncan heard it, his expression also changed slightly. He looked somewhat pale and displayed a dark expression.

Everett had been tormented to that extent only not long ago, and they had all witnessed it. Rowan would only grow increasingly unhinged. What would he force Everett to do?

In contrast to their worries, Everett looked much calmer.

He glanced at Ninian to comfort her before he said to Adina and Duke, “You don’t need to fear anything. I’ll go back to my room now. There will not be any problems.”

What he meant by going back to his room was him actually going back to the private room to have his hands and feet bound to prevent him from injuring himself.

Ninian was so heartbroken that her eyes turned red.

“Hang on.” Duke stopped Everett, who had turned back and was about to leave. He said, “Don’t go back to your room first. Come with us.”

Right after he said it, everyone was so surprised that they raised their heads.

They were acutely aware of the current situation, and

they also knew how dangerous it was when Everett was controlled.

How could he put on a calm front before Rowan?

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“Uncle Duke…”




Duncan and Ninian spoke at the same time.

Harold, who had the least control over his composure, also walked forward. He said, “Dad, Everett’s condition…”

Duke glanced at people around him, and he raised his eyebrows slightly. He indifferently said, “Why? Are you afraid that I’ll kill him?”

George and Alden looked very calm.

George even rolled his eyes at Harold before he indifferently said, “Hal, I never knew that you’d be so concerned about Young Master Everett.”

When Harold saw his elder brother’s gaze, he instantly felt a cold shiver traveling down his spine.

Ahem! He accidentally exposed the fact that he already revolted.

Ninian was slightly confused, but Melody smiled faintly

at her and said to comfort her, “Grapie, have you

forgotten the experiments and research that Daddy and Mommy have been carrying out all these years? If Daddy can’t guarantee Everett’s safety, how could he let Everett take the risk?”

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