Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 1306

Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Free online novel

Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 1306

Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 1306

Married at First Sight by Gu Lingfei

However, in the next second, the noble and cold God–like

man gave her a firm stare while he softly said, “I’m pursuing her.”

Nerola was tongue–tied.

Gosh, she wanted to bury herself even more now.

She was actually hallucinating during the day.

Unexpectedly, Ninian was so shocked that she trembled and extended her finger.

“Al, why–why–why are you doing this?”

Nerola nodded.

Exactly! How could he spout such nonsense in her hallucination? He was a member of the Winters family and the famous Young Master Alden Winters.

Why would he fall for a second–class celebrity without status and a good background like her?

As long as he curled his finger or even made a gesture, the best and most famous celebrities in the ent ertainment industry would desperately line up, come over, and seek

his favor.

She was truly going insane to have such an imagination.

“How could you just say that out loud?” Ninian said in a disappointed manner. “Pursuing a girl requires t ime and a lot of effort. You can’t rush it. What if you scare her off?”



Nerola found herself speechless.

Did Ninian know what she was talking about?

“If I shouldn’t say it out loud, should I be like Brooklyn who waited for a decade for Mel to realize his feelings? Or should I be like Everett who didn’t even have the courage to stand before you but secretly stalked you for so many years instead?” Alden glanced at Ninian, snorted, and said, “They’re cowards.”

Ninian was dumbstruck. Hello?! He should play nice. Why was he attacking them all of a sudden?

Alden turned back to look at Nerola and spoke with a straight face. “I’ll let the girl I like know that aside from

me, she won’t have to think of anyone else anymore.”

Ninian was stunned.

D*mn it! Was this still Alden?

He never understood love for two decades. Once he saw the point of it, he immediately became so

straightforward. Was this not the storyline of the drama, The Dominant President Is in Love With Me“? Was this not a little lame?

She felt worried and looked at Nerola, but Nerola looked away, and her ears were red.

Gosh! Why did she feel that her best friend was going to fall for him?

After lunch, Alden sent Nerola back to the apartment first before he sent Ninian home.

When Nerola got out of the car, he got out too, leaving Ninian alone in the car.



While they were downstairs under the pine oak, the sun shone through the gaps in the leaves, leaving his

shoulders dappled.


“Nerola, I was serious about what I said, but I won’t force you to give me an answer. Just get to know m e in the coming days. I won’t disappoint you,” he said simply and firmly.

Nerola moved her lips, but she did not know what to say.

She was still in shock, so she could not collect herself yet.

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Such a direct and obvious confession had caught her by surprise a little, but it also made her heart flutt er gently.

She was a resolute and straightforward person too. His way of handling things did not make her resentf ul.

Instead, it made her admire him.

She admired people who were frank, as well as direct, and Alden was that kind of person.

Nerola did not reject him or act coquettishly. When an

excellent person like Alden looked at her closely and

confessed, she could not say anything to turn him down




In that case, why not give it a try and give herself a


Nerola nodded. “Okay, but I need some time. I’ll see if

you’re suitable for me.”

Alden chuckled in a low voice.

He was not surprised by her answer.

Perhaps Nerola would never know that he might

understand her more than she understood herself, even

though the time they knew each other was short and they had just met for the second time.

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